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Healthy Gummies that do more than just taste good - Nutritional Supplements 101

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As the famous saying goes, you are what you eat! Well, that could not be any truer! Our body is our temple and it is important to consume good foods in order to achieve healthy looking hair and skin. The nutrients present in our foods convert to the nourishment we provide our body with. However, sometimes despite all our efforts to keep healthy our bodies may require an additional boost. Unfortunately our body does not produce all the nutrients we need, and they cannot be obtained for certain foods either. This is where Nutritional supplements come into the picture. Read on to find out what they are, how they work, how to choose one and everything else you need to know about them!  

What are nutritional supplements and why do we need them?

While it goes without saying that a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, sufficient sleep and exercise is the key to beauty and radiance, sometimes our bodies may lack that extra nourishment. Nutritional or Dietary supplements make up for the insufficient quantities of Vitamins, Mineral or other nutritional substances that lack in our body. They by no means can act as replacements to complete meals but instead complement them by further intensifying its benefits. So, what exactly do Nutritional Supplements do and why do we need them? 

1. Overcome deficiencies

Most of us get our daily dose of nutrients through our diet but sometimes we may experience deficiencies of certain vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C, Minerals like Calcium, Iron, Zinc or even other important components as Omega that may affect our hair, nails and skin. To make up for these, nutrimental supplements are an absolute must.  

2. Fight antibodies

Supplements often contain antioxidants that fight unstable free radicals that move in a destructive manner and are naturally present in your environment and immune system. These radicals attack healthy skin cells accelerating the ageing process by damaging the structure of our cells. Antioxidants present in our dietary supplements contain stable molecules that do not mind donating one of their electrons to neutralise unstable free radicals and stop them from causing destruction.  

3. Promote general health

Due to its overall nutrient content, supplements containing certain ingredients can boost general health. For instance, those containing Vitamin D can strengthen our bones, those with Omega 3 can reduce heart diseases, Vitamin K can prevent thinning of blood and those with Vitamin E and C can prevent premature ageing and vision loss. 

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What are the signs that your body needs nutritional supplements and how to pick the right supplement for your concern?

Your body is your best friend so listen to the signs it sends you. When something does not  feel right, your body will instantly notify you by acting up! You need to be alert and take action in time to prevent irreversible damage. Early signs that indicate deficiency, will appear through our skin, hair, nails and overall health. Pick the right Supplements to improve your overall immunity with Within Nutrition.

Within Nutrition is a brand that revolves around wellness through nourishment and brings to you good health in a capsule (or rather a gummy bear, to be precise). Health should not be something we compromise on and that's exactly what this brand stands with its unique collection of supplements for different concerns. All their supplements are 100% natural, clinically tested, vegan, FSSAI approved as well as free of preservatives. Find the perfect one for you based on your concerns!

1. Concerned area: Hair

We recommend: Within Nutrition Flawless Hair Gummies that aims at nourishing your hair follicles from within to promote healthy hair growth that maintains shine and protects against breakage. They are specifically designed with essential minerals, vitamins and superfoods to treat your damaged scalp and keep your hair healthy and strong from within. The main benefit of the Within Nutrition Flawless Hair Gummies compared to other Biotin supplements is that they contain Ayurvedic herbs, essential vitamins and are 100% plant-based with the recommended RDA recommended amount.

Suitable for: Damaged, dull, dry hair, fine hair and hairfall. 

Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Biotin: One of its main components is Vitamin B found in Biotin. This helps to stimulate Keratin production in hair and can increase the rate of follicle growth. Each gummy contains 2,500 mcg of Biotin, which is the Recommended Dietary Allowance to support the production of new hair cells. 
  • Almonds: Rich in Vitamin B that supports the production of new hair cells and is responsible for healthy cell growth.
  • Stinging Nettle and Saw Palmetto: They have the natural power to block enzymes responsible for hair loss promoting thicker hair.
  • Mustard Seeds: A potent combination of Vitamin A, E along with Omega 3 Fatty acids that help to provide moisture and strengthen your hair from within my encouraging regeneration of cells.
  • Orange and Carrots: Containing antioxidants, they fight the bad guys from pollution and repair damaged hair from within.
  • Amla: This is the ultimate superfood with numerous Minerals Vitamins, Amino Acids that control hairfall and naturally condition your hair to protect it against breakage. 

Frequency of each dose: Consume 2 gummies daily for 9 weeks to start seeing the results.  

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2. Concerned area: Skin

Suitable for: All skin types 

We recommend: To maintain that radiant glow, detox your skin from within prevent acne and reduce blemishes try Within Nutrition Glowing Skin Gummies. It works from the inside and delivers the right combination of nutrients to optimise absorption and hydrate your skin to maintain a youthful glow.  

Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Almonds: Containing Vitamin A, it helps plump up, smoothen and moisturise the skin from within to help maintain a youthful glow.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: When consumed orally it helps to improve skin texture and reduces signs of ageing. It also increases the level of absorption of other products used and retains moisture keeping the skin hydrated, elastic and healthy. 
  • Hemp Seeds: Provided hydration and helps to soothe inflammation and has high amounts of Vitamin E to prevent skin from UV damage.
  • Carrots and Oranges: With their high Vitamin C contents help to fight daily pollution and helps maintain an even skin tone.
  • Pumpkin Seeds: Known mainly for its Zinc contents helps to combat acne and prevent breakouts that heals wounds and scars more rapidly.
  • Sea Buckthorn: helps the skin to heal from sunburns, chemical exposure and inflammation. It is known to nourish and revitalise the skin. 

Frequency of each dose: Consume 2 gummies daily after each a meal for 2 months to see great results.

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3. Concerned area: Overall health

Suitable for: Acne, dullness, dryness, dull hair and hairfall. 

We recommend: Within Nutrition Detox Greens is a plant based naturally green tablet that helps to detoxify and cleanse your whole body. It will give your body all the right nutrition it needs to be a healthier and better version of yourself. This helps in weight loss, improves your skin and hair health while boosting natural immunity. 

Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Spinach, Broccoli, Wheatgrass: These are fibre rich foods that cleanse toxins out through the digestive tract. They are full of antioxidants that help in overall detoxification of the body.
  • Aloe Vera: Is a water intense plant that prevents dehydration. Keeping our system hydrated helps to flush out impurities. This makes it easier to aid stool movement and reduce digestive tract problems that is the root to attaining healthy skin.
  • Spirulina: It works as an antioxidant to prevent acne and breakouts. Its anti-inflammatory problems can reduce irritation, redness and rash. It helps to increase your skin’s metabolic rate making it a great ingredient to speed up the healing process.
  • Moringa: It strengthens our skin barriers and immunity by protecting our cells from damage. This is mainly due to its high in protein content. It can improve digestion and relieve constipation. A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system which retrospectively improves hair, skin, nails and overall immunity.
  • Lemon: Unlike the other ingredients, lemons are low in fibre but they have high levels of Vitamin C that help to flush out harmful toxins out of your body. They have an alkaline effect on the body and can maintain the pH balance and aids in the digestion process.
  • Acai Berry: Another grape like fruit that acts as an antioxidant that helps to maintain young and radiant looking hair and skin. It keeps the body hydrated and strengthens the protective barrier against external aggressors. 

Frequency of each dose: Dissolve 1 table in 250 ml of water daily to see results in 6 to 8 weeks.

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Things to keep in mind while consuming supplements

Now that we know the benefits of taking Supplements, what are some important things we need to keep in mind to get maximum results? As the old saying goes too much of something good could be bad, we are here to share certain tips to remember while incorporating Nutritional Supplements into your daily lifestyle:

1. Dietary supplements cannot substitute your diet

Before starting off with your supplements ensure that you do not lax your dietary requirements. They by no means are a replacement to whole fruits and vegetables. Food provides a complex combination of micronutrients, essential fibres and antioxidants that cannot be found in Supplements. 

2. Supplements cannot be taken with certain medications

You must consult with a medical professional if you suffer from any other condition and are consuming medications specifically for those concerns. Pairing tables and supplements together without supervision could lead to unforeseen complications in your system. 

3. Must be consumed as directed before or after meals

Depending on the type of supplement you take you must follow the instructions on the label with regards to consumption before or after meals. Most supplements are taken after meals to stimulate digestion and improve absorption, others need to be taken empty stomach or with fat soluble foods.  

4. Supplements cannot cure illness

 The difference between medically prescribed tablets and Nutritional Supplements is that the latter bridges the gap between the food you consume and the nourishment your body receives. Medicines on the other hand are developed solely for the purpose of curing a specific medical concern under the guidance of healthcare professionals. 

5. Be consistent

Consistency is key to achieve successful results in all areas. Unlike antibiotics, it is okay to skip a day or two, but in order to achieve better and faster results it is important to stick to a routine and take the recommended doses in regular intervals while consuming your Nutritional Supplements. 

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An insufficient intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals can weaken our immune system. Often, simply increasing our food intakes in those deficient areas can help resolve the problem. However, if our body still lacks these components and is unable to convert our food into nourishment, Nutritional Supplements are a must have!  You this guide to achieve healthier and more radiant hair, skin and overall immunity.

- Howrah Lookmanji



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