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Top 5 personal & skin care habits that are better for you and our planet!

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Human skin is the largest organ of our body. It is also the first barrier of defense against all natural and lifestyle stressors. Be it temperature, chemicals, air, bluelight, sunlight and so on. It bears the burden for everything we come in contact with. Hence, it is very important to maintain hygiene of our skin and nourish it from within for better health & wellbeing. 

According to a study by Mark Titchner, a beauty influencer & a reputed makeup artist, more than 40 percent of millennials use beauty picks as a way to express themselves. People have become selective of what they apply to their skin and how much of it they used to. Everyone wants to feel beautiful and healthy skin is one of the ways to do so. Here are some tips to maintain hygiene and enhance the beauty of your skin with organic and natural products that are safe for you and our planet. 

1. Maintain healthy diet & stay hydrated

Our diet and water intake has a direct impact on our skin just like our body. Maintain a healthy, balanced diet to keep your skin young and nourished. Similarly, drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated & balance its own sebum production. 

2. Maintain personal hygiene without damaging environmental hygiene

Cleanse your skin with mild, cold processed soap to get rid of the dirt, dust, grime and germs that we collect all day. You can pick one of organic Rustic Art Bathing Soaps with essential oils that will also calm your senses. Cleanse your face with one of our unique face wash concentrates to get that squeaky clean skin. 

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Exfoliate your skin with Rustic Art Coffee Soap at least once a week. It will help keep your skin smooth and supple and deep cleanse your pores without any damage. 

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All our organic cleansers are 100% biodegradable and require less water to rinse off. While we maintain our personal hygiene, we must also consider the impact our hygiene has on the environment. Choosing a clean, cruelty-free and natural cleanser is good for us as well as our future generations.  

3. Protect your skin from external stressors

Our modern lifestyle and environmental damage has created a need for enhanced skin protection from harmful UV rays and blue light. Exposure to UV rays causes dark spots and damage to the skin. It is no surprise that sunscreen has become an irreplaceable part of all our daycare routines. Choose a sunscreen such as Rustic Art Mineral Sunscreen with Vitamin C SPF30+ that is water-proof and safe. It will protect you while it sits on your skin and won’t harm the environment once it washes off your skin.

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And when you do not step out or have to work from home, blue light protection is essential to prevent early ageing, fine lines and general dullness that comes from lights from our screens. Ashwagandha, Vitamin C, Moringa, Hemp Seed Oil and many more organic, ayurvedic active herbs in the Rustic Art Moisturizing Day Fluid will help replace moisturiser and serum while keeping your skin healthy & glowing, always. 

4. Deodorize with ease (and without causing pollution)

The number one cause of body odour is sweat. WRONG! Sweat has nothing to do with odour except cool your body off and regulate your body temperature when you overheat. Odour causing bacteria thrive in sweat and are often found in sweat-prone body parts like armpits. We’d suggest try the deodorant balm instead of the spray-on body deodorants.They contribute to air pollution and also cause respiratory disorders. It might sound a little extreme but when you use a spray-on deodorant, many toxic chemicals (volatile organic compounds) are released into the air which are super harmful to human health. The spray on deodorants also contain alcohol which dehydrates the skin and also leads to darkening the skin and sometimes even burn the sensitive skin of our armpits. You can use the Rustic Art's deodorant balm to get rid of odour causing bacteria, all while being able to sweat and let your body work its course.

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5. Mental health & well-being: A sound soul resides in a sound body!

Mental and physical health is neglected the most today. Work is essential, but, there would be no work if there's no healthy body. Calming your nerves and regulating your nervous system daily is a superpower that very few possess. Well, the next best thing is to take help of organic essential oils like lavender, geranium etc. to calm and soothe yourself. Indian fragrances like sandalwood & rose are known to calm anxiety and stress in even the most nervous and anxious people; a reason why people use them to start their days with and during every major festival. But we don't need to wait for festivals to enjoy a little pampering and aromatherapy session. A sound soul resides in a sound body and these habits will definitely help you take care of yourself, and our planet. 

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- By Sublime Life X Team Rustic Art

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