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Tackle hair woes with these super foods: Luscious locks are here

Hair spas, protein treatments and a plethora of external activities we actively engage in- just for giving our tresses only the best care possible. However, despite us making so many efforts to pamper our hair, we still face several challenges. Ever wonder why that is? If we only paid more attention to what goes inside our bodies rather than what goes on it - all those hair woes would bid us goodbye!

What does eating the right foods do to our hair?

Consumption of the correct and healthy foods can have an array of benefits for our hair which can result in your locks looking and feeling as luscious as ever!

1. Fight hair fall

Hairfall - incessant or minor is an issue that plagues millions of us. It can be caused due to several factors like excessive chemical treatments done to your hair, over-usage of heating tools or even exposure to the harsh environment. Eating right can reduce the shedding of hair so grab that comb and do not worry.

2. Revive sheen

Dull and lifeless hair can make your face appear a little lifeless too. Often our tresses look tired because of the damage and daily wear and tear they go through. The key to hair that looks glossy is ensuring that the right vitamins and nutrients make way into our body, giving your hair that sheen!

3. Moisturise and nourish

How many of us have whined about hair that feels dry and coarse? Dry hair that lacks moisture shows itself when our scalp does not produce enough natural oils to moisturise and nourish our tresses. What eating the right foods can do is boost the production of natural oils and instantly provide moisture and nourishment.

4. Combat dandruff

One of the most commonly fought hair battles is the one with dandruff. Being caused by several factors like a dry scalp, irritated skin or negative reactions to hair products - dandruff can take its own sweet time to go away. Consumption of a balanced amount of nutrients can aid you in reducing flakes and a dry scalp.

5. Improvement in overall health

We all love hair that is in the pink of its health. Not only does it look more voluminous and healthy but it also feels like it is boosting with vitality! Eating appropriate portions of minerals and vitamins will hold your hand through the lifelong journey that is taking care of your hair.

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Battle each hair concern

Each one of us deals with a different hair concern, in some cases more than one concern. We could use the best shampoos, hair conditioners, serums or hair masks but still be inflicted with issues about our hair. Strap your seatbelts on because we are making a stop at every hair concern and helping you eat your way out of it!

1. Dandruff

Foods you can consume: Fish, eggs, nuts and fermented food

How much to consume? Consumption of fish and eggs 2-3 times a week, eating a small portion of nuts everyday and eating fermented foods once a week.

Consumption of fish which are famously rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids can work to reduce the appearance of dry flakes since it keeps your scalp hydrated at all times. Eggs are responsible for helping to contribute towards control in sebum production of the scalp. Less or overproduction of sebum can result in the formation of flakes - eating eggs helps balance this production. 

Inclusion of nuts like almonds and walnuts in your diet that are enriched with Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Biotin can help combat dandruff together. One unlikely addition here would be eating probiotic-rich fermented foods since they boost immunity and battle fungal infections that give rise to this concern.

2. Hair loss

Foods you can consume: Carrots, spinach, shrimp, low-fat dairy

How much to consume? Consumption of carrots and spinach on an alternate basis, eating shrimp 2 times a week and consuming low-fat dairy 2-3 times a week.

If you thought carrots were only meant for your eyes, you are highly mistaken. This healthy veggie works heavily to treat our tresses with Vitamin A and E which stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. Get your greens on by always eating some spinach since it is brimming with Iron and Vitamins C and A which are ideal for gaining back lost hair!

Brimming with potent nutrients like Vitamin B12 and Iron, shrimp is a great addition to your diet since these nutrients help you battle loss of hair. Low-fat dairy products like yogurt and skimmed milk contain high levels of calcium which is famously perfect for giving your hair a boost of growth.

3. Lifeless hair

Foods you can consume: Avocados, berries, meat and fatty fish

How much to consume? Consumption of avocados 3 times a week, eating berries on alternate days and consuming meat and fatty fish 2-3 times a week.

We are all guilty of loving our guacamoles and Avos on toast a little too much and with good reason. They are extremely nourishing for our tresses because of the natural oil and fatty acid content they possess - being able to revive dull hair. Heavily loaded with antioxidants, berries aid with the prevention of damage in hair follicles and making it look shinier.

Inclusion of meat which is a potent source of Protein can guarantee to induce some shine into locks that look lifeless. Additionally, fatty fish like Mackerel, Salmon boast of nutrients like Vitamin D and Protein which work their way to moisturise and gloss your hair.

4. Excessively damaged hair

Foods you can consume: Whole grains, lemon, egg whites, oats

How much to consume? Consumption of whole grains and egg whites on alternate days, introducing lemon into your diet frequently and consuming oats everyday.

Whole grains are the pathway to helping you deal with highly damaged hair by providing it with Zinc, Iron and B Vitamins. A potent source of Vitamin C - lemons are an underrated aid to work magic on damaged hair. It boosts Collagen production and repairs damage caused.

While we know eggs are heavenly for your hair, the consumption of egg whites specifically works like a miracle to reverse damaged hair. The Protein composition in egg whites aids in rebuilding Protein gaps in the structure of the hair. A plethora of minerals present in oats like Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc and Vitamin B can penetrate deep into your tresses and strengthen them.

5. Greying hair

Foods you can consume:  Amla, spirulina, liver, mushrooms

How much to consume? Consumption of amla and spirulina everyday, eating liver once a week and consuming mushrooms 2 times a week.

Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry is famous for the wide array of benefits it possesses for your hair. The most popular one being reversal of premature greying of hair by boosting pigmentation processes. Another aid is Spirulina which is seaweed high in proteins and nutrients- it works on vitamin deficiencies responsible for greying hair.

Rich in essential nutrients like Copper, Vitamin B12 and Iron, liver is an unlikely candidate for reversal of greying hair. A B12 and Iron deficiency contributes to those grey strands and liver works to battle this. Consumption of mushrooms stimulates the production of melanin which can help with greying hair.

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What foods to avoid?

Just like the inclusion of a select few foods and ingredients is crucial to keep your hair in the best of its health, the exclusion of certain foods is essential to prevent any further damage to our precious locks.

1. Sugar

As much as we love our pastries and cupcakes, a high sugar intake is responsible for our blood sugar levels shooting up. This can lead to severe damage to hair follicles which is a potential reason for hair loss and excessive damage. 

2. Alcohol

It is no secret that downing drinks one after another can seriously dehydrate our body. What we fail to realise is, it also causes your hair to dehydrate and lose protein. Dehydrated hair directly correlates to damaged hair follicles and frizzy hair! Limit those drinks if you wish for strengthened hair.

3. Processed foods

Foods that are processed and refined are often responsible for fluctuations in the insulin levels of your body. They can lead to a spike in androgen and insulin levels leading them to bind to hair follicles and spark bouts of hair loss!

4. Fast food

Fast food is brimming with saturated and monounsaturated fats which can make you deal with thinning hair and hair loss. Excessively oily fast food makes your scalp overly greasy leading to clogging of pores and miniaturisation of hair follicles.

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Just like your regular trips to the salon are unforgettable for you, working to ensure that you do not forget the inclusion of certain superfoods in your diet will prove to have extraordinary results on your tresses.

- Sakshi Rawte

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