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Top 10 Tips To Celebrate A Clean & Conscious Christmas


Christmas is approaching & stores are brimming with Christmas decorations, Santa Claus outfits & delectable sweets. People get into the Christmas spirit just by looking at the lights on the streets that are lit up. It is a festival of togetherness, happiness & sharing but it also has drawbacks. Wastage! So much food is wasted at Christmas, so many decorations are left on the road, so much waste that harms the environment. This occurs because no zero-waste Christmas strategy is in place. However, if we take a few small steps toward a zero-waste & sustainable Christmas, we will almost certainly be successful in reducing waste after Christmas. Let's see what we can do together!

Basic Ideas For A Zero-Waste Christmas Celebration:

People overspend, overconsume & overshop during the holiday season; going with the flow & leaving items unused in their cupboards. The rush to buy things & the stress of not buying enough leads to a lot of waste. Instead of relaxing with family & friends, people rush out to buy artificial & plastic goods. These are a few pointers that we can incorporate into our Christmas shopping to stay calm & make this Christmas zero-waste, eco-friendly, low-cost & full of peace & joy.

1. Be A Sustainable Shopper

Instead of purchasing multiple items for Christmas and only using a few on the actual day, purchase only what you require. Recycle, reuse, and reduce waste by using last year's decorations, clothes, and limiting food consumption. What's the point of buying too many things and letting them rot in the cupboard during the holidays? So, be a sustainable shopper and educate those around you to do the same!

2. Strictly Follow Eco-Friendly Wrapping

To reduce waste in terms of wrapping, replace regular plastic wrappers with eco-friendly alternatives such as bamboo paper, newspaper, and recyclable paper. You can also provide a reusable cloth bag for carrying gifts. Plastic tapes should be used instead of paper tapes. Jute thread is commonly used to tie the gift because it has an eco-friendly feel. Most people wrap flowers and natural products in a cloth or a T-shirt to prevent damage and waste!

3. Invest In Gifts That Last

Gifts are a huge and beautiful part of the holiday season. Giving eco-friendly gifts like bamboo products, natural home decor, organic and natural fragrances encourages a sustainable lifestyle. Make sure you buy items that are rich in quality and will last a long time. Gift cards are another good option for those who want to buy things based on their preferences and needs. You can also give passes to spas and salons, theme parks such as Imagica, or even an exciting, adventurous ride.

4. Your Theme Should Be Based Around Eco-Friendly Decor

When you avoid using plastic decorations, there is no waste in your home or on the streets. You can choose handcrafted and locally made Christmas decorations such as flowers or eucalyptus leaf garlands. Dry leaves, pine cones, dry shoots, rocks, sand, and shells are also used. Choose solar or LED lights to decorate your tree and house to reduce your environmental impact.

5. Host A Zero-Waste Dinner

Don't include too many items on your menu and don't cook too many things in bulk. Instead, select a few items from the menu that are made with lesser ingredients. You can also pre-plan the menu with your friends and family; host a potluck with them to ensure a diverse menu and less waste. Instead of opting for grand decoration at home, opt for a simple dinner table look that does not necessitate a lot of decoration effort and results in less waste.

6. Showcase A Recycled Christmas Tree

You can buy a plastic Christmas tree but it will not support zero-waste and sustainability. Decorate an existing plant in your garden or around your building to follow a zero-waste culture, such as neem, mango, lemon, or bananas. You can also get a potted Christmas tree that will last forever and can be decorated every Christmas.

7. Carry Out Massive Food Donations

Everyone wants to do their best when it comes to decorations, dressings, and food during festivals. Everyone at home makes the best variety and in large quantities. Festivals are a good time to spread joy to everyone. Rather than throwing food away, give it to those who cannot afford it and live on the streets. Prepare a large amount and distribute it to the homeless. Be a Santa Claus for them! This is your opportunity.

8. Give Charity To Funds & Welfares For Children & Elderly

Sharing is caring, and this is the true spirit of Christmas. Instead of overspending and overshopping, consider donating items to those who cannot afford them. Give your items to children, the elderly, and orphans in welfare who do not have a family. Purchase items from small businesses that may or may not be owned by your friends and assist them. Try to persuade more people to donate to those who do not have everything they need and to make this a memorable Christmas for them.

9. Switch To Soy Candles

When you replace artificial candles with natural soy candles, you create a healthier environment. This is a vegetable wax derived from soybeans, making it renewable and environmentally friendly. Soy wax burns slower, which means you won't have to replace your candle as frequently, and it will last longer than a regular candle. Soy wax also burns cleaner and produces less soot than regular candles, which are extremely messy when they burn. Soy is also an excellent fragrance carrier, resulting in a well-balanced and true-to-scent candle.

10. Redesign Your Clothes Instead Of Purchasing New Ones

Christmas means wearing red, green, and white clothing. People are dressed in these colours everywhere. Most people want to buy new clothes every year to match the festive mood. Instead, redesign your clothes because there are basic colours that everyone has. Mix and match those outfits to make them appropriate for the occasion! This reduces the amount of waste in landfills and leads to a zero-waste Christmas. You can also paint old clothes or T-shirts with Christmas colours as a fun DIY project for kids and family members.

While no one is perfect, we are still a long way from living a completely waste-free or plastic-free lifestyle. We must do our best to stay motivated & avoid succumbing to guilt. We can reduce our carbon footprint by reducing waste. Rather than shopping without a goal in mind, we should shop & consume mindfully. Choose brands with a market focus on sustainability & ethics. Send donations & charity to small, local & ethical businesses. Spend quality time with your friends & family rather than throwing a party where you will only get to speak with a few people you know. Above all, do what you enjoy & make the most of the holiday season!


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- Harshita Shah

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