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How can makeup be both - easy & breezy?

Get the most perfect, easy to ace makeup look here!

Ever applied makeup and it feels too heavy and cakey? Ever felt your base makeup gone too cakey? It doesn’t feel great at all. No one likes a heavy makeup look - that’s for sure! It leads to fine lines and wrinkles showing up more prominently and that’s not a pretty sight. With a plethora of so many easy, lightweight makeup options in the market now, it’s just become so easy for everyone to ditch the makeup options that don’t let your skin breathe.

Easy, breezy, lightweight makeup ensures your skin stays free of problems such as breakouts, acne and rough textured skin. Heavy makeup sits on your face like no one’s business resulting in clogged pores, rough, patchy skin and even acne. Your skin won’t be able to breath resulting in blocked pores. 

But don't confuse a full face of makeup with a heavy makeup look. Even a full face of makeup can be airy, light and feel so refreshing. You can use products starting from primer to a lipstick and still get that lightweight, done-to-perfection look. Remember, the final look always depends on the way you apply makeup, the products you use, and also somewhat of how much makeup you apply. But, we’ll tell you that the final look doesn’t need to look burdened or heavy. 

But, have you ever thought about how to achieve the perfect & lightweight look to flaunt within minutes?  Well, there are no rules and regulations in makeup but there’s always hacks. Choose the right kind of products and learn the right skills to ace any look you want to create.  

Here are a few steps that you can follow to achieve a super blended and lightweight makeup look.

1. Never Forget To Moisturise

Skincare comes first! It’s important. Making sure your face is properly hydrated before any application of makeup is imperative.This ensures a smooth base and preps your face before you go ahead with applying any makeup product. Lightweight, moisturising toners, serums also aid in better spreadability and blendability of makeup essentials that follow. Try applying the Suganda Rosehip Moisturiser that’s super lightweight, strengthens skin barrier and provides a nice amount of hydration. 


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2. Always Prime

After your skin is moisturised, go for a primer and use a small amount to apply gently on your face. It gives you a smooth face base and reduces budghing. It also smoothes out pores and creates a canvas for your makeup to stay put for a long period of time.

3. Ace Your Base

Creating a smooth, even base for other makeup products to follow is super important. Using base products like foundation, compact, bronzer or contour in the right order and correctly to get the perfect glowing look is what we are talking about. You can also ditch the heavy moisturisers and go for a CC cream or a BB cream that will give you the kind of coverage that you want without feeling intensely heavy on your face.

- Start by applying a foundation or concealer, or a BB cream or CC cream and gently dab it onto your skin using a sponge or brush. Remember, it’s dab and not drag. Tap it into your skin so that it nicely sits on your face but gives a flawless and luminous appearance and doesn’t clog your pores. One layer is enough but if you wish to and want more coverage, apply another layer in the same process so that it doesn’t look tacky. The right product to fit all these claims is the Ilana Soft Blur Cream Concealer & Foundation that blurs out all your imperfections with no added weight. You can always set it with a compact or setting powder or continue as it is. 


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- Add on contour or bronzer to give your face added definition and to get a perfect chiseled look. Bronzer adds in some warmth while contour brings definition. However, start by applying it on your temples and below cheeks and blend it upwards for the beautifully sculpted and luminous finish. Making sure it’s nicely blended in and in upward direction is the key here. Follow it up with a blush to give your cheeks a natural flush of colour that looks vibrant and popping. If you’re using a powder blush, tap your brush on the product and swipe it on the apples of your cheeks and in the case of a liquid one, apply some dots and start blending it to perfection. Powder or liquid - make sure you don’t spread it all over your face as that might look over the top. Use the lightest amount to get a gorgeous look. You can use the Ilana POP Tint which is everybody’s favourite. It adds a very sweet & subtle flush of colour and doesn’t look tacky. While using these products, you can go for the more powdered ones instead of the cream based ones to avoid the cakey feel on your face.

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- Highlight right! Swirl the brush around your highlighter lightly and brush it on the highest points of your cheeks. Take the smallest amount and you’ll be fine. That itself is enough to make you look like an illuminated goddess. 

4. Enhance Your Eyes

Starting from the only mascara to a simple smokey eye, we’ve got you covered. You can add the kind of drama you like on your eyes. Just add in a smudge-proof kajal on your waterline, a dash of mascara and a smooth fine precise line of eyeliner and you're done. That’s why we’ve curated this special combo just for you all. The Eye See Glam Eye Essentials Set that gives your eyes the definition and drama they need. 

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5. Finish With A Lipstick

I don’t need lipstick” - Said no girl ever. Lipsticks are one of the best makeup products, just one swipe and you’re done pouting out loud. It adds a pop of colour and accentuates your lips. But a lipstick has to be hydrating, long lasting and highly pigmented. That’s why, the perfect pick for you will be Gush Beauty Play Paint Lipsticks that come in such amazing shades, are lightweight, do not dry out your lips and the best part? Stay for a long period of time.

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With these tips to create an effortless makeup look anytime and anywhere, there’s no denying that you’re going to look fabulous and make heads turn wherever you go. 

- Eshita Sharma

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