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The Ultimate New Year Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List!

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New Year is approaching and markets are brimming with fabulous decorations. Because it is the holiday season, there is always an exchange of gifts. Are you confused about what to get your family and friends? This happens to the best of us, so don't be concerned! We're here to assist you and give you a sneak peek at our New Year gift guide.

Don't we all know someone who is into skincare? If you do too, then you've come to the right place. Here are a few skincare products, gift sets, and value sets - various items that will fit your New Year gift and may even be used by them & not stored in the cupboard. Do let us know in the comments if y'all actually gifted these to your loved ones or ended up sticking to the gifting tradition of cookies, clothes & chocolates!

7 New Year Gifting Ideas

Here are some unique gift ideas for the people in your life. We're talking about skincare gift sets & value sets that are combos and are extremely affordable and of course, super fun gift experiences that anyone can enjoy.

To make things easier, we've included a link to the product which is a part of our gifting guide. Please note - Avoid ordering at the last minute to ensure that the gift arrives on time and is not out of stock! However, even if it is a last-minute gift, we are sure that they will undoubtedly enjoy these items!

1. For the one who needs a self-care fix

Everybody needs a selfcare fix, a pick-me up. Something which ends up being ideal for their physical & mental health. We would definitely recommend the Soulflower Bestseller Lavender Try Me Bath Gift Set of 6 which is the perfect option if you want to deliver happiness in the form of a kit. Not only being extremely affordable but also having an incredible aroma - this gift combo is suitable for all skin types and contains:

1. 1 Lavender Bath Salt 500gm 
2. 1 Lavender Massage Oil 90 ml
3. 1 Skin Lavender Soap, 150gm
4. 1 Lavender Aroma Oil 30 ml
5. 1 Loofah
6. 2 Big Tea Light Candles


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2. For the skincare lover in your life

The new trend is that you showcase your skincare routine in the form of reels on Instagram. This just shows that people give their skin a lot of priority & this leads us to our next gift option. This is for those who want a festive glow on their face & truly deserve the “skincare lover” tag being given to them. Gift them The Youth Booster Set which comprises of - 

1. One Thing 10% Niacinamide Concentrate, has powerhouse ingredients such as Vitamin B Complex that helps improve uneven skin texture, clear out the pores, reduce fine lines and improve your overall skin texture.
2. Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, is a lightweight essence that nourishes, repairs and revitalises the skin.
3. One Thing Moisture Plus Cream, is a deeply hydrating and firming moisturiser that improves skin health and adds a glow. 


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3. For the one who wants to sparkle all the time

For all the makeup lovers in your life who believe in looking gorgeous & shiny at all times, this is the perfect gift set. The FAE Beauty Festive Gift Box is a limited-edition gift box but contains a full set of FAE products. It contains 2 best selling lipsticks, a gloss, a mascara & a primer. These products are enough for you to get through the festive season smoothly.

1. Buildable Matte Lipstick in Too Basic
2. Buildable Matte Lipstick in Too Wild
3. Glaws Gloss in the shade Emerging
4. Brash Mascara in Jet Black
5. Brash Primer


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4. For the one who wants luscious locks

Getting strong tresses is just a click away. The festive season can definitely be hard on your hair with all the setting sprays & hairstyles you add on. Go for the Strong Tresses Only Haircare Set which contains - 

1. Detoxie Anti-Frizz, Hair Fall Control, Calming & Nourishing Hair Oil - formulated to rebuild and repair your hair.

2. True Frog Anti Hairfall Shampoo- a shampoo that not only cleans, but also nourishes with natural goodness.

3. True Frog Leave In Conditioner - a nourishing hair cream used after shampooing and conditioning.

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5. For the ultimate showstopper & party queen

With this specific gift set of ours, you will definitely end up looking like the limelight of the party. It’s the best selling product which most people are crazy about. Let's take a look at what it contains.

The Gush Beauty Gorgeousness Combo contains - 

1. Gush Beauty Face Palette which contains a creamy contour, blush and highlighter: all in 1 kit. You can mix, match & blend for endless looks! 

2. Gush Beauty Eyeliner which is the easiest eyeliner to apply; having a felt tip on one end & kohl pencil on another. 

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6. For the one who wants to look “positively radiant”

Serums & Toners definitely help when it comes to getting a glow on your face during the festive season. These lend the much needed radiance to your skin, making it glow better and feel better. Here is a value gift combo set which we really would love for you to try yourself & feel the good it does to your skin. 

Try the Deconstruct Daily Glowing Skin Duo which contains - 

1. A Face brightening serum formulation which gives an enhanced brightness to your skin; the perfect serum for glowing skin with niacinamide extracts.

2. A Facial hydrating and moisturising serum which provides hydration to all layers of the skin, thanks to the richness of hyaluronic acid.

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7. For the one who wants a goddess-type glow

Hands down, you don't even need to think further. Just go for our Glow Goddess Brightening Kit which contains - 

1. The Martiderm Skin Complex Advanced -  5 Ampoules, which is the most comprehensive formula for treating chronoaging and/or lacklustre skin. It is specially indicated for dehydrated, dull skin.

2. The Lisen Revealing Grace Eye Cream  which prevents the loss of elasticity therefore leading to non-saggy skin, no redness & no dark circles. 

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Find the ideal Holiday 2022 gift for everyone on your list and enjoy the New Year shopping experience. At Sublime, we have a selection of gift sets that will be both useful to you and exciting to the recipient! Browse our collection to find gifts for everyone, regardless of skin type. This New Year, make a commitment to care for their skin and give them items they will undoubtedly use. We hope the options we provided were what you were looking for! Happy Shopping.

- Harshita Shah

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