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Colour woes no more!- Caring for coloured hair at home

We have jumped on the hair colour bandwagon at one point or another in our colourful lives! Whether it is a full head of hair colour, some gorgeous balayage and ombre or even some striking highlights - we have all had a stunning hair transformation. Due to our hair being put through rounds of various chemicals, it can have faltering consequences and require some extra caring and love often.

Effects of colour treated hair

As much as we love the beautiful colours on our hair, an inevitable fact is that they cause damage and harm to those locks. Due to the chemicals present in them, hair colour can do a number on our hair, causing deterioration. Some of the drastic consequences of colouring that mane are-

1. Dryness of hair

Dry hair manifests when the required amount of moisture is failed to be retained in it, making it appear lifeless. We have 3 layers in our hair - if its healthy, natural oils in the outer layer offer protection to the inner layers, giving your hair a beautiful sheen.

However, colouring your hair can cause copious amounts of dryness. This is because when dye is deposited and begins developing in your hair, it loses a lot of moisture due to the presence of strong chemicals.

2. Excessive hair fall

It is no secret that one of the worst consequences of giving your hair the colours it wants, is hair fall. We dread it so much that some of us refuse to dye our hair because of the very same reason. 

A very crucial step in the process of hair colouring is the opening up of the hair cuticle, as without the cuticle opening up - the dye will not get deposited, and if the dye does not get deposited, it will not show its colours! So, when the cuticle opens for colour to be absorbed, it erodes the hair and causes breakage.

3. No no to styling

Styling tools like our straighteners, curling wands and crimpers really prove to be super heroes on some days - saving our hair and making it look straight out of a movie! However, once we choose the pathway of colouring our hair, we have to say goodbye to our styling saviours.

Since we have already established that colouring your hair causes a lot of damage to it, you must know that using styling tools that involve heat - can cause even more damage. Even if you are simply just blow drying your hair because you are late for work! Opting for styling can cause harm to your brittle hair leading to more dryness and loss of shine.

4. Allergic reactions ahoy!

Allergies do not spare anyone, even those with coloured hair! At times, our scalp and other places like our forehead and temples can have adverse reactions to hair dye due to the high amount of chemicals present in them.

Hair colouring products almost always have Ammonia and Peroxide, however most allergies or sensitivities stemming from dye are caused by the presence of an ingredient known as Paraphenylenediamine. These detrimental reactions can often take the form of a strong stinging or burning sensation on the scalp, forehead, neck and other places where the dye has been applied. 

5. Untameable and frizzy hair

Frizziness and an impossible to manage mane come hand in hand with dyed hair. Those flyaways and hair that just refuses to stay in place could be because you recently gave it a splash of colour or a stunning ombre.

The presence of ammonia in hair colour contributes to a lot of weakness. This takes place because ammonia increases the porosity of one’s hair. Porosity is nothing but the ability of your hair to absorb and retain moisture. Without the existence of moisture in your hair - it becomes more prone to frizz and becoming brittle.

6. Needs extra TLC

If high maintenance ever defined something, it would definitely be adding some colour to your hair. Due to the tedious process that it is and the damage it can cause - your hair requires some serious attention once you dip it in colours. 

Hair dyes possess Ammonia and Peroxide which are the main root of evil, causing the quality of your tresses to deteriorate. This calls for us to show more love than ever to our hair. Hair fall, breakage, extreme brittleness and to top it off - frizz and uncontrollable hair. All of these require high attention.

This is an image of effects of colour treated hair

Taking care of coloured hair at home

Since we have delved deeper into the harsh effects of hopping aboard the coloured hair train. Let us also give you a deeper understanding of how we can care for hair that has been through hell and back! Here are some clever tips you could follow to ensure your dyed tresses are at their best, always-

1. Turn the temp down a notch

Who does not enjoy a nice hot shower after a long day of hard work? We know we do! But as much as our bodies love jumping into a hot shower, our dyed hair dislikes it just as much. The first golden rule to maintaining coloured hair is lowering the temperature of the water you choose to wash your hair in.

This is because lukewarm water permits the shampoo to cleanse your coloured hair of grime thoroughly and the cold water performs magic to lock in the moisture from your conditioner and prevents hair colour from incessantly washing out by ensuring the hair cuticles are sealed. 

2. Sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner are your BFF's

If you are a hair colour connoisseur you know how great sulphate - free shampoos are conditioners are for your coloured tresses. No matter how miniscule the amount of hair dye you have experimented with - always opt for a shampoo and conditioner that do not possess any sulphates at all.

To put it simply, sulphates are what cause your shampoo to foam up and form luscious lather. While they do aid in washing off all the grime and dirt from your hair, they also contribute to the stripping your hair of its naturally produced oils and moisture. This in turn causes your hair colour to fade quicker.

Choosing a shampoo like the A'kin Ylang Ylang & Quinoa Colour Protection Shampoo which is free of sulphates and specially formulated to revive dull hair along with locking in the vibrancy of the colour - can result in radiant and shinier hair. Pair this with the A’kin Quinoa & Abyssinian Oil Colour Protection Conditioner which works to seal the moisture in and brighten coloured hair - voila, you have longer lasting dye!

3. Tiny amount of dye goes a long way

A well - kept secret to having that vibrant hair colour last longer than you want is adding a small amount of colour to your hair conditioner. Never thought of it, did you? 

Just a miniscule amount of hair dye added to your already hydrating conditioner can help you ensure that your hair remains colourful! This happens because when dye is mixed with conditioner and allowed to deposit in your locks - your hair often looks like you paid a visit to the salon for a touch up again.

4. Mask it up

Oh no, for a change we are not talking about covering our faces with a mask! One of the most key factors that can do wonders in helping you take care of your lively dyed hair at home is a deeply nourishing and hydrating hair mask.A hair mask can hit all the arrows - it reintroduces shine to lacklustre hair, provides intense and deep moisture all while maintaining that hair colour.

The Deep Conditioning Mask by True Frog is the ultimate and most ideal choice for reviving dull hair & being a great companion for your recently dyed hair. Its exotic blend of ingredients that protect from hair damage, restore hydration to hair cuticles and protect hair colour.

5. Embrace dry shampoo

The more we shampoo our dyed locks, the more prone they are to the vibrant hair colour fading out. But well, we cannot stop washing our hair forever right? That is exactly where dry shampoo makes a grand entrance.

So on days your hair feels a little greasier than usual and you do not want to see colour washing out - opting for a dry shampoo helps you deal with all of those worries. It refreshes your hair and makes it look like you just styled it!

The Desert Dry Shampoo by Bare Necessities gives you aerosol - free natural hair care. It removes all the grease and dirt while giving your locks a thorough cleanse and newsflash! No hair colour is washed out or stripped off at all.

6. Limit those hair showers

Goodness, we love those nice and long hair showers too! But opting to wash your hair almost everyday can prove to have harsh consequences on those coloured tresses. It can cause your dye to grow fainter a lot quicker than usual.

Apart from this, washing your hair frequently leads to the natural oils in our hair being taken away. It causes our hair to lose copious amounts of moisture which again can lead to breakage and frizziness. Opt for a good ol’ hair bath 2-3 times a week instead of one every single day. Not only will it protect your hair but also retain its quality.

7. Do not leave those leave-in balms

Leave in balms or conditioners are hair care products that are formulated to be applied to your hair post conditioning them properly. These help in the addition of extra moisture, which is what newly coloured hair desperately needs! Leave in balms and conditioners also work efficiently to detangle frizzy and chaotic hair caused by excessive hair colour.

The Paul Penders Leave In Defrizzing Balm is an ideal choice being infused with Essential Oils, Vitamins & Minerals that do a stellar job of protecting, hydrating and enriching your coloured hair.

8. Serums the saviour

A cherry on the top to protect coloured hair from more damage is including a protective hair serum in your hair care routine. It protects it and provides it nourishment against the excessive wear and tear caused by hair dye.

Ohria Ayurveda’s Moringa and Ylang Ylang Serum adds a natural sheen to your hair while reviving it and repairing it from heavy damage.

9. Oil it up

Whilst every other product is a must addition to your hair care routine, hair oils should not be left aside. Regular oiling or hot oil treatments work extremely well to form a protective layer over your hair and feed it with all the nutrients it requires. It also locks the natural oils in, making hair healthier.

The SKOG Argan Oil is a one that promotes hair growth along with reducing frizziness and unmanageable hair.

This is an image of how to take care of coloured hair at home


Colouring your hair and having to maintain it might seem like an exhausting and difficult task, but with the right care and only the best products - watch your hair flourish and be even more radiant. Jump into that pool of colour!

- Sakshi Rawte

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