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Why you must make the switch to Aluminium-free Natural Deodorants?

Commuting to work on a crammed train or lifting weights at the gym sounds like a situation that will definitely break one into a gush of sweat. While traditional deodorants work their magic to tone down your body odour and moisture, the ingredients they contain pose a major threat to your health and can even make you smell worse in the long run. Studies have found that the Aluminium present in deodorants and antiperspirants can lead to increased risks of breast cancer. But all is not lost. We have the perfect solution that will give you a great natural fragrance without harming your skin - going au natural with natural deodorants!

What are natural deodorants?

Natural deodorants, like the name suggests, are made up of natural ingredients. Unlike regular deodorants and antiperspirants, they do not contain Aluminium compounds and Parabens, and thus are safer to use. As they lack Aluminium, they do not stop you from sweating. In fact, by NOT blocking your sweat ducts, they allow the ‘good’ bacteria to make you less stinky than before! These are some common ingredients found in natural deodorants -

  1. Natural Oils - Coconut Oil or other natural oils are used to form the solid base of the natural deodorant.
  2. Powder or Starch - Powders such as baking soda and arrowroot absorb moisture and fight bacteria that cause odour.
  3. Essential Oils - Rosemary, Sage, Lemongrass, and Tea Tree Oil are used for their antibacterial properties. They also add natural scents to the deodorant.

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Why make a switch?

Switching to a natural deodorant is a simple step towards a clean-beauty journey.

If that is not reason enough, here are a few more:

  1. Put your mind at ease - Antiperspirants and other deodorants contain unfamiliar and questionable chemicals that many find irritable. Apart from that, some scientists believe that Parabens and chemicals are associated with increased risks of cancer. Though there has been no clear evidence, it is still unnerving to think about it. Maybe switching to a natural deodorant will help you sleep better at night, without these worrisome thoughts.
  2. Control and overcome your sweat in a natural way - Next time you are buying your regular deodorant and/or antiperspirant, read its ingredients and compare them to a natural deodorant. Chances are, you will be more likely to understand the ingredients used in the latter. These ingredients will neutralise that bad odour and absorb excess moisture, thus preventing wetness.
  3. Prevent yellow stains - When your sweat mixes with the Aluminum in your antiperspirant, it leaves yellow stains on your clothes. Most natural deodorants do not leave traces behind!
  4. You sweat less - Many people found that over some time, their body got used to the natural deodorant. They eventually stopped sweating as much as they did. But of course, it takes time and it depends from person to person.

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How to switch?

Our mantra is to go slow and steady. You will not find any dramatic change as soon as you would like to. In fact, you will be tempted to switch back to your old deodorant/antiperspirant because this one is not ‘working for you’. But, according to skincare experts, a natural deodorant works for everyone. You just need to let your body detox from everything else you have used. It needs to learn how to regulate itself and sweat naturally, which takes around 30 days for most people. Do not worry, the process is not as painful as it sounds. Here, is what it looks like:

  1. Week 1 - The first week will go by like a breeze, with no odour to worry about. You will have full faith in your natural deodorant.
  2. Week 2 - Your underarms will begin to smell the worst they can smell. This is because your sweat ducts are getting rid of all the toxins, chemicals, and bacteria that have been blocked until now. You will feel like quitting, but it gets better!
  3. Week 3 - This is the last leg of the ‘Great Cleanse’. You will notice that you have become less smelly and more sweaty. Remember, it will not be like this forever.
  4. Week 4 - The detox journey is almost over! The odour will reduce every day until there is nothing left. 

This is an image showing 4 weeks of detox process when you switch to Natural aluminium free Deodorants

Smelling bad for 30 days sounds pretty bad. But simple things like hot baths, Clay masks, working out, and drinking a lot of water can speed up the process. What you wear also impacts the smell. Choose loose cotton clothes that will allow your underarms to breathe.

How to find the perfect natural deodorant for you?

There is no perfect natural deodorant that suits everyone. You just need to find what works best for you.

Natural deodorants/antiperspirants on the basis of your need:

  1. If you sweat a lot - Switching to a natural antiperspirant will help absorb the moisture without harming your sweat ducts.
  2. If you want to tackle odour - Using natural deodorants will work better in this case as it contains essential oils which provide natural scents.

Natural deodorants/ antiperspirants on the basis of its form:

  1. Sticks - These natural deodorants are discreet to use and apply. They are small, easy to handle, and travel friendly.
  2. Sprays - These dry quickly without leaving behind too much residue.

This is an image showing factors to consider before buying a natural aluminium free deodorants

Natural deodorants/antiperspirants on the basis of its scent:

Some scents that work on others may make you smell even worse. You should experiment with different scents and choose one that you really like.

Before settling down on one natural deodorant, you should be cautious of its ingredients that may irritate your skin. To avoid this, you can do a patch test for essential oils and other ingredients to understand your skin’s reaction.

Read more about the importance of patch tests and how to do them here.

Some of best- sellers Natural Deodorants on Sublime Life?

  1. Sukin’s Natural Deodorant - It is a perfect blend of Aloe Vera, Burdock, and Nettle extract which soothes and conditions the skin. It leaves behind a refreshing fragrance, owing to the Mandarin, Tangerine, Lavender, and Vanillin Oils. We recommend a patch test before you use it, as it is not meant for sensitive skin.

This is a natural Deodorant which is aluminium free and has natural fragrance from the brand Sukin Naturals

  1. TreeWear’s Natural Deodorant - This comes in a stick form and works well on all skin types. Let the product soften and apply it gently. It comes in three varieties: Herbal Infusion, Citrus Burst, and Spice Infusion. Try a patch test to avoid any allergic reactions.

This is a stick natural deodorant aluminium free citrus essential oil scented from the brand Treewear.

  1. Shankara’s Aura Essential Oil Deodorant - This natural deodorant is designed to neutralise all body odour. It rejuvenates the skin and leaves you smelling fresh. It comes in two varieties: Geranium & Ylang Ylang, and Lavender & Vetiver.

This is a roll-on essential oil Natural Deodorant aluminium free from the brand Shankara.


So, get started on your clean and green journey with a small change that will have a large impact on your skin as well as the environment. Do not forget to share your progress and experience with us!

- By Tanvi Savani

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