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Top 10 Skincare Tips & Hacks For Every Busy Girl

Take care of your skin while you're on a busy schedule!

Are you one of those people who doesn't have time to look in the mirror before leaving for work? Is it becoming difficult for you to devote 5 minutes to your morning skincare routine? We've come to your rescue with a few skincare hacks to help you look your best. These tips will not stress you out; rather, you will discover specific products that will become your go-to companion for all things skin!

Morning Skincare Routine

You must find ways to maximise your time to focus on your morning beauty and skincare routine, especially if you are in a hurry, because it is important and beneficial in the long run. All you have to do is streamline your routine and follow these steps. We've made it even easier by providing you with this busy girl's guide to morning skincare!

Step 1: Cleanse + Exfoliate

Running late? Not enough time to focus on skincare? All that is fine but one thing that you shouldn’t ever miss is cleansing your face. Use a Glycolic Acid scrub cleanser on a daily basis to exfoliate dead skin and improve skin tone. Massage the scrub cleanser into your skin gently. Pat the skin dry after rinsing with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Moisturise + SPF

Your face becomes more sensitive to sunlight post a cleanse. To save time in the morning, combine a broad-spectrum SPF with a moisturiser. This protects your skin from sun damage while also sealing in moisture. It's a win-win situation for you and your skin!

Step 3: Apply Multipurpose Makeup

After cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising , and protecting your skin from sun damage, you can put on makeup that serves multi-benefits, and go to work without any worry!

Night Skincare Routine

Daily skincare is not only necessary, but it also promotes healthy skin and slows the ageing process. Many people believe that only a morning skincare routine is necessary, but a night skincare routine is equally essential. Here are a few tips which will help you balance your busy schedule by keeping a minimal night time skin care routine. 

Step 1: Get rid of your Makeup

Sleeping with makeup on is NEVER a good idea. Even if you had a long day at work, taking out 10 minutes for your skin before you hit the bed will only do good for your skin. Always remove your makeup before going to bed. Use a good-quality makeup remover, wash your face, and rejoice in the fact that you will sleep with dirt-free skin.

Step 2: Using a Cleanser is essential

Use a cleanser to wash your face at night to avoid breakouts and skin irritation. It will refresh your skin and allow it to absorb products more easily in the morning. Best thing? It only takes like 5 minutes!

Step 3: Moisturising your skin

As you get older, your skin's ability to retain moisture decreases. Every night, regardless of your skin type or age, apply a moisturiser to damp skin to seal in moisture. Reduce your overall burden by adding a few drops of Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C to your moisturiser. 

The final step is to get some beauty sleep before another busy day ahead of you.

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10 Skincare Tips For Busy Girls

Here are the most important skin care tips and hacks for working women to follow:

1) Ensure you are an early riser

You can't simply wake up half an hour before your office time and rush through your dressing, makeup, and skincare routine. Get up early, squeeze in 5 minutes for your skincare routine, some time for your workout to give your skin a beautiful glow, and apply makeup to look pretty and confident at work.

2) Take a Shower + Cleanse your face

Even if you are running late, take a shower because it reduces puffiness and makes your skin look fresh. Always wash your face in the morning so that you can layer new products on top. You can use water, a mild cleanser, or a konjac sponge, which many people prefer.

3) Sunscreen + Moisturise

The radiation from your laptops, phones can also damage your skin and this is why you need a SPF which has a moisturiser in it. Reapply it every 2 hours and definitely before you leave your house! Do this while you visit the washroom so it saves your time too. 

4) Tie your hair

Keep your hair pulled back to avoid rashes on the skin of your neck and face. Make sure your hair doesn't interfere with any skin products you've used.

5) After workout routine

Cleanse your skin immediately after you have exercised, since sitting around in sweaty clothes will cause irritation on your skin and create a way for acne. Use cleansing wipes for the same as a go-to-option. 

6) Consume antioxidants, glycolic acid and Vitamin C

These organic chemicals aid in the production of collagen, which promotes skin elasticity and strength. When you consume more of these chemicals, you will experience intense hydration and a reduction in dead skin cells.

7) No Smoking! 

Smoking is extremely damaging to the skin, resulting in clogged pores and wrinkles. It is also known to reduce blood supply to skin tissue, keeping it looking healthy and plump.

8) Ensure you get in 8 hours of sleep

Make an effort to manage the stress in your life. Do not sleep for less than 8 hours. Don't sleep too little because it can cause blemishes, puffy eyes, and flaky skin.

9) Lots fruits, vegetables and water into your body

We've all heard the saying, "You are what you eat." Consume fatty acid-rich foods such as fish, dairy products, olive oil, and black seed to improve the appearance of your skin. The glow you will get from eating fruits, eating a balanced diet, and drinking plenty of water cannot be compared to any skincare product you use.

10) Don't forget to take your scarf

Take a scarf or a stole with you whenever you are exposed to the sun, pollution, or dirt on the streets. It will also glam up your outfit without making it too heavy or uncomfortable. Wearing a scarf while travelling by public transportation is recommended. 

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Final Words

As a working woman, we're sure you're short on time and effort when it comes to finding the right skincare routine for you. We're sure your daily responsibilities and chores prevent you from having a proper skincare order when it comes to morning and night skincare routines. Don't worry, the skincare steps above will make your routine simple, effective, and time-efficient. It is a necessary step that you must take despite your busy schedule because this busy girl skincare routine will directly contribute to your personality and confidence!

- Harshita Shah

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