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Why Amla is a wonder ingredient for your hair

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Amla or gooseberry is a wonderful ingredient for your hair. It is rich in calcium, has the ability to strengthen hair, hair follicles, increase hair growth and improves the quality of hair. It also reduces hair thinning. Amla can be included in your diet to reap its antioxidant benefits. Amla used in any form has multitudes of benefits - raw amla powder or amla oil. Now let’s look at the benefits of using gooseberries for hair. 

What are Amla benefits for hair?

1. Amla oil for hair growth

Amla being rich in Vitamin C stimulates hair growth, in terms of volume and length. Vitamin C is known to promote collagen production, collagen being the building block of hair, increase in collagen helps create new hair follicles. Amla oil benefits the scalp by improving circulation and hair growth.

2. Delays hair greying

Amla enhances natural hair colour thus preventing premature greying. Amla has antifungal and scalp cleansing properties, which promotes healthy scalp and overall improves hair health.

3. Natural hair conditioner

Amla strengthens, nourishes and conditions your hair. If you have exceptionally dry hair, using amla oil can add a lot of moisture to the hair as amla is extremely rich in moisture. If you have an oily scalp, using amla powder can help cleanse the scalp and remove the excess oil.

4. Scalp cleanser and dandruff fighter

Amla oil can boost scalp health by naturally cleansing the scalp well. If you have dry scalp, amla oil can add a boost of hydration, controlling flakiness and itchiness. If you have an oily scalp, amla powder can mildly exfoliate the scalp and absorb all the excess oