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Benefits Of Rose Water & Unusual Ways To Use It

The symbol of romance and feminity has always been roses. While its beauty is enticing, we figured that since it is popular in skincare too, we can get maximum benefits out of this ingredient. How so? We figured that some of its key benefits are useful to the entire body and not just the skin. Let’s understand what are its key benefits and what are the new methods to use Rose water in the routine.

What is Rose water?

Rose water dates back in years and originated in the Middle East. Thousands of roses used to be collected and steeped or steamed in distilled water after which condensation of it was collected and known as Rosewater. It was used in beauty products and drinks too. The potent liquid has many health benefits and was popularised in skincare. To this date, Rose water equals a classic, unbeatable toner that sits on every skin type’s vanity.

What are the benefits of using Rose water in skincare?

1. Relieves headache

Have you ever felt lighter the instant you smell a rose? That’s because Rose water can act as aromatherapy on your nervous system to calm your nerves and relieve headaches. It is also a mood lifter so after a long, stressful day, all you need is a couple of spritz of Rose water on a clean face.

2. Improves gut health

Rose water can also be ingested and that is how it can even soothe the gut. But to ensure that it doesn’t do you any harm, you must ensure that Rose water is extracted in distilled water without any additives. To test if it is pure Rosewater, you can look at the following points:

1. Pure Rose water has an extremely gentle smell
2. Pure Rose water doesn’t foam when shaken vigorously
3. Pure Rose water is colourless
4. Pure Rose water’s ingredient list has just two items: Rose and distilled water

If it ain’t pure then you must not dare to ingest it!

3. Pore minimiser

The reason why you find Rose water toner just so easily is that everybody is aware of Rose water’s hydrating properties. It hydrates the skin and reinforces the skin pH which relaxes the pores and maintains pore size instead of stretching them out. It also has tannins which have a tightening effect on pores.

4. Antiseptic and healer

Rose water is also antiseptic, antibacterial and heals wounds. It is rich in antioxidants which makes it so powerful. A cream containing Rose water or just a few spritzes of Rose water on the cut or the acne can calm the inflammation and stop the infection from growing.

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How to use Rose water?

The grace of this ingredient is that it is easy to pair with other ingredients. While the traditional and most known way to use Rose water is as a toner, we found some ways to use Rose water in the routine that are quite beneficial and unusual:

1. Scalp toner

As we mentioned that Rose water is rich in antioxidants and any area of your body that is inflamed or wounded can do with it, including the scalp. A dry, flaky and itchy scalp could be because of various reasons and we can tackle it by soothing the scalp. Rose water is rich in antioxidants and has hydrating properties. This helps soothe the scalp and bring back the balance.

Sublime recommends Dromen & Co Pure Rose Water Face Mist. Mix this with Rose oil or a couple of drops of hemp oil for your hair.

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2. Cold brew tea

Rose water can also be used to brew teas. All you need is a couple of tea bags of your favourite tea and a pot of pure Rosewater. Drop in the tea bags and keep them overnight. You just made your tea richer in antioxidants.

3. Room spray

Most of us prefer room sprays with a good fragrance and it makes sense to relieve the mood. But we love the idea of mixing Rose water with Rose oil. Store this mix in a spray bottle and voila, there’s your room spray! You can use it around your bed before you go to sleep and you will surely have a good night's sleep.

Sublime recommends Sioris Falling Into The Rose Mist. It’s a biphasic mist with 5% oil of which Rose oil is there. This luxurious mix of calming and nourishing ingredients is what makes it a great room spray and face mist.

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4. Sunburn mask

Sunburn means great inflammation and damage to the skin for which you need two properties right away: Soothing and Hydration. Many ingredients like Aloe Vera, Snail Mucin, Centella Asiatica and more can help soothe the skin. Rose water is also included in this list since it can soothe and hydrate the skin. You can use Rose water with Aloe Vera gel. Make a good paste and massage it right in the sunburnt area. Use it twice a day and you’re sure to see the results.

Sublime recommends Neemli Naturals Argan & Rose Day Cream. It’s a fine blend to moisturise and soothe your skin. The perfect alternative to DIY for sunburnt skin!

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5. Post-shave mask

Shaving can inflame your skin if you move the blades a little too close to the skin. You need something that disinfects and heals your skin. You can make a DIY paste right after shaving, where you mix curd with Rosewater and Sandalwood to soothe and heal the skin.

In case you’ve done facial shaving then we’d recommend Raw Concoctions Blush. It’s a perfect mix of Sandalwood and Roses with some exfoliating ingredients to soothe and repair your skin.

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Does Rose water suit all skin types?

Yes. Rose water suits all skin types and concerns but we’d still recommend patch-testing it. A naturally derived bottle of Rose water will smell gentle and is colourless. In case, it is not pure then the added fragrances can irritate your skin so the suitability of the skin depends more on the source of Rosewater. 

Rose water may sound like a very simple ingredient but for those with sensitive or redness-prone skin, this is a blessing. Just a few spritzes of it on the go can refresh you from time to time. Another reason for us to love it is it can be used from head to toe for some common concerns. Bad day? Pimple? Inflamed scalp? Big pores? Well, the answer remains the same- Rosewater. Hence, we’re convinced of having a daily dose of rose!

Divya Salvi

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