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Gleam your skin, redeem your sin! – The worst skincare mistakes you can make

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Goofy mistakes can be excused when inadvertently performed! But what about those times we knowingly leave our makeup on or skip moisturising just out of sheer laziness? While flawless skin is a dream we hope to achieve, you do not need to invest in expensive products or skincare procedures! You can get healthier looking skin simply by avoiding these skincare blunders we all are found guilty of at some point.

What Skincare mistakes do we make and how to avoid them?

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1. Sleeping with Makeup On

No matter how lazy you may feel at the end of the day, never forget to get rid of the makeup as it can obstruct the renewal of healthy skin at night during repair mode. It is likely for you to notice premature ageing, signs of dull and tired looking skin. It can clog your pores and significantly increase acne, breakouts and inflammation.


  • If you are one of us who struggle to get out of bed, place your makeup remover near your bed side, this may compensate for the encouragement you need giving you a quick clean even on your laziest day.
  • Pay special attention to the area around your eye. Mascara, eyeliner, kohl and lashes, if not removed properly can lead to irritation caused by infections. Ohria Ayurveda Kokum and Castor Eye Makeup Cleanser uses an ancient combination of Kokum Butter, Essential Oils, Ghee and Bees wax to cleanse eye makeup and strengthen eyelashes and brows.

  • Do not forget to remove that concealer, foundation and contour power sitting on the edge of your hairline. 

2. Neglecting your Neck Area

We tend to overlook the area around our neck that can be problematic in the future due to its thin and delicate nature. Along with the eye, the neck too shows early signs of ageing since very few oil glands are found here, preventing the area to be naturally moisturised. It’s low density of connecting fibres and fatty tissues present on the neck contributes to its thinnest, making the skin sag. 


  • Extend the residual products you use on your face down to the neck. Massage it using upward motions. 
  • Incorporate a Sublime Life Jade Gua Sha in your routine to sculpt your neck, reduce signs of ageing and boost blood circulation. 

3. Using Facial Wipes

No matter how convenient it might be to pull out those face wipes and swipe all over your face, they are not good for your skin! If you are looking for something that will rejuvenate your skin while removing excess oils and dirt, face wipes are known for quite the opposite! They contain strong chemicals that can strip away your natural oils and alter the pH level of your skin causing irritation and inflammation Often, the fibres used to develop them can contaminate the environment as they are unable to naturally biodegrade.


  • Switch to Zyna Purifying & Soothing Micellar Water that can revitalise skin with its Rose water and Aloe Vera contents. This is a no-rinse cleanser and can be used simply by spraying an appropriate amount on a cotton ball and gently wiping it off. 

4. Over Cleansing

If your skin feels tight and dry after washing your face, it is time to reconcile your face wash or cleansing habits. Washing our face too frequently or using harsh products can damage your skin’s lipid barriers.



  • Use a cleanser suitable to your skin type. The TVAM Face Wash – Almond Honey is recommended for those with dry skin to remove all the dead cells with its almond scrub and moisturise the skin using honey. While the TVAM Charcoal and Green Tea Face Wash is perfect for those with oily, acne prone skin known for its antibacterial properties.

  • Wash your face not more than twice a day. Instead of increasing the frequency of washes, switch to double cleansing. This method helps to thoroughly remove the impurities settled in the skin without stripping away the essential natural oils.

5. Over Exfoliating

It is easy to ignore the sign your skin is sending you when it comes to over exfoliation as the skin will appear shiny and fresh initially, but this will last only temporarily! Within a matter of hours you will notice dryness and dull texture. Exfoliating too much can make your skin hypersensitive. It is more prone to irritation and breakouts caused by forcing removal of the outer layer even before a new layer has formed.



  • You must exfoliate in regular intervals not more than 1 to 2 times in a week depending on your skin type. 
  • Chemical exfoliators such as AHAs, BHAs and acids can be great ingredients to gently remove the dead skin sitting on the surface of your skin. It is wise to start with a chemical exfoliant once a week and then work your way up. Try Martiderm Night Renew 5 Ampoules | Smooth Skin which exfoliate, regenerate, renew the skin by increasing elasticity and encouraging product penetration. 

6. Constantly Touching Your Face

Our skin is exposed to so many different environmental pollutants on a regular basis. Touching your face can spread the dirt and grime along with bacteria from your hands onto your face, which can cause irritation and aggravate acne. 


  • Sanitise your environment regularly. Laundry your pillow cases, bed sheets, towels. Clean your phone and other devices your skin comes in direct contact with. 
  • No matter how tempting it might be, do not pop your pimples! Doing so can result in permanent acne scars. You could spread the bacteria from the infected pore to the surrounding area.

