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Top 5 Rejuvenating Body Washes And Shower Gels That You Need To Try!

Indulge In Instant Freshness With Body Washes & Shower Gels That Suit Every Skin Type

Body washes and shower gels top the list when it comes to skin care products that leave you refreshed and happy! They’re revitalising and mood-lifting, and make your bath time ritual the most relaxing time of the day. Even if you have like 15 minutes for a shower, squeezing a bit of shower gel or a body wash, and lathering the loofah will elevate your bath time routine. It’s just perfect and gives you super refreshing vibes. Body washes and shower gels have without any doubt are must-haves to include in your bath and body care routine. 

They get rid of all traces of dirt, grime, sweat and pollutants from your skin, and also leave your body soft, odour free and silky smooth. Another bonus is that they smell so good, they are like the best treat to indulge your body with on a daily basis. They definitely should be a part of your bath routine. 

Both these products are quite different in texture and consistency. Body washes are thinner and are like liquid soaps. They are generally more hydrating for the skin while shower gels have a gel-like consistency and pack more fragrances. But nevertheless, both of these work efficiently and leave your body feeling rejuvenated.

It’s not tough to find a body wash or shower gel that does its job properly and is also not heavy on your pockets.  We’d love to list the top 5 best-smelling and the most popular body washes available on Sublime Life that will help you up the ante on your bath & body routine. You can count on these body washes without a doubt!

1. Faith In Nature Body Wash - Blue Cedar

Blue cedar has a number of advantages for the skin. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties which are helpful in getting rid of acne and breakouts, and work to uplift and boost your mind and skin’s health. It even has a natural wound healing quality, so if you’re looking for a body wash that not only refreshes your skin but heals breakouts or dry, damaged skin, this one is the best pick-me-up. Not to forget, it even reduces stress and anxiety and calms and relaxes your mind. 

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2. Sova Chamomile & Coorgi Narangi Body Wash

Chamomile contains potent antioxidants. It protects the skin from radical damage, reduces fine lines' appearance, induces cell and tissue renewal and brings in a subtle youthful glow. This body wash also is packed with orange extract, straight from Coorg which makes it even better. Macadamia oil gets rid of dry, flaky skin and soothes it. Meanwhile, shea butter reduces stretch marks, intensely nourishes skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe skin and get rid of acne. In short, this body wash is the number 1 pick if you want soft and supple skin that is cleansed and rejuvenated properly. 

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3. Nature Trail Citrus Blast Body Wash

Citrus is high in Vitamin C which is great for a healthy, brighter skin. Opting for body washes or shower gels that pack Vitamin C is a great option if you need skin that’s radiant and smooth. Packed with antioxidant properties, Vitamin C rich body washes and shower gels boost skin elasticity and exfoliate skin gently, eventually leading to less congested and unclogged pores. Also, known for clearing out pigmentation, Vitamin C’s properties make such body washes superstars when it comes to enhancing skin complexion and texture. The Nature Trail Citrus Blast Body Wash is also packed with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Glycerine, and Jojoba Oil that work their best to keep skin soft and healthy. What makes this the most loved is the citrusy aroma fragrance that refreshes your senses. 

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4. Petal Fresh Softening Rose & Honeysuckle Bath & Shower Gel

Honeysuckle is an ingredient that contains saponins and flavonoids which makes it rich in antioxidants. They help to protect the skin barrier against the harmful free radicals and the damage they cause to skin. Honeysuckle shower gel works by calming and relaxing your muscles, cleanses the skin, keeps dullness at bay and evens out skin tone. Rose has soothing and moisturising properties and helps to retain the pH balance of the skin. Perfect for tackling dry skin, it intensely nourishes and hydrates, and combats redness, acne or irritation. This body wash is an unrivalled treat if you need a soothing body wash that smells great and makes your skin feel at its luxurious best. 

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5. August Bioscience Body Shower Gel Aqua Fresh

The main ingredient in this top-selling shower gel is Marine Algae which is known as the key to revitalised, healthy skin. Packed with amazing antioxidant properties, it’s one of the major ingredients used for hydration, revitalising, toning skin and getting rid of skin concerns such as acne, cellulite, and wrinkles. It gives a firm, youthful and smooth appearance and reduces the visible signs of ageing. It even helps in getting rid of dirt and impurities from deep within the pores and induces a glow that’s incomparable. With a low foaming and subtle fragrant formula, this shower gel is what makes bath time a great time for your body and mind. 

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- Aparna Das

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