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Superfoods: Your Secret To Being Healthy and Happy Inside Out

Have you ever caught yourself in the middle of a never-ending to-do list that makes you want to disappear for a week straight?

You are not alone. Stress tends to have that effect on people. And when it exceeds its limit, your body may send you SOS signals in the form of tiny, recurring problems.

From breakouts to gassiness, we often dismiss these symptoms and carry on with our high-stressed life. When stress mingles with poor nutrition, things may take a turn for the worse.

Enter superfoods.

Consider them a kind of 'super' hero giving your body all it needs to thrive. By definition, only foods that are dense in essential nutrients can classify as superfoods. From hair, skin, digestion to sexual wellness and hormonal well-being, superfoods nourish your body from the inside out.

Cosmix makes superfoods easily available for all, in the form of powdered mixes that can be added to water, your smoothies or even your meals. Born out of their founder’s (Vibha Harish) own need to manage her PCOS symptoms naturally, Cosmix believes that health begins from within, when the root cause of a problem has been targeted. 

Founded by a herbalist and an agriculturalist, Cosmix blends are formulated by doctors and experts. Instead of promising an overnight fix or any drastic changes, these mixes work over time to nourish you from within and support your body in its healing process.

For those living the fast-paced life, adding nutrition to your daily routine in the form of superfoods is a great idea! Here are some key areas of your health along with a list of superfoods that cater to it -

Gut (Digestion)

Good gut health is vital for the holistic wellness of your body. But over the counter antacids can only bring forth a temporary fix. 

Superfoods like Mulethi and Fermented Papaya are known to improve bowel function while spices like Ginger and Jeera help with better digestion and overall gut health.

A superior blend of gut-friendly herbs can be found in Cosmix's My Happy Gut superfood powder. Just mix ¼ - ½ teaspoon with a glass of water, herbal tea, blend it with juice or have it with your meal. It’s best had in the morning for effective results but works anytime during the day.

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Hair health is a concern for many. From hair loss woes to split-ends and premature greying, you've probably tried every treatment out there. But have you targeted the root cause from within yet?

If there is one superfood hiding right under your nose, it's Amla! Your grandmother's favourite fruit is high in calcium and essential fatty acids that stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair follicles, and reduce thinning.

Berries like Strawberry and Goji berry have high Vitamin C content that can help with better absorption of iron, a nutrient essential for stronger hair. Monk fruit and Pink Pitaya are loaded with antioxidants that can help with slowing down premature greying, hair fall, and other hair health issues.

Want to try a drinkable fix for your hair? Try Cosmix’s Healthy Hair. Add ¼ to ½ tsp of the mix to water. Stir well, sip and enjoy!

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Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our skin. Sudden break-outs, acne, and flare-ups will only end up causing more stress, until you look at skincare holistically.

Watermelon and Pineapple are our favorite when it comes to our skincare food choices! These tropical fruits are juicy and their high water content can help keep the skin hydrated and radiant.

Burdock Root and Monk Fruit can work wonders together. These herbs are known to cleanse the lymphatic system, liver, and blood, and get rid of toxins that cause acne. Centella, also known as Gotu Kola in many parts of India, can help with the purification of blood that can avoid break-outs too.

If feeling good about your skin is something you’ve been struggling with, we recommend trying drinkable skincare, courtesy Cosmix Feel Good Skin!

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No, your liver is not just an organ that processes alcohol, but instead a vital organ that helps with detoxifying your body! Toxins refer to anything your body is unable to get rid of or digest. Hence, the liver and kidney play a very important role in flushing them out of our system.

Liver health is often overlooked, but of course, nature has a solution for everything. Spices like Turmeric, Black pepper, and Fennel can help maintain optimal liver and kidney functioning. Superfoods like Milk Thistle and Bhoomi Amalaki helps detoxification through urine and relieve inflammation of these organs. Lemon and Burdock Root also help keep the liver in good condition.

Cosmix Love Your Liver is a blend that features ingredients that can help keep your liver thriving (but you might still have to be careful with alcohol, fam). Mix ¼ to ½ tsp to water and drink daily.

Menstrual Health

Ladies, don't even get us started on what goes on with our bodies during hormonal imbalances. Managing your hormones is crucial to overall well-being.

Enter Beetroot, an iron rich superfood that nourishes your body and fights fatigue, bloating and cramps. Alfalfa can cleanse your blood of toxins that cause hormonal issues. The queen of herbs, Shatavari can protect your reproductive system and increase fertility.

All of these superfoods and herbs can help with period irregularities, PMS symptoms and more.

For hormonal imbalances, check out Cosmix What Women Want - a blend that helps with PCOS, peri/ pre/ post-menopausal phases and supports you through your monthly cycles too.

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You've added these superfoods to your lifestyle. Now what? Always remember that holistic health goes beyond good nourishment. It is important to listen to your body and give it all that it needs - a good night's rest, daily movement, plenty of hydration and more!

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- Sublime Life X Cosmix

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