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Rosemary Essential Oil : Why you need to include this multifaceted ingredient in your skincare routine

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Your next go to product to achieve healthy and glowing skin

It’s always hard to find a wonderful ingredient that not only works for hydration and moisturisation but even includes skin concern. Acne, eczema, dark spots and others are some of the major concerns that need to be covered. Rosemary, however, has stood up to all of them and covered these problems and more. Having this ingredient in your routine is always a plus. Read more to know about the uses and benefits of rosemary essential oil.

Doesn't matter what the season is, skin drying or getting extremely oily is always an issue. It just never seems to stop or go out of the way. Having your skin on extremes with no solution and nothing to try on is a big problem. Patchy, oily, dull and dry skin are something you’ll find every second person going through. That's when Rosemary Essential Oil comes to our rescue, to fight off dull particles and make your skin look healthy and glowing throughout. Rosemary for skin is used widely around. 

Rosemary, also known as 'Gulmehendi' in India, is a shrub native to the Mediterranean region, found abundantly specifically around the sea, hillside and in windy regions. The beautiful looking fragrant evergreen herb of the mint family has needle-like leaves with flowers of shades such as white, pink, purple or blue is what makes it eye-catching whereas the leaves give an ombre effect. These are about 3 inches or less from the stem and might continue till it reaches 5 inches. The top of the plant is where everything lies and what makes it worthwhile. With a very muted fragrance, it is actually transparent or pale yellow in shade. Rosemary essential oils can be used for a lot of purposes. Starting from your beauty category to skincare to haircare, it has made its way to the health sector as well can be used as a soothing and calming medication. The question arises? How is Rosemary Essential Oil made? It is extracted from the top parts of a fresh plant itself using the process of steam distillation. Pure rosemary essential oils do not have a pungent strong smell and aren't harsh on your skin. So the difference is easily visible. Unlike other herbs, Rosemary retains its fragrance even when dried and that's why it's used for deodorising purposes too. The sweetest of all is that it's used as a symbol of loyalty and love and that's why you can see it's appearance on a lot of weddings. 

A fun fact - Rosemary is called *dew of the sea*. Do you know why?

It's because this plant requires extremely less water to survive and can literally beat off on shore breezes. It even got its name from the latin words - ros (dew) and maris (from the sea). 

Rosemary! The word itself reminds us of piney aromatic notes. With abundant freshness, Rosemary Essential Oil can come in handy for a LOTT of skin concerns. It is not only known for its aromatic scent or its beauty, but also the benefits it holds within. Let's have a look at all the rosemary benefits for skin - 

1. Provide you immense hydration

The most important and basic thing, this ingredient can help your skin with abundance of hydration in all conditions. Rosemary oil when applied, helps with improving circulation making your skin look healthy and glowing in no time and eliminates your skin from any dryness or flakiness going on. You can even pick rosemary body wash - Petal Fresh Energizing Rosemary & Mint Bath & Shower Gel that keeps your skin refreshed, clear and hydrated.


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2. Tighten up your large pores

If in the summer you're worried about visibility of those large pores on your face, then you need to have this in your skincare routine. Acting as a natural astringent, it helps to shrink up or tighten your enormous pores and make your skin look more firm and soothes it up.

3. Acne fighter

Since rosemary essential oils do carry anti - bacterial and anti - inflammatory properties with them, it's a great ingredient to clear up zits and acne marks. This product actually destroys the bacteria that causes p.acnes (one of the types of acne) damaging cell walls which is also helpful in avoiding future breakouts. Rosemary for acne is valid too and works wonders. You can always go for Secret Alchemist Face Acne Scar Gel that repairs skin damage and fades the appearance of scars.

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4. Removal of dark spots

Having dark spots on your face is no one's cup of tea and not many essential oils can cure it. Happily, Rosemary essential oils are not one of them. Since it speeds up circulation and destroys bacteria, it is used to remove dark spots or blemishes present resulting in an even and better skin tone. The Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Beauty Oil With 24K Gold Flakes works great in reducing dark spots and pigmentation.

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5. Helps with under eye bags

It's not a surprise that many under eye creams contain Rosemary Essential Oil as one of their ingredients. If you're too suffering from under eye bags that even a concealer can't hide, just applying this can be helpful. Since it is known for increasing blood flow, that decreases your panda looking eyes and any puffiness going around. 

6. Keeps eczema at bay

Having chronic skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis is not what you wished for. These are rashes that appear on your face and cause irritation + itchiness. Since rosemary essential oil is said to kill bacteria and has anti - inflammatory properties, it is great when used for such skin conditions and makes your face rejuvenated and healthy shortly.

A rosemary essential oil that has been widely used is Clay Pure Rosemary Essential Oil that uplifts and energises your mood and skin.

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With such a varied number of advantages, who wouldn't want to include this stunning ingredient in their skin care routine? I'm sure that most of you have already added it to your cart. We've had your back then and we'll have it right now too and tell you how nicely and effectively you can use it in your daily skincare routine. Rosemary essential oil benefits for skin are huge and that’s why you need it.

At times when your skin is extremely dry and nothing is able to make it hydrated, this is when you can use it as a moisturiser. Just adding up 1-2 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil and 2-3 drops of Argan oil can keep your skin nourished for a long period of time. It can also be used as a sheet mask. How? Just drop in your sheet masks in the serum and apply it on your face, letting it sit for about 15-20 minutes and you'll see the wonders it did instantly.

Rosemary has an abundance of anti - inflammatory and antioxidant properties which makes it perfect to get rid of dirt and excess oil present in your pores. This is what makes it an amazing product for oily or acne prone skin. Just mixing it up with aloe vera juice will do the work and it can serve you in two ways - by providing hydration and cleansing out your skin without stripping off any natural oil present.

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As prominent as this ingredient can be, it's always better to know everything about it and move ahead. It's of use only when these ingredients can benefit you instead of harming and having proper knowledge of how it's useful to your skin type.

  1. Using the right amount is required. When used too little, it will be a waste and do nothing and when used a lot, it can irritate your skin.
  2. Making sure that it's always diluted. Using this product on its own can annoy your skin. Just like pure rosemary benefits a lot, it might even have side effects. 
  3. Including it in your daily routine by diluting it with any other serum you like and applying it after moisturiser is proven to be most effective. 
  4. Better to stop if it's irritating or causing itchy sensations.
  5. Massaging it gently will amp up blood circulation and make your skin look more glowing. 
  6. Make sure that the essential oil is stored in a dark bottle because that protects it from ultraviolet rays which deteriorate its value making it useless.

In short, we can say that adding this to your routine will be of many uses. The woody notes of this oil will not only calm or soothe you, but it's going to make you reach your skin goals in no time. The best part? You can use it whichever way you feel like and the best way it suits you. Using it as a mask, serum, to cleanse out pores or to just put on extra hydration, it can be flexible and used in whichever way. 

-Aparna Das

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