7. Following an Incorrect Order to Layer Products

Layering your products is an effective skincare technique to make the most of your products by following an order of application. Not following the correct order or applying certain repellent ingredients together might lower the efficiency or lead to irritation, inflammation or even breakouts.


  • A general rule to follow is to apply products based on their consistency. Always remember to start by using the thinnest ones such as cleaners, toners and serums and then move up to the thicker formulations such as moisturisers and sunscreens.
  • Always use water - based products before using oil – based products. The water seeps in through the skin while oil forms a protective layer. 
  • To learn more, check out our article Layer Your Player: How to get the most of your skincare products by layering, to get a better undertaking on how to get the most of your skincare routine.

8. Skipping sunscreen

Sunscreen is our biggest protectant against the harmful UVA and UVB rays that seep in through the ozone layer. They directly attack or collagen production and essential proteins responsible for firm and bouncy looking skin.


  • Do not rely on the SPF provided in your makeup or skincare. It is recommended to use at least two fingers worth of sunscreen to be efficiently protected. This means if you simply rely on your makeup, you will be using a lot more product with little to no added benefit.
  • Do not mix your SPF with your moisturiser, serums or foundation as this might alter its properties making it less effective. You should wait at least 3 to 5 minutes to allow the products to seep in before applying sunscreen. 

9. Moisturising Incorrectly

Providing hydration to our skin helps to prevent sensitivity, improve skin texture and strengthen the skin’s barrier against free radicals. It is recommended to moisturise twice daily, once in the morning and once before bed. However, we do tend to over or under moisturise our skin.


  • Those with oily skin are often misled to believe that they produce too much oil. However, to the contrary, the skin may be dehydrated and your body naturally combats this by producing excess sebum. Check out ours article on How to pick and use the right facial oil for acne prone oily skin to get a better understanding. 
  • Those with dry skin might find themselves overcompensating with their moisturiser by applying it too often or using too much product per application. Over time this may prevent the skin from producing its own moisture. It may clog the pores by leaving excess product on the surface of the skin forming a shiny layer that traps dirt and dust. Try the Paul Penders Dry Skin Relief that is best suited for long lasting hydration, making your skin feel soft and healthy.

10. Using the wrong ingredients for your AM and PM routine

The day time skincare is all about preservation and protection by blocking out the harmful UV rays and pollutants that can break down your skin’s barrier. On the other hand, the night time routine aims at repair and regeneration by stimulating collagen production and repairing the damage caused by oil, dirt and pollutants. Using the wrong ingredient at the incorrect time can simply lead to ineffectiveness and wastage.



  • During the day, use a lightweight moisturiser that absorbs in easily. Look for a product with a mattifying effect as you do not want the oils and sebum to make your face look shiny throughout the day.
  • The nights should include ingredients with performing properties such as AHA and BHA acids, Retinoids and exfoliating serums. You can use heavier and more potent products for hydration as you will not attract pollution and dirt that clogs the pores. 
  • Look for repairing products such as Martiderm Night Renew 30 Ampoules | Smooth Skin that contains a combination of all the ingredients enhances skin renewal, moisturises and improves its elasticity achieving a firm looking and uniform skin.

12. Changing Products too Soon

When we invest in a new skin product or regime we expect miracles overnight! Simply by using it for a week and then giving up on it is only going to lead to disappointment. As a general rule it takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to see results but this can vary from product to product. Our detailed article will tell you exactly how long should you wait to see results after trying new skincare products. 

13. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Our lifestyle choices directly affect the health and appearance of our skin. Smoking, alcohol and drugs can accelerate the ageing process in leaps and bounds. External influences such as working in conditions with direct exposure to sun, on the field or other daily routines too can tamper with the skin. 


  • Exercise regularly, this will improve blood circulation delivery oxygen and nutrients promote collagen production, to make the skin glow. 
  • Eat healthy foods and maintain a balanced diet. Red foods such as carrots, papaya, apricots are known to improve skin quality. Try eating Omega 3 rich foods such as fish, walnuts, flaxseed that serve to regulate the oil production and improve hydration. Remember, you are what you eat. Click here to read more about how foods affect your skin? 
  • Get good quality sleep. This will reduce stress and anxiety that directly affects the skin. It will also make the skin glow and reduce dullness, puffy eyes and dark circles. Read our article (attach beauty sleep link) that will help you get the beauty sleep you deserve. 


The art of skincare is a great tool to transform the way we use our products to get maximum benefits if used correctly.. As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. There are so many small changes we can make in our routine to avoid making the worst skincare mistakes! So it is time to gather your apologies and promise never to let your beautiful skin down again.

- Howrah Lookmanji


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