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How to take care of your hair after pool sessions?

The right hair care routine after a dip in the swimming pool

We all love pool parties. That goes without saying actually. Pool parties make you feel relaxed and you get to enjoy a bit too. If not that, whenever we go to a nice resort, we often hit the pool asap and spend a lot of time over there. It becomes a relaxing day, doesn’t it? And we all enjoy the feels. Whether or not you go to pool parties, you often spend your vacation or staycation nearby and can’t deny the fact that it’s pleasant. Spending time in water, swimming or just staying at the corner and sitting and eating is also considered a dip worthwhile.

But what about the effects that come with it? How it tans up your skin and most importantly - how it gets your hair to be so rough and hard that even your comb screams for some moisture. Yes, if you were unaware of this, there’s a lot of damage that comes with your so-called leisure time and it has an adverse effect on your hair. Spending time, money and products on your hair just to see them at a stage like this? Nah, not happening. 

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Luckily, there are things you can do to save your precious hair and get it back to their normal and smooth state and guess what? It’s fairly simple. A couple of right products, with the right ingredients will get you back to your happy hair state. 

1. Swimming Caps

You saw this coming, didn’t you? Swimming caps offer the best amount of protection to your hair. They’re great for blocking chlorine in your hair. It prevents it from getting inside in the first place so there’s no question of applying products and taking care of it afterwards since there’s no harmful chemicals penetrating your hair.

2. Leave-in-conditioner

Applying a leave-in conditioner on your hair before you step into the pool is helpful too. It creates a protective layer and lowers down the damage level compared. If not this, applying a conditioner and getting your hair wet before pool does the job too. Both these methods create an oily barrier around your hair that minimises the absorption of chlorine water. Our most loved Ashba Botanics Leave In Conditioner gives the right balance of moisture, protection and condition to your hair.

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3. Masking

When you see your hair is getting rough, it’s always better to take an extra measure to avoid hassles. Masking here can refer to both - applying a mask right before you step into shower or when you come back. Masks are generally used to deeply condition your hair and for intensive treatments. Chlorine water has the ability to damage your hair and thus it’s recommended to use a mask right before you wash your hair. To do all of this, you can use the True Frog Deep Conditioning Mask that works from roots to tips, intensely hydrated and rebalances the moisture.

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4. Shampoo

Right after swimming, you need to rinse your hair immediately. Make sure you use a hydrating shampoo that not only gives your hair the intense hydration it needs but clarifies it. Rinsing off your hair with a shampoo post swimming or pool sessions makes sure it’s free of dirt and grime, nourishes your hair and brings back the lost moisture. The Manetain Oh so Clean! Clarifying Shampoo nourishes and clarifies your scalp with all the dirt and grime picked up from the pool with this shampoo that also exfoliates scalp without drying.

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5. Conditioner

This step is by far one of the most important. The reason being conditioners are well known for smoothing out your hair, bringing in nourishment and shine and packs your hair with hydration - something you need after dipping your hair in chlorine water. It even makes your hair manageable and with one wash, you can already see the shine and smoothness of your hair. You can never go wrong with the Best Life Argan Nourish Conditioner that is great for melting tangles and adding in the lustre and shine.

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6. Serum

Finally, the last thing you can do to take care of your hair is apply a serum and let it air dry then. No use of tools or just, just apply two-three drops of serum into your tresses and let it control your frizzy hair, make it manageable, reduce tangles and add in shine and lustre. One hair care product that fits here perfectly is the Detoxie Dry & Damage Repair Sun Block Hair Serum that helps hair look thicker, fuller, denser and healthier and is extremely light and non greasy. 

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-Aparna Das

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