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Restore, Repair, Rebalance - All about Hair Masks

Our hair is subjected to so many different environment pollutants, damaging rays and free radicals on a daily basis. It's easy to overlook our hair in our busy daily routine, leading to months of negligence. Moreover, we subject our hair to harmful chemical treatments and heat styling for temporary satisfaction. Every time you reach for those curling tongs, want to give yourself a hair makeover using colour and highlights or deprive it from nourishment due to sheer ignorance, remember you are pushing your hair to its limits by permanently damaging its natural texture and health. It is vital to add back those missing components using Hair masks. They are the perfect product meant to improve the quality and health of your hair by providing hydration, nourishment and all good things.


As the famous saying goes, just a little bit can go a long way. Hair masks are an absolute must have for us modern day women (or even men for that matter). Our constant exposure to harmful elements present in our surrounding can damage the hair fibres and its proteins from within. This can lead to dry, dull and lifeless looking hair with a rough surface texture and decreased lustre. This can make our hair brittle and stiff affecting its natural strength and elasticity allowing it to snap off easily. Apart from providing various treatments, hair masks also help to boost hydration, repair damaged hair and leave you with healthy, beautiful hair. Its nurturing nature finds its properties from various oils, butter and conditioning remedies to bring out the best! To provide that extra care and nourishment you must incorporate hair masks into your regular beauty routine. Here are a few benefits of using a hair mask:

1. Reverses Hair Damage:

Your hair gets permanently damaged when dead cells accumulate on the surface. If your ends look shabby, you start noticing split ends, easy breakage or even if your hair looks worn out, you are experiencing a case of damaged hair. Hair masks contain the necessary ingredients to nourish your shafts and reverse any hair damage by noticeable measures.

2. Provides Moisture:

Dry brittle hair is a common concern we might face. Using a hair mask will bring back that moisture by locking in the water. They normally contain emollients and humectants like Glycerine that can help water penetrate into the innermost layer of your hair known as the Cortex.

3. Protection against Environmental Hazards:

Not only does air and dust pollution affect the quality of your hair but can also take a toll on your scalp affecting its roots. This can cause irritation and scalp conditions in addition to damaging your beautiful tresses. Using the right hair mask will protect your hair and cleanse away the accumulated dirt leaving you with fresh and lively hair. 

4. Self-Care:

It is a great method to pamper yourself every once in a while. It gives you a wonderful spa like experience for those on a budget. What better way to spend a Saturday evening than spending some quality me-time to reconnect with yourself!

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With so many different masks available in the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed by choice. It is important to understand your main concern and find the appropriate product. Simply using any product that grabs your attention will not give you satisfying results. We have listed down how to choose the right hair mask to target each of your varied hair concerns: 

1. Dandruff:

This is basically a cumulation of scalp oils and dead skin bonding together that causes the skin on the scalp to flake. Flawsome Dense Intense Exfoliating & Deep Cleansing Hair Mask gently removes depositions and soothes flaky scalp. It contains Kaolin Extract, Acai Seed Powder & Activated Charcoal that deep cleans the scalp and removes greasiness, while walnut, menthol & ginger extracts soothe any irritation. Also contains shea butter, argan oil & coconut oil for itch free smoothness. 

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2. Hair Fall:

Caused due to various reasons such as hormonal change, stress, dirty scalp and many more is mainly experienced on the scalp. Prakriti Herbals Hair Rejuvenator Amla Shikakai Brahmi Bhringraj Hair Mask is a nourishing formulation with its key ingredient being Herbal Amla known to stimulate hair growth along with Shikakai that helps to detangle hair softly to reduce breakage. 

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3. Dry and Dull Hair:

Excessive hair washing or using harsh hair shampoos and conditioners can take away the natural shine of your hair. Barley or Yava is the secret ingredient used 13,000 years ago to restore the lost protein of your hair. Sova Yava & Rosemary Intense Repair Hair Mask is formulated using this ancient mix of Barley and rosemary to repair dry and damaged hair, leaving it glossy and healthy. 

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4. Frizzy Hair:

Dehydrated hair that lacks moisture will often experience frizziness. To live a fizz free live we recommend you to try the Detoxie Keratin Repair & Shine Restore Strengthening Hair Mask. This cream based mask, will repair and protect your hair from regular urban damages of pollution, sun exposure, dull, weak and frizzy hair. Enriched with Japanese Matcha, Argan Oil, Grape Seed Oil this rich hair mask will nourish your hair deeply. 

