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Here’s How You Can Get A Clean, Lightweight And Smooth Base.

Has anyone ever told you that your makeup base looks cakey or tacky and there’s nothing you could do about it because it was true? One of the worst cases that can happen to anybody. Instead of feeling bad about it, you can ace your way through it and be a makeup master. To be honest, makeup has no set of rules and regulations and thus it becomes easier for us to learn the way. There’s just one thing you can do and needs some practice - blending! In that way only, you can say it’s so well done and won’t hear any negative comments. 

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We completely agree that makeup is something you do for yourself. There’s no denying about it and you can do however you live it - bold or subtle. But there’s only one thing you need to keep in mind during the whole process of makeup and that’s blending. After that, you can do your base with no order and there’s no need to follow any set of rules! Makeup is fun and that’s the best part about it - you can do however you like it. You can slap in a full face of makeup including full coverage foundation to concealer to loose powder and whatnot and go for subtle one too and use less products with less quantity. There’s always a way or other. But how do we ace the base? Let’s figure it out

1. First, Skincare - 

Even while prepping your face, you need to make sure you’ve completed your skincare. Makeup sits better on your face when your skin is fully prepped. Starting with a cleanser, wipe out any dirt or grime present and then move ahead with moisturising. Hydration is the key here. If your skin is not drenched into hydration, makeup can dry it out more leading to skin problems. And the thing to note here is - makeup works and looks better when you’re cleansed and hydrated both. Sublime recommends the Shankara Everyday Hydration Combo that has a cleanser that cleanses gently, does not rip off excess oil and a moisturiser that hydrates, balances sebum production and provides a cooling sensation

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2. Prime - 

Using a primer is essential. It makes your face smooth and ready for the rest of the products that’ll come up. Primers not only set up your skin but also moisturises, which is a plus point. It even makes sure your makeup stays for a long period of time. If you have a lot of open pores, silicon based primers are best for you. They keep the surface of your skin smooth and the makeup glides on easily as well. We love the Gush Beauty Glow Getter Moisturiser that not only primes your face, but adds a hint of moisturisation too.

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3. Base - Foundation, Concealer, Compact/Loose Powder, Blush & Contour.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that cream products don’t go over powders. It’s always recommended to first apply cream or liquid based products and then top it over with powders. Foundations and concealers. Both of these are used to cover up imperfections. Especially foundations. They form up the base and cover your whole face. Concealers however, can be used for two reasons - to highlight or conceal. Areas such as under eyes need extra attention due to uneven colour. A Concealer can hide all these imperfections and also highlight and brighten them up. The only thing to remember is not to over use the product, the slightest amount works and blending it up is necessary so that it doesn't look cakey. We always look up to the Ilana Soft Blur Cream Concealer + Foundation that gives the right amount of coverage that covers up imperfections, blends easily and has a nice texture. 

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Setting the creams and liquid with a powder is needed to remove creasing. If not done, it might even look greasy. Compact or loose powders, whatever you prefer, just make sure a little dusting over your face does the job. Tap the product onto your skin and you’ll be done. 

Next comes blush and contour. If these two are in liquid or cream formula, apply it before compact or loose powder to avoid mishaps. Blushes are applied on the apples of your cheeks to reveal that flush of colours while contours are used to define your face shape. However, both of these need to be blended upwards. Blending them downstairs will ruin the look and look tacky as well. Another thing to note is not to layer it up. Layer diminishes the look blushes and contour gives. One application is enough to give your face colour and definition. One of the favourites is Gush Beauty Face Palette that blends in easily, isn’t heavy on skin and gives a soft finish. 

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4. Finally, Setting it up.

When your base is done, it’s necessary to use a setting spray. The reason being, as the name suggests, it sets up your makeup and makes it sit nicely for long hours. Setting spray ensures there’s no smudging of makeup and it stays intact the whole time. Setting sprays are mostly lightweight so you won’t even feel it on your skin. Besides, a spritz or two adds to the longevity of makeup. It locks in your makeup and you’re then set free from re-applying it the whole day. 

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- Aparna Das

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