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A deep massage into all things Lymphatic Drainage: The What, Why and Who

With the amount of stress we deal with on a daily basis, whether it is related to our academic lives, professional lives or personal lives - stress is bound to manifest itself in a physical form. With self-care reaching its peak in pandemic times, the importance of relieving ourselves from stress at home itself takes new heights. We, at Sublime Life are here to let you in on a very underrated form of massage that will take your body by a storm!

The Lymph System- All you need to know

The lymphatic system or popularly known as the lymph system is an extensive network of vessels that makes its way through the body and all the tissues present in it to permit the movement of a fluid known as lymph. Now, what exactly is lymph? Lymph is a clear-to-white fluid present in our body, similar to the blood which comprises of white blood cells. 

The lymphatic system with all of its nodes plays a crucial role in the balance of fluids and even the immune system. There are as many as 600 lymph nodes present in our body. 

Whenever we are attacked with an infection or virus these nodes swell up because of an intense lymph-buildup. This indicates our lymphatic system is not functioning as it should be. The main function of our lymphatic system is to drain the lymph fluids as these fluids often contain various toxins and waste products. When the lymph nodes swell, there is a fluid hold up causing our tissues to severely bloat up and cause a plethora of medical issues.

Owing to these reasons, the lymphatic drainage is of utmost importance and could pose as a matter of concern if not done appropriately or at regular intervals.

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Extraordinary Benefits

Now that we have laid down what is the lymphatic system and how crucial it is to conduct lymphatic drainage, let us let you in on the array of benefits lymphatic drainage possesses!

1. Circulation Booster

Lymphatic drainage aids and assists heavily in boosting circulation within our body. Whilst our heart continues to pump blood through the blood vessels present, the lymph system works to transport the lymph fluid throughout the body seamlessly. These two work in tandem together to improve blood circulation by copious amounts.

2. Hello Improved Immunity!

With the lymphatic system playing an important role in our immune system as well since it carries white blood cells which are responsible for attacking viruses and infections, it is a great immunity aid. The comprehensive network of vessels and nodes transport lymph fluid that contains antibodies. Lymphatic drainage effectively smoothens the transportation of this fluid!

3. Glowing skin

Toxin build-up in our body can often cause the texture or appearance of the skin to come off as dull or lifeless. Lymphatic drainage assists in getting rid of the waste and toxins present and smoothening its texture giving it a glow and radiance like never before!

4. Burst that water bubble

One of the most touted benefits of lymphatic drainage is how well it helps with water retention. Retention of water takes place when your body or different parts of your body face bloating due to build-up of fluid. A lymphatic drainage massage works gently to release the water buildup by letting it flow and reduces bloating.

5. Digesting never looked easier

Another lesser-known fact is how the lymphatic system works hand in hand with our digestive system to absorb dietary lipids. However, a lymphatic system that does not function properly will cause persistent issues with digesting food considering how closely interconnected the lymphatic system is to the gastrointestinal tract.

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How can I prepare myself for a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

One common misconception that is widely rampant is a lymphatic drainage massage is very similar to our regular massages. A lymphatic drainage massage is specially designed and administered to drain the lymph nodes and offer subsequent relief. This is how one can prepare themselves for a massage -

1. Lymphatic Breathing 

The first step to preparing your body for relieving lymphatic drainage is to engage in deep and intense lymphatic breathing. This will act like a pump that aids the fluid to move through vessels and systems.  Lymphatic breathing can be done by placing both your hands on the stomach, inhaling deeply through your nose while expanding your stomach. Follow it up by exhaling. Repeat this whilst taking regular breaks.

2. The legs and the knees

Star with the very top of your upper legs and place one hand on your inner thighs and slowly stretch the skin downwards and stop right above the knees. Repeat these movements a few times on both your legs. Move to your lower legs by placing one hand on your shin and the other on the back of your calf, stretching your skin upward. Keep repeating this movement only in upward strokes!

Drain it all away

Now the real fun begins as we take you through how each body part can be effectively lymphatically drained allowing you to feel highly relaxed and relieved. However, before you begin, always ensure to engage in lymphatic breathing followed by application of a body oil to accelerate a smoother massage. The SKOG Jojoba Oil intensely moisturises and soothes your skin, further working to heal it too.

1. Facial massage

Begin by using the Dromen and Co Rose Quartz Facial Roller at the base of your neck and moving upwards. Glide from your chin across the jawline for toning it. Slowly move the roller towards your nose and stroke it towards your cheekbones. Repeat this process on both sides of your face at least 4-5 times a week and watch all the toxins present in your face drain out and result in the most radiant glow.

2. Shoulder, arm and chest 

Begin at the base of your neck with the flatter side of the Sublime Life Jade Gua Sha and move it downwards in short movements. Move towards your shoulders and with the longer concave side drag the tool downwards to release pent up fluids. Slowly shifting to the chest,  move the concave side of your tool to the sternum midline. Work your way under the collarbone in horizontal and brief motions. Begin with the top of your arms and use the concave side of the Gua Sha to massage it in long strokes, moving downwards. Repeat these movements on either side.

3. The Arms

Start by using the House of Beauty Sculptor 3D Massager to massage the inner side of your arms and dragging it downwards with some pressure. Repeat this movement on every inch of your upper arms till they feel lighter. Moving to your forearms, use the massager in a similar fashion to loosen the lymph nodes. You can use this massager to even massage your fingers in case they feel swollen and bloated.

4. Legs and toes

The Kansa Wand by Shankara can be used to effectively relieve the lymph nodes present in your legs, ankles and feet. Drag the Kansa Wand in downward motions on your upper thighs whilst applying pressure to gently massage it. Repeat this movement on all parts of your upper thighs. Moving to your calves, slowly use the Wand to apply pressure by pressing it in various spots and targeting certain nodes. Finish this massage by dragging the Kansa Wand upwards from the base of your feet to the toes in repeated movements. 

Who can a lymphatic massage benefit?

Due to its highly specific properties and nature, a massage for lymphatic drainage can benefit individuals who often face severe and chronic bloating and swelling in various body parts. If you have weak immunity and are often plagued with the flu and common cold, this massage can prove to be highly effective. 

Even individuals who constantly experience mental issues like intense fatigue, insomnia and stress have a chance of achieving relief with this massage. However, it must be noted that if you face severe medical issues pertaining to the kidney and heart, please consult a medical professional before you choose to attempt this.

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How often can one do this?

Depending on which body part you wish to massage, it is ideal to give yourself a lymphatic draining massage thrice a week not more than that. This is to ensure that no body part is over-massaged.


It is time to open yourself up to a world of a different kind of a massage that will not only work towards draining the toxins and grime out of your body but also all the pent up tension and stress away! Grab your tools and get massaging.

- Sakshi Rawte

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