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5. Colour Protection:

To ensure that your hair colour does damage your hair due to exposure to UV rays and to prevent early fading we recommend you to use True Frog Deep Conditioning Mask that can enhance your hair with optimum colour and last longer giving you vibrant looking hair. It contains Beetroot, Chia seeds and Linseed Extract known to protect coloured hair. 

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6. Volumising:

Greasy hair often lacks volume making it look flat and worn out.  Coccoon Nourishing Hair Mask with Olive Oil, Green Tea & Apple will add back strength and shine using Olive Oil that works wonders when it comes to hair volume. It will improve your hair texture making it appear fuller and thicker while softening your scalp. It also contains Green Tea due its antibacterial properties makes a great volumiser by reducing hair loss caused by bacteria development on the scalp and promotes hair growth. 

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7. Shrubby Ends :

Shrubby Ends that make the hair look brittle and frayed are caused due to harsh cold and dry weather. Your hair is more prone to splitting and breaking off.  Ilana Organics Deep Conditioning Hair Mask (Mango + Cedar) contains Mango that has antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that can protect the hair from its surrounding environment to reduce split ends. Argan oil. on the other hand, restores its smoothness and seals split ends with its Fatty Acids and Vitamin E contents. 


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    8. Hair Damage:

    This is caused when aggressors such as heat styling, harsh chemical treatments such as hair colour and perms, wearing high hats, caps or scarfs can attack your hair cuticles, which is the outermost protective layer of your hair. Juicy Chemistry Sacha Inchi, Argan & Mango Butter Hair Mask. Is a natural remedy to repair your hair’s inner health leaving them soft, nourished and beautiful. It is a combination of Sacha Inchi, Carnauba Wax, various butters and oils that can help restore damaged hair.

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    Despite using the current hair mask for your hair, you may feel disappointed when you do not achieve your desired result. Do you feel like your hair mask is letting you down? This is purely due to incorrect usage of the product. Many of us simply apply our hair masks as a conditioner while taking a shower. However, the right way to apply it is very different. Here are a few tips for you to follow to get the most of your hair mask: 

    a)  Application Method:

    • Step 1: While each mask has its only specific application time for optimum results this is a generic method to follow while using a hair mask. 
    • Step 2: Apply a generous amount of product gently on damp hair after shampoo. Generally, the procedure set herewith is followed, however certain masks may require application before shampooing to work better. Therefore, It is important to follow the directions given on the label to achieve maximum results. 
    • Step 3: Concentrate on the area between the middle of your hair to its tips. Avoid the roots unless specially mentioned in the instructions.  
    • Step 4: Distribute the mask evenly and massage hair for 20 minutes.
    • Step 5: Follow up by combing your hair and using a steamer or wrapping your hair in a warm towel for 10 minutes. This will open up the pores and allow the product to penetrate even deeper. 
    • Step 6: Use lukewarm water to rinse out the mask thoroughly. 
    • Step 7: Lock in the benefits of the mask by using a conditioner. Let it sit for approximately 5 minutes before rinsing it off. 

    b)  Frequency of Use: 

    • For dry, frizzy, damaged hair: Once a week. 
    • Oily hair: Once every three weeks 
    • Normal Hair: Once every two weeks

        c)   Other Tips: 

      • Not knowing when to use your mask can give you little to no results at all. Always remember to wash your hair first with shampoo before applying your mask. Later apply a conditioner to seal the product in. Shampoo opens the hair cuticles accelerating absorption, if you use the mask before shampooing, you will rinse off the benefits of the product. 
      • For maximum benefit, you can mix your hair mask with any plant based oil such as Coconut, Castor or Argan oil You should maintain a 2:1 ratio of hair mask to oil and whisks the two components together. Massage it in, targeting each section of hair separately. Leave it on for approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Rinse your hair with shampoo and conditioner to get the excess grease out. 
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      Our hair is constantly exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun, dirt, dust and various other elements present in our environment. In addition, we subject our hair to heat, colour and chemical treatments that can affect the quality of our hair adversely. In order to make up for months of negligence, we must remember to use a hair mask every once in a while to restore our beautiful and lustrous tresses.


      -Howrah Lookhmanji

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