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Tired Of Painful Hair Removal? THIS Is What You NEED!

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Every situation involving body or facial hair is different and necessitates a customised treatment strategy. How often do you trim your body and face hair? For most women, isn't it a monthly ritual? Majority of us have experimented with countless methods and DIY solutions to see if we can make our waxing process less painful. Still no luck, right? Have you given any thought to the shortcomings of your hair removal methods? Not only is there a need for effective treatment, but also there is a need for information and guidance by a well-informed person. 

Many opt for instant wax strips which have shown signs of darkening the skin colour. Many others opt for hair removal options like shaving, plucking, hot waxing, cold waxing, threading, laser hair removal & more. Each of these have their own pros and cons. These chemical-based, painful and skin-destructive hair removal techniques usually cause more harm than good. Therefore, we are here to aid you and be your saviour in these times of distress! 


We at Sublime Life can proudly say that we’ve got the only thing you need to GET A PAINLESS HAIR REMOVAL EXPERIENCE. We’ve got Acorelle on board, a French hair removal brand with 15+ years of experience in this industry. A young brand that makes organic cosmetics in order to protect your skin and you as well as the environment. Yes, it’s a CLEAN beauty brand.

Acorelle has received so much attention despite being such a young brand. Do you know why? This brand caters to those with a sensitive skin and creates products which are the perfect fit for them. Acorelle’s hair removal creams and waxing strips have a very mild and effective reaction on your skin. It is a leading pioneer when it comes to hair removal because 

1. It is a certified organic brand,
2. Sustainable & hygienic in nature,
3. Dermat-tested for both men & women,
4. Works wonders on short & thin hair.

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It is well known that getting rid of hair hurts. Whether it's a cut from shaving or the uncomfortable waxing you have to endure monthly, quarterly, or biweekly. Now imagine this scenario. Acorelle, which has been tried and tested on a sample of consumers, has successfully and painlessly eliminated hair from various places of the body. Isn't that just great?

Hair removal creams by Acorelle are not only efficient and effective, but they are made up of an 80% natural formula that doesn't irritate skin or make it red. You don't need to be concerned about the creams having a strong smell because they have a light scent and cause no allergies when used. Additionally, these creams are appropriate for all skin types. Two types of creams are available.

1. Hair removal cream for your body

As the name implies, this cream is applied on the body. This cream only takes 3 minutes to start working without any mineral oil inclusion or paraben inclusion. It can be applied easily to your legs and stomach - thanks to its creamy texture, leaving behind skin that is soft, protected, and smooth. This cream contains necessary plant-based ingredients including Tocopherol(Vitamin C) and the Boswellia Serrata extract.

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2. Hair removal cream for your face & sensitive areas

This cream is ideal for use on the face and other delicate parts of the body. A paraben-free cream that starts working after just 2 minutes of application! For those who want to visit the beach but havent shaved down there, this is the perfect time to use this cream & have a gala time in your bikini.

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The two active ingredients in this cream, Sodium Hyaluronate and Boswellia Serrata, guarantee that you won't experience any redness or irritation. These also make sure that your skin's natural defences are restored right away following hair removal. Kaolin is known to have mattifying effects in addition to creating a protective layer on the skin.


1. Apply a layer of cream to the body part where the hair has to be removed.
2. Leave cream on the skin for about 5 minutes (monitor with a timer). 
3. Remove the cream using a spatula. 
4. Rinse with clean water, without rubbing the skin. 
5. Read the instruction manual before use.

*Patch test recommended on body parts before final application. 

After learning everything there is to know about Acorelle's painless and odourless application creams, it is time to go in-depth about the waxing strips. Majority of women and girls worry shortly before entering the parlour when they go for waxing. To subject oneself to a gruelling hair removal procedure is quite frightful, isn't it? But by providing you the option to use our calming and hypoallergenic waxing strips, we've just found a solution for you.


1. For your face & small areas

These ready-to-use strips are incredibly mild and simple to use on the face and other sensitive regions. Even on short hair, the results can last up to 4 weeks! These strips are not only extremely effective, but they are also filled with organic beeswax and aloe vera, reducing any sensitivities on the face. The best part is that taking these tiny packets of strips on your next trip will allow you to travel hassle-free!

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2. For your body

A bundle of strips that can remove your hair painlessly and remove any chance of skin sensitivities. This not only provides effects that last for up to 4 weeks, but is also formulated without scent, paraben, and rosin. You do not need to worry about the nourishment and defence of your skin because these strips are loaded with argan oil and sunflower oil. 

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3. For your underarms & bikini

You can enjoy the benefits of natural pine resin ester, vegetable castor seed oil, beeswax, and other such important ingredients on your skin with a box of ready-to-use strips. These offer the best adherence and tolerance for the delicate skin around your bikini line and underarms. These strips are the only sensible course of action you need to take in order to prepare for an unexpected party or beach trip.

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1. Use a talcum powder on your skin before rubbing the strips on your skin.
2. Rub the wax strips for 15 seconds to warm it up. 
3. Separate the strip into two & rub it on the body (in the direction of hair growth). 
4. Stretch the skin well before removing the strip in a brisk manner (against the hair). 
5. Dispose the strip once it has served it’s purpose.


*Patch test recommended on body parts before final application. 

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1. Prep your skin with a body scrub beforehand since exfoliating dead skin cells allows for a better waxing experience
2. Remember to breathe since it will help in calming your nerves
3. Avoid waxing before your period of during your cycle skin your skin is most sensitive at that time
4. Drink lots of water since it plumps up the skin and makes it easier to remove hair
5. Wax in the afternoon since your pain threshold is the highest at that time
6. Don’t shave in between waxes since shaving encourages the hair to grow more coarse and thick
7. Use a soothing moisturiser which will calm any redness and irritation which you might experience
8. Avoid exercising instantly after waxing since the friction can irritate the skin and cause bumps
9. Have a regular waxing/shaving schedule since in-between waxes; the more hair you grow, the more painful it gets

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Hair removal by far is one of the least glamorous processes to talk about. If you have sensitive skin and can't stand going to the salon for painful waxing sessions, Acorelle is definitely the right choice for you. Acorelle's creams and hair removal strips truly make hair removal pain-free & gentle on the skin. To view the specifics and ingredients of various Acorelle hair removal products, visit this link. Do try them out and let us know which ones worked best for you!

- Harshita Shah

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