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The Best New Year’s Eve Pamper Routine For Stay-At-Home Celebrations!

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The Christmas season is over, and now it’s time to prep for the New Year! 

We live in a fast-paced environment where we can get too caught up in the daily hustle and grind and forget to take care of ourselves. If you have days dedicated solely to self-care and pampering, we’re proud of you! It’s time to do the same this New Year’s Eve. 

All the partying, hangout plans, and FOMO of not having one on New Year’s Eve can bring your mood down. Maybe it’s not your kind of thing, but you wonder how you could celebrate this memorable time. You don’t need to have big plans to make it memorable. You can just make it better by indulging in a pampering routine! 

One doesn’t need to go to a spa to indulge in some pampering. Bring the spa session to your home and spend the night in. As the evenings grow colder, there's nothing more soothing than switching into flight mode, slipping into your PJs, and binge-watching your favourite show!

Let’s make this stay-at-home celebration a memorable one through a New Year’s Eve pamper routine!  

1. Set the mood!

First things first, elevate and get in the mood by picking your favourite music and lighting scented candles. Flickering scented candles soften the ambience and make it warm and welcoming! Depending on the mood, you can light it in your living room or the bathroom. Choose a nice, simple candle with fragrances like vanilla, chamomile, lavender or jasmine. These warm, floral aromas can help you feel calm and relaxed. 

2. Put the phone away for a while 

We know that’s a tough one, but trust us, it’s only going to make this session better. Time away from your phone can help you fully immerse yourself in the pampering experience. It might be tempting to post about the fun you’re having on social media, but that can wait until later!  

3. Mask and chill 

What pampering routine is complete without applying a soothing face mask? Begin by cleansing, exfoliating, and applying a mask to your skin. The Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask is known to soothe the skin and controls excess oil formation. The best way to unwind with your mask on is to binge on your favourite movie or television show. It’s time to tune into your guilty pleasures!

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4. Do your nails

While you wait for your mask to dry out, shift your attention to a manicure. Applying nail paint not only gives you a genuine sense of satisfaction, but is also very soothing. Having nice manicured nails will make you happier than ever! Depending on the mood you’re in, pick a shade and layer your nails with love! Here are a few shades we love and think will be perfect glam for your nails! Try out the Gush Beauty Nail Lacquer: Cotton Candy or the Plum Nail Polish Summer Sorbet or the Disguise Cosmetics Marsala 110. These shades are simply stunning and will definitely add to the NYE mood! 

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5. Draw yourself a bath & apply a hair mask

Bath time is the perfect time to experience a proper pamper session! If you please, throw a bath bomb, play music, read a book, and feel calm under the bubbles. This also makes it the right time to apply a nourishing hair mask to condition your hair. Considering how often we use blow dryers and other heated styling appliances, our hair is bound to be frizzy. We recommend you try out the Bare Anatomy Expert Anti-Frizz Hair Mask which is known to repair, nourish and hydrate frizzy hair. 

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Even exfoliating and moisturising your body during bath time is perfect! Quench your skin from head to toe to feel silky smooth and hydrated with these essentials! Use the Plum Body Lovin Wake-A-Ccino Body Scrub which will transport you into a heavenly place. You can also try the Global Beauty Greek Yogurt & Lavender Body Moisturiser which has the aroma of lavender and richness of greek yogurt. 

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6. Journal your visions for 2023

Once you’re done treating your body and having some me-time, it’s time to sit down and pen your visions for 2023 in your journal. Nothing you write has to be oh-so-great. Start with small goals. Make a list of your year's accomplishments and be proud of yourself for getting this far! 

Always believe that the universe has high expectations for you. Maybe the year wasn't as good as you thought it would be, but what’s important is that you’re here, and you have a long way to go, to reach where you want to be. Treat yourself and unwind with a self-care routine such as this. You can also ask a few friends to join! We hope these tips have been a help when it comes to a “NYE Stay-at-home celebration”. Sublime Life wishes you all a very happy & blessed 2023. We hope your New Year is filled with loads and loads of self care & self love. 

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