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Importance of a toner in your skincare regimen

Have you ever wondered why your makeup or skincare products are not showing you successful results even though you are following all the rules? More often than not your skincare routine is missing a toner - one of the most underrated products in the skincare regime. A toner is a fast-penetrating liquid that boosts your skin and gives it the ultimate hydration, further removing impurities and dead skin without the usage of harsh chemicals. Sounds like a wonder, right? Let us understand how! 

What is a Toner? 

A toner is a light weight, water-based liquid used to rejuvenate the skin without stripping its natural oils. Traditionally toners were Alcohol-based and hence have been disregarded. However, modern-day toners are the magic ingredient to fresh and healthy skin. Its main function is to prep your skin to soak in products that follow, giving you maximum results. Also, toners help to get rid of any residual dirt particles stuck within your pores after cleansing. Overall, the main benefit of using a toner daily is that it helps to reduce the appearance of pores and tighten the skin.

Why should you Incorporate a toner in your skincare routine? 

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Often you might hear that using a toner is subjective and not a mandatory step to follow in your skincare regimen. However, avoiding to do so is an opportunity lost as toners are great products to get the most of your active ingredients. A few of the benefits of using a toner are listed below: 

1. Cleanses out residual makeup or dirt

Toners help to deep clean dirt, oils and impurities deep within the pores and are more efficient than using cleanser alone. This leaves the skin protected against environmental stressors. 

2. Minimises appearance of pores

Large pores are a common sign of oily or mature skin. The oils get trapped in dead skin. It is important to treat visible pores as soon as you notice them. Pores that are left untreated will weaken the pore walls leaving them vulnerable to impurities. Toners help to reduce the appearance of pores. 

3. Prepares the skin

After you cleanse your face, it is left dry. Think of it as a dried - up sponge. It will not soak up any product that follows, cancelling out its function. This can be solved by adding a toner in your ritual. Your skin will be prepped to boost the effects of the skincare products to follow.  

4. Balances the pH level of your skin

Cleansing your face strip of the necessary oils leaving it bare and dry. Toners have a pH level that is neutral or slightly acidic in nature to help your skin balance the alkaline effect post-cleansing.

5. Prevent ingrown hair

Using a toner can prevent ingrown hair growth from occurring in the first place. Target the specific area with the ingrown hair popping up, by gently applying a toner to the area. One of the primary functions of a toner is also to reduce inflammation and redness. Using a toner with ingredients such as Aloe, Witch hazel, Allantoin or Willow bark will have a soothing effect to reduce the harsh effect of the razor.

6. Corrects premature signs of ageing

Using a toner with antioxidants can soothe your skin and blemish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As pollution can make our skin look older, a toner can form a thin film to prevent pollutants from settling in the pores.

How should you choose the correct toner for specific skin concerns? 

Understanding your skin type and its related concerns are the first step to healthy skin. Using the wrong products can cause irritation, breakouts and premature ageing. In order to achieve youthful and healthy skin incorporate the correct toner to get a successful outcome. Here is a list of toners to we recommend to combat common skin concerns: 

1. Dry and dull skin

Toners have a soothing effect to reduce flaking and irritation. Moisturising toners still help to cleanse the skin further without removing the skin's natural oils. These help to relieve dry and dull skin. The toner you use should boost the level of absorption, allowing your moisturiser to penetrate even deeper into your skin. Try using Dear Klairs Hydrating Water to help soothe, purify and cool tired skin.

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2. Acne-Prone Oily skin

Toners prove to be most beneficial and necessary for those with oily, acne - prone skin. They help to further unclog pores by removing any dirt or impurities settled in the skin after cleansing. People with oily skin should look for ingredients that have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. We recommend the Conscious Chemist Porology Toner.

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3. Pigmentation

For those facing discolouration in skin and uneven skin tones, using a toner can be a vital part of your hyperpigmentation treatment. It also helps to reduce the appearance of post-acne scars, dark spots, or sun spots. Using Zyna Multi-Active Brightening & Rejuvenating Toner will refine your pores and nourish your skin, making your skin velvety smooth and gorgeously radiant. 

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4. Mature Skin

As we get older, the metabolism of our cells becomes slower. Collagen is produced at a reduced rate in. This makes the skin saggy and loose, reducing its elasticity and increases the appearance of prominent fine lines and wrinkles. Sapphire Botanics Dew – Floral Mist is the perfect solution for this concern. It is packed with rich antioxidants and vitamins that help boost collagen production and promote radiant youthful skin. 

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What is the difference between a toner and other skin products?

In recent years we have been introduced to so many different skincare products which may make you wonder if it would really make a difference to substitute them or skip the step entirely. We will run you through some of the most common products and how they are different from a toner. 

1. Cleanser Vs Toner

The main difference between a cleanser and toner is that cleansers wash off  the impurities on the surface of your skin while toners penetrate into your pores to deep clean the impurities left unidentified by the cleanser without stripping of the essential oils. Before we wash our face, the oils and dirt make it acidic. Once we use a cleanser it leans more towards its alkaline nature. Hence, to restore the pH balance you must dab some toner on a cotton and apply it to your face.

2. Serum Vs Toner

A serum is a concentrate compound of active ingredients to perform specific functions while toners hydrate and balance your skin. If you target a certain area of your skin, a serum may be the thing for you. However, if you want to get the most of the serum, you must put on some toner to prep your skin to absorb the serum into your pores.

3. Moisturiser Vs Toner

Moisturisers are used to hydrate your skin. It forms a layer on the surface of your face. In order for them to work they must penetrate into your pores here is where toners come in the picture. Some toners are humectants, which means they attract moisture and perfectly complement the function of your moisturiser.

4. Essence Vs Toner

To put it simply, a toner is the final step in cleansing and an essence is the first step in treatment. Essence are less concentrated versions of serums and target specific skin concerns. Toners, focus more on locking in moisture after cleansing to provide extra hydration. Many skin essences can help to add in an extra layer of hydration for dehydrated skins and are great for priming the face for makeup.

5. Makeup Remover Vs Toner

Using a makeup remover cannot be used as a substitute to a tonner. Toners restore the skin’s pH balance while makeup remover is basically helpful to remove makeup from your face. You can use a toner after you remove your makeup and not the other way round. 


    It is best to use a toner during both your morning and night routine, right after you wash your face and just before you apply serum, moisturiser or sunscreen.. During the day it will help remove the excess sebum produced in the night and in the evening it will help to balance pH levels. Now that you understand the benefits and importance of using a toner, incorporate an effective toner into your skincare routine and see noticeable outcomes. Regardless of your skin concern or skin type, using a toner is sure to make a positive difference. So, choose a toner of your choice and tone away

      -Howrah Lookhmanji

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