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Destress With This Routine After Your 9-To-5 Job!

How often have we missed out on hangouts with friends, cancelled another yoga session, or skipped dinner with the family because we couldn't get away from our 9 to 5? It could be countless times for some people. And that is concerning! 

We are currently in a period where everyone is talking about hustling and grinding all hours of the day and night. It’s all well and good until it affects you physically and mentally. One small nudge in the wrong direction can wreak havoc on us. 

The media makes us think that an on-the-go lifestyle and 9–5 jobs are the way to go. While that’s good, there’s nothing glamorous about battling stress and struggling to unplug from “work mode” after leaving your workplace. 

Relaxing & rejuvenating are essential!

Our 20s and 30s can be full of upheaval. We get that we often forget the simplest things in life when we are figuring out whatever life throws at us. But it’s a big con in the long run. 

Lack of exercise, creativity, and mindfulness is detrimental to our mental and physical health. Health issues like migraines, insomnia, and stomach upsets happen when you forget to take breaks for your mind and body. The key is to do something that makes you happy and grateful at the end of the day. 

Refrain from steering towards a sedentary lifestyle. Do more than just get freshened up and catch an episode after work. Sometimes you need to unplug from work mode and hit the play button for some much-needed chill.

Incorporate these easy, therapeutic, and relaxing steps into your routine to de-stress from your 9-to-5 job! 

1. Meditate 

Channel your energy by being positive and calm! Simply going out to a garden or sitting on the floor of your room to meditate, even for a few minutes, can do wonders for you. Meditation helps reduce stress levels and decreases anxiety, too. We all want to be in zen mode, and meditation is the right way to go.

Along with this, you can also practise deep breathing exercises. Focus on just one single thought and keep breathing in and out for a span of a few minutes.  

2. Harness a new skill 

Do you ever get in the mood to take up a new challenge and learn new things you’ve always wanted to? Hobbies are a perfect way to unwind after a long day. Take this as a sign to discover something new or revisit your old hobbies! Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be something you’ll always look forward to after work. 

Learn a new language, read more books, bake some treats, play a musical instrument, take up crocheting, or do some small projects you’ve always wanted to do. The options are plenty!

3. Indulge in a mask & chill

A daily skincare routine is truly beneficial! While you indulge in your regular cleansing, toning, and moisturising sessions, it’s also good to add face masks when you have time. Pour a glass of wine, play relaxing tunes, and apply that face mask! The cooling sensation of the face mask and the soothing tunes will reroute you into a rhythm. 

Our Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask is the one you need to try today. Rich in antioxidants like green tea, glycolic acid, and kaolin clay, this mask helps control pimples and excess oil production while brightening your skin all at once. 

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After applying your face mask, add these MartiDerm Flash Ampoules to the mix. These tiny yet mighty ampoules contain Silicone Complex and 5% Hyaluronic Acid that’ll instantly revitalise your skin in a matter of minutes! 

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If you plan to head out for a while, these ampoules will give a quick dose of hydration and glow with a soft and silky finish. These can be used as a primer too!

4. Plan your days with to-dos/tasks

Throughout the day, we create multiple mental to-do lists. But because we have so many little tasks that need our attention, we might forget the little things we normally don’t have to make a note of. 

Light your favourite scented candle, set aside a couple of minutes, and list your tasks in order of priority. Set mini goals for yourself to achieve every day while also compartmentalising your tasks. It will not only boost your productivity level but will also help you stress less and be in the right headspace to tackle your tasks efficiently. You can easily cut down on the last-minute rush if you stay on top of your deadlines!

It’s not a textbook fun activity, but to have your day aligned is a sign of it ending on a good note! 

5. Journal your thoughts 

Unclog your brains and pour your thoughts onto a piece of paper or a journal. Before you snooze, write down the highlights of your day and your things you are grateful for. Creating a gratitude list is like an antidote to your negative thoughts. If you have pent-up frustration, vent it out on paper. That will make you feel fresh and amazing the next day! 

To make it more creative, you can use cute stationery like washi tape, stickers, highlighter pens, and more to make it artistic and conceptual! Now that’s another hobby you should practise. 

6. Unplug from the digital world 

Give in to your urge and disconnect from the digital world. Set boundaries and resist checking work-related notifications and emails. 

If you find it difficult to leave work after coming home, consciously remind yourself that it can wait. Start with a daily reminder of 20 minutes where you keep your phone out of sight and do simple activities that can be done in those 20 minutes instead of doom-scrolling on Instagram and responding to work texts. 

Your physical and mental health cannot be a secondary priority. All the passion projects and hobbies you indulge in after work will help you ease your mind. These simple yet effective activities can turn any bad day into a good one! 

Focus on the little things you do to improve your work-life balance and become a calmer and happier version of yourself! 

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1. What are some ways I can disconnect from my phone? 

Batch your notifications so that you’ll get your messages after one hour. Going into aeroplane mode is the best way to disconnect from your phone. If you find it difficult to stay away from your phone, engage in other activities that will keep your attention during that time. 

Another way is to download apps that let you lock your phone for some time and make it inaccessible. It will dramatically reduce your screen hours as well. 

2. What other ways can I de-stress after work? 

The real way lies in the simplest pleasures of life. Simple exercises can mitigate stress problems. Go for a walk after dinner, curl up in a blanket with a cup of tea or coffee, or host a game night with friends.

You can also try something you wouldn’t normally think of. Shake things up a bit and challenge yourself!

Salonee Salian

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