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Know Kriti Sanon's perfect hair care routine!

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Long, lustrous hair is one of the first things someone will notice about you. One of the most important indicators of overall body health is the state of your hair. Poorly managed hair can have split ends, frizziness, and dryness, which is neither good for your scalp's health nor your confidence. 

We tend to compare ourselves to celebrities. We ponder quietly, “How do they have such good hair?” Given their profession, they style their hair frequently. Their on-screen presence and demeanour are carried by the confidence they exude because of the way they style themselves. 

One such celebrity is our beloved Kriti Sanon! We can’t stop gushing over how long and luscious Kriti’s locks are. We’re sure that even her hair must be facing excessive dryness, damage, and hair fall due to her styling products. 

But her hair routine is still one that is happy and healthy! Let’s understand how! 

Meet Nyumi’s Happy Hair Gummies!

Kriti’s top pick, Nyumi Happy Hair Gummies is a perfect blend of Western and Indian ingredients like biotin, choline, isothiocyanate, zinc, selenium, and amla. It's also vegan, gluten-free, and doesn't contain any artificial flavours.

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These miniature sweet treats are vibrant, come with fruity flavours, and promise nourished and healthier hair. A daily intake of two gummies can help increase the thickness and length of your hair while also preventing damage and poor scalp health!

3 extra benefits of flavourful gummies

These are a few benefits that make these gummies stand out when compared to vitamin pills. 

1. While the taste of vitamin pills isn't fruity and flavourful, Nyumi hair gummies contain no nasty aftertaste. These come in fruity flavours like Strawberry! 
2. You don’t need to swallow these – they’re easy to chew!
3. These gummies work wonders on your skin and nails – ingredients like Biotin can keep your nails from getting chipped and brittle. Sweet Amla also contributes to collagen synthesis and prevents premature greying. 

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Like other individuals, Kriti is super happy with these gummies since they give her the desired hair care results. But is this the only step of her haircare routine? No! There are several things she has to do to make sure her hair is healthy and happy all day! 

A few steps that all of us can take in order to ensure that our hair is in good condition are as follows:

1. Take a break from heat-styling products 

It's better to let your hair air dry. Your hair loses moisture when you blow dry which increases the risk of hair breakage. Naturally drying, without heat keeps your hair healthy and lustrous. 

Embrace your natural hair. Refrain from using a straightener or curler whenever you can. If you feel that there are no other options, try out different hairstyles with your natural hair like braids, twists, and buns!

2. Eat a protein-rich diet

A healthy way of consuming food can also keep your hair strong and shiny. A meticulously planned meal like a hearty breakfast, protein-rich lunch, and light dinner is simple and healthy. Acidic foods can contribute to hair loss and weak scalp health. Essential fatty acids, especially omega-3s, play a key role in the health of your skin, hair, and nails. You should eat some of these foods, which are rich in omega-3 like fatty fish, flaxseeds, leafy vegetables, and more.

Additionally, consuming protein supplements also brings in the correct balance of essential nutrients like Vitamin B, C, and Iron.

3. Oil your hair before shampooing 

Similar to our skin, healthy hair requires a mix of different oils. Use an oil-based hair treatment to replenish moisture when the weather and styling products damage your hair. To rapidly revive dry, damaged hair, pick a leave-in conditioner that is lightweight. For everyday moisture replenishment and protection, apply nourishing hair oil to the ends of your hair.

Regularly massaging your scalp will help to improve blood flow and revive your roots. Give your scalp a nutritional boost by combining it with a scalp treatment. This will be particularly helpful if you have a dry scalp.

4. Deep condition your tresses 

Moisture retention is key. To restore moisture and fight the effects of hot styling tools and interior heating, use a leave-in conditioner once per week. When your hair is exposed to chilly weather, static hair is frequently the result. 

5. Use a hair mask once a week 

Whether it's through heat styling or exposure to the outdoors, we put a lot of stress on our hair which seriously harms your hair. Using a hair mask is helpful since it can lessen hair breakage and make your hair feel healthy. 

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Consider hair care masks to be a more potent version of conditioners. They have similar benefits, such as deeply nourishing and strengthening hair. Unlike your regular shampoo or conditioner, the hair mask will spend more time soaking into and nurturing hair with just one application. 

It’s easy to have a hair care routine like Kriti Sanon. Make Nyumi Hair Gummies part of your routine, and this year will be full of nothing but good hair days for you! Let us know if you try them out below!

- Salonee Salian

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