Layer your Player: How to get the most of your skin care products by Layering

Layer your Player: How to get the most of your skin care products by Layering

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In order to make the most of your skincare routine, you must understand the function of each product and the importance of layering. Layering is the process of applying the products in a set order to ensure that they can perform their role seamlessly helping you gain flawless skin in the bargain.

What is the Layering of Skincare Products?

Layering your skincare products simply means the application of the right product in a methodical manner to get maximum results. Not following the correct order or applying certain repellent ingredients together might lower the efficiency or lead to irritation, inflammation or even breakouts. To simplify this process, we have summarised the most effective technique for you to achieve radiant skin. Each individual skin type needs a customised routine for their specific skincare concerns. In order to gain maximum results from your skincare, you must layer your products in the right order. The more layers you have in your routine, the more you achieve by targeting your skin’s needs and problems. However, using too many products is not always beneficial, using the correct ones is the key. 

What are the benefits of layering?

This image shares the benefits of layering products.

A great skincare routine only takes shape when you understand the need for it. Layering is one such concept that must be brought to light. This does not mean that products by themselves are not effective enough, it simply means that certain simple amendments in your application process can go a long way.  Here are some reasons to start layering your products immediately:

  1. To allow the products to penetrate deep into the skin. Applying thicker products first will act as a barrier to products that have to soak into the skin.
  2. To increase the effectiveness and ensure that you do not combine ingredients that repel each other. Applying products that do not work together can cancel out their effectiveness and leave you with a routine with no added benefits to your skin.
  3. To reduce the risk of damage caused by causing unwanted reactions and irritation that can lead to new skin problems. You must ensure that you do not dilute the chemical formulas reducing the efficiency of the product leaving your skin vulnerable.
  4. To ensure that you are using the right products for your specific concerns. Do not pile up your face with unnecessary products. Adding more products does not accelerate the treatment process. Overdoing the products can simply lead to a waste of time and financial resources. If your skin does not need a certain product, it is best to avoid using it. Do not force it in just to stick by the rules.

What is the correct order to layer your products?

This image shows the correct order to layer products.

The layering of skincare is all about making the most of your products regardless of the complexity or simplicity of your routine. We suggest choosing the appropriate layering process depending on the time of the day. In other words, your day time routine focuses on protecting and preventing your skin from damage, while your nighttime routine aims at repairing and regenerating. We have broken down the products stepwise to get maximum results while layering.

1. Cleanser

Before you start, always cleanse. This is always the first step regardless of which routine, may it be morning routine, night routine, makeup removal routine, post-workout routine, etc. Do not avoid this step at any cost. You can double cleanse by first using an oil-based cleanser such as the Coccoon Silk Appeal Cleansing Oil, followed by a formula/gel-based cleanser such as the Swisse Manuka Honey Daily Glow Foaming Cleanser. Gently massage it into your skin to lather and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

This is an image of Swisse Manuka Honey Daily Glow Foaming Cleanser on

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2. Toner

Using a toner in your skincare routine helps to reduce the size of pores, works as a defence against impurities that try to seep into the skin, balances the pH levels and tightens the cell gap post-cleansing. It preps the face for the products to be added and can act as a great delivering agent. You can use Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner by tapping the product into your skin.

3. Serum

They are highly concentrated formulas composed of active ingredients to target each specific concern of your skin. There is a serum available for almost any skin problem. The tiny molecules are designed to penetrate into the deepest layer of skin reducing signs of ageing, the appearance of pores, dullness, smoothing the surface and providing hydration by retaining moisture. For night time we recommend using Martiderm Night Renew 10 Ampoules | Smooth Skin and for the day Shankara Brightening Serum and Coccoon Round the Clock Glow Combo (Hydrating Night Serum + Restoring Day Cream) or Ilana Organics Brightening Skin Serum (Papaya + Lemon) through the day. 

This is an image of Martiderm Night Renew 10 Ampoules Serum | Smooth Skin on

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4. Eye cream

As the skin under our eyes is extremely delicate, we must keep it moisturised all the time to prevent premature ageing, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles or puffiness. It is this area that gets affected first and shows dullness or signs of fatigue. Using an eye cream such as Nature Trail AM To PM Under Eye Cream can help reduce the damages.

This is an image of Nature Trail AM To PM Under Eye Cream on

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5. Moisturiser

Applying a moisturiser helps boost hydration and nourishes the skin. It reduces dryness, flakiness, dullness, oiliness and forms a protective layer. It is recommended to moisturise twice daily, once in the morning and once before bed. We recommend using Suganda Rosehip Moisturiser (Unscented)
 or Shankara Balance Moisturiser.

This is an image of Suganda Rosehip Moisturiser (Unscented) on

Read more about moisturisers here.

6. Sunscreen

The sun’s radiation is harmful, and UVA and UVB rays can cause various skin concerns such as premature ageing, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, discolouration or even skin cancer. To protect your skin from them, you must apply sunscreen everyday, regardless of time of the day, weather or location. The  Paul Penders Herbal Sun Prosperity is a great product for sun protection.

This is an image of Paul Penders Herbal Sun Prosperity on

What are the Do's and Don’ts of layering your skincare products?

    This image depicts the Do's and Don'ts of layering


    Before you start your application of products by layering there are certain guidelines that you must follow:

    1. Do apply the products based on their consistency. Always remember to apply the thinnest ones such as cleaners, toners and serums and then move up to the thickest such as moisturisers and sunscreens.

    2. Do use water-based products before using oil-based products. The water seeps in through the skin while oil forms a protective layer.

    3. Do follow the order of application.

    4. Do not mix products to combine steps or skip them. Though this might seem tempting, mixing products can dilute their substance reducing their efficiency. Products like sunscreen must be applied as a layer to protect your skin.

    5. Do not apply too many products. This will not accelerate your skin treatment but on the other hand, might cause unwanted reactions or cancel the effect of each other. So beware of the ingredients and their nature with relation to one another.


      Starting a skincare routine can be very confusing. The elongated list of products available in the market today can be confusing and almost make it a daunting task to form a regimen that suits your skin type and concerns. It is important to be aware of products that must be included and the order in which they must be applied. There is no use of applying everything all at once. To get maximum benefits from your skincare routine you should follow the guidelines and enjoy the process. 

      - Howrah Lookmanji 

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