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Exclusive Interview with asa beauty founders: The inception, journey & more!

Changing the landscape of beauty in India and breaking conventional boundaries, asa is redefining everything that a beauty brand must stand for in today’s day and age. Conceptualised by a like-minded mother and daughter-in-law duo, this one of a kind brand brings forward the concept of purposeful, sustainable luxury to the conscious, discerning global Indian woman while celebrating her as well as the world we live in. A true revolution of its kind, asa provides a wide range of vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free makeup that is inspired by the purity of nature.

Led by two strong women Asha and Sukriti Jindal Khaitan who have a common vision for a better world, they created a brand that helps women embrace their authentic self while also doing their best to preserve the environment.

Learn all about the first Clean Beauty luxury makeup brand, as we sat down for a tête-à-tête with the founders to learn all about the vision, journey and aspirations for the brand. Let us dive right in!

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1. asa is described as a 'Clean Awakening'. How exactly did the brand come about? Tell us about the inception of the brand.

Asha Jindal Khaitan:

We come from a background where we understand the importance of nature-made goodness and had a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world we live in. For years, global Indian women have sought answers for Clean Beauty in her homeland, hence we launched asa beauty for the Indian women to embrace their true potential, by choosing products that reflect their own commitment to wellness, sustainability and care for the community and environment. asa is more than a brand, it is an ideology of ‘Clean Awakening’; it is the letting go of mindless consumption patterns. A process of adapting clean and natural choices in everyday life and giving back to oneself and the planet.

Sukriti Jindal Khaitan:

Having lived in New York and being a health coach, there is a wave of consciousness in today's women, who are seeking a more purposeful and conscientious existence. With asa, we want to enable this awakening through clean beauty solutions, to look and choose natural makeup by creating conversations and actions around the ‘New Normal of Makeup’.  We believe a beauty brand can be consciously created, carefully crafted and visually beautiful.

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2. What was your motivation to cultivate a brand that reflects the values of 'clean, ethical and sustainable beauty' in today's world?

Asha and Sukriti Jindal Khaitan:

Both Sukriti and I led a vegan lifestyle and are strong advocates of veganism. We believe that compassion towards animals doesn’t end with a lack of animal testing but also by avoiding the use of animal by-products. Even our more than 92% naturally sourced ingredients keep us up to date with our sustainability practices.

 With a 360-degree approach to Clean Beauty, we use sustainable metal packaging that can be reused and replenished time after time for our range of exquisite products. The products are made of all-natural ingredients, sourced from across the world, are authentic, 100% cruelty and animal-testing free to ensure that beauty comes with no ecological and ethical costs.

We have done extensive research to make sure our packaging is eco-friendly; the paper used for our secondary packaging is 100% recyclable and FSC certified - a certifying body that protects our forests and their species and the rights of the indigenous.

3. What is most striking about asa that sets it apart from the plethora of brands out there?

asa has deep-rooted beliefs seeped in its core values of Purposeful Beauty, Purposeful Luxury and Purposeful Living.

Exclusive to our brand, we have our beautiful aluminium cases and our consciously created formulation and our unique ‘Refill’ concept.  Which makes our products not only worth the investment but gentle to the earth, shunning the excessive and unnecessary packaging that comes along with every purchase.

Our consumers can re-purpose our beautiful aluminium cases endlessly and have the option to simply replenish the product encased, to help us build a world focused around less wastage and less consumption, and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

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4. Tell us a little about how you create your products and the process that goes into making them?

Asha Jindal Khaitan:

It took us almost 2 years to build and finally execute the brand in the market. As women entrepreneurs, we knew the consumer base, we knew that we believed in clean, vegan and sustainable makeup and wanted to give that to our consumers. Seeking those ideals in brands outside the country, we created something home-grown, by women and for women.

Sukriti Jinal Khaitan:

Yes, building a brand from scratch and finally establishing it, took us some time. But, as you always say, it's worth all the effort and time, when you believe in something so wholeheartedly. We wanted to cater to women like us, women who were seeking to switch to a more purposeful and conscientious existence. With asa, we want to create an awakening of sorts to look and choose natural makeup by creating conversations and actions around ‘Clean Awakening’. 

5. How do your values of 'purposeful luxury' and 'ethical, sustainable beauty' go hand in hand with each other?

asa is an affordable luxury brand, wholly made in India. Our aim is to provide more valuable and meaningful additions to our customer's life while also driving a positive change to the world they live in. We ensure premium quality natural and ethically sourced ingredients in our products and have also gone beyond the scope to be sustainable throughout our packaging. From using aluminium cases, minimising the use of plastic, to FSC certified paper, asa has been carefully crafted with the intention of delivering a premium experience to its target audience, while reducing the carbon footprint on their behalf.

We are proud to introduce a smart Refill Programme which allows our customers to simply refresh their empty products, eliminating the need to purchase a completely new product time and again. Creating such a wholesome natural experience while also limiting the usage of plastic in all our processes has also been a determining factor in the price range

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6. Tell us more about the Refills program. What was the idea behind those?

Every asa product is created with the intent for a better, greener world. To build a world that is focused around mindful consumption and sustainable choices. That’s why our products follow a smart refillable and reusable system, that is durable and in turn minimises wastage.

All one needs to do is buy our aesthetically designed aluminium cased products, which can simply be replaced with a new refill when the product is consumed, eliminating the need to buy a completely new product time and again.  

Inspired by nature, our cases are built to last by simply replacing your product again and again…

Choose not just for yourself, but for the planet as well.

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7. Why is your brand the perfect fit for Sublime Life and the philosophy we have here?

As curators of clean, sustainable and cruelty-free beauty, we are extremely eager and excited to be working with Sublime Life. As India’s first luxury Clean Beauty brand, we believe asa is a great fit for Sublime Life. Our shared philosophies are still new to the Indian audience and we hope to be expert voices together to spread Clean Awakening.

8. What is your personal favourite or go-to product from the asa range?

Asha Jindal Khaitan:

The Easy Blend Concealer is designed to help you cover discolouration and uneven skin tone on your face in an instant. Infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E, it is created such that it doesn’t settle in the lines around your eyes. Instead, it brightens the under-eye area.

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Sukriti Jindal Khaitan:

The Luminising Powder helps add that gleaming highlight to your face. It will instantly transform your face by putting the focus on its high points. Loaded with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, this product is designed to lend your skin a healthy glow while also repairing it.

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9. What words of wisdom do you have for those who are thinking of making the switch to green and sustainable beauty? What is one thing they should definitely keep in mind?

Through asa, we wish to spread the word about ‘Clean Awakening’ which is the feeling that makes you choose things that are good for your soul, mind, body, pride, identity, culture, community, humanity, the earth and its abundance. We want the global Indian to choose products and experiences that celebrate them and invoke confidence in them. Today, even beauty can be a far more gratifying experience than what one can ever imagine through formulations that not only make one look good but also feel good.

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Shop the asa Beauty range here.


Beauty is more than an honest movement, but a moment of transition as we gradually shift from conspicuous, mindless consumption to choosing products that are good for not only your skin and body, but also for the community, the earth and humanity. Celebrate your true self with beauty that is specially designed for Indian skin tones, and celebrates every colour, culture and background with its wide range of inclusive products. Ticking off possibly every mark, from sustainable, luxurious, diverse and multi-purpose, asa beauty is here to change your beauty regime for the better!

- Krisha Jhaveri

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