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Top 4 reasons to make the switch to shampoo bars

While we all would love to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, we don’t realise that the switch is actually simpler than we think. It’s small steps that eventually add up, but also small steps that make it easier to lean towards the sustainable path in our everyday lives.

Making the switch from shampoo in liquid dispensers to shampoo bars may seem tiresome and quite a big change, but it is well worth it, given the benefits and features - both towards the environment and for ourselves too! Often people find it cumbersome to change a daily habit, which is natural as we are so used to using liquid shampoos or conditioners for that matter since eons.

Given the load that the planet is facing today, it is of utmost urgency for us as a generation and also our future generations to look for plastic free or more sustainable alternatives. Our children deserve a green planet versus a planet full of plastic and pollution.

It may blow your mind that 14 Million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans, all of which we are so habituated towards consuming everyday. Our marine species are dying ingesting the plastic debris and human beings who are the smartest species on the planet are solely responsible for this.

In the end, it is us, human beings, who are the guardians of this planet. We must step up, take the power into our hands and make this change, in the smallest way we can. 

Let’s dive into what YOU as a consumer can do when you switch to a shampoo or conditioner bar.

What exactly are shampoo bars and where do they originate from?

Shampoo bars were popular before the onset of liquid, bottled shampoos in the year 1940. Backpackers and travel enthusiasts would prefer shampoo bars over bottles because of the minimalistic packaging and ease of access, without the risk of causing a sticky accident in their luggage. So in essence these have been present for a while now. 

Let us understand now why they are a smarter, more sustainable swap!

1. You pay for actual ingredients and the water content

A solid shampoo and conditioner bar, are full of natural oils and butters. However, if you read the label of liquid shampoos, it mainly contains aqua, which is essentially water. Almost 80% of the liquid shampoo or more is water depending on the formulation. So essentially you are paying for a free resource which is water, which you can fill from the tap in your own home for free. Sounds funny, but it’s true!

However, on the other hand, in a solid shampoo or conditioner, you are getting 75 GM of concentrated active ingredients.

Shampoo bars are made, using all-natural ingredients, which are more potent. So essentially, whatever concern you have, from dryness, dandruff or even hair thinning, they are targeting it effectively in a faster manner. Isn’t that the reason we buy shampoos in the first place?

2. Longer lasting & more cost effective

Yes, it’s true! Shampoo bars last longer than liquid shampoo - about 40-60 washes for a standard sized shampoo bar. Research says that one shampoo bar can replace 3 liquid shampoo bottles. If you are maintaining the bar well in an air dried space and a well drained soap dish, you can easily make the shampoo bars last much longer. True value for money, eh?

3. Shampoo Bars are “Travel Friendly”

We all know the hassle of travelling with multiple skincare + haircare products. Say goodbye to overstuffed trunks with shampoo bars that not only take up less space, but also don’t need to be stored in special plastic containers of designated dimensions (which themselves are harmful to the environment). There is less worry about leaked luggage. Simply air dry your shampoo bar and pack it in your butter paper or travel friendly tin and carry it along wherever you go. Easy peasy!

4. They are zero-waste from the scratch & don’t need refilling or recycling 

Unlike bottles, which if we were to make them environment friendly, or put in refilling systems, shampoo bars come in eco-friendly packaging that is biodegradable. The transportation of the bars is also far more eco-friendly, creating much less negative impact on the environment. This reduces their overall carbon footprint too, as roughly 10-15 transport trucks are required to transport liquid shampoos vis a vis 1 truck of shampoo bars for the SAME number of washes! Mind blowing isn’t it?

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Learn more about a zero waste life here.

How to choose a shampoo bar for your concern?

1. Hairfall

We recommend Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar

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    The Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar is packed with the goodness of cold pressed coconut oil and hydrolyzed silk extract to give you highly nourished, smooth hair and reduce hair fall. This shampoo bar gives you highly nourished, smooth hair and helps reduce hair fall so you don’t have to worry about going through extra steps of artificial treatment for your hair to look and feel healthy!

    2. Damaged, dry hair

    We recommend- Kokum Butter Shampoo Bar

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      Kokum Butter Shampoo Bar is packed with the nutrients from Kokum butter and is highly nutritious for the hair. It penetrates deep into the shafts to repair damaged hair and nourishes them to reduce hair fall. The Hydrolyzed silk extract adds to the benefits by giving the hair a silky smooth finish, allowing you to enjoy your healthy, nourished hair!

      3. Deep conditioning

      We recommend- Mango Butter and Argan Oil Conditioner Bar

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      We all know the benefits of Argan Oil and Mango Butter for the hair. Mango butter comes packed with Vitamin A and E, and is excellent to deeply moisturise the hair, reduce dryness and breakage resulting from it. Extracted from Mango Seeds, Mango Butter is full of nutrients and antioxidants to make your hair stronger and healthier. Argan Oil comes as no surprise when it comes to hair care benefits, as it is loaded with Vitamins, and antioxidants which protect the hair from breakage, adds shine to the hair and repairs damaged hair.

      How to use a shampoo bar? 

      Wet your hair thoroughly and apply the shampoo bar directly to the hair and scalp to work up a lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. Follow it up with the conditioner bar!

      How to store the shampoo bar between washes?

      Keep your bar in a separate soap tray. Avoid getting it wet, so keep it away from your shower to allow it to last much longer!

      So, if you haven’t yet made a switch to solid shampoo bars, do give it a shot and make a switch for a planet friendly alternative to your daily hair care regime! It’s super simple, effective and worth the switch. You will be thanking us!

      -Krisha Jhaveri in collaboration with Himalayan Origins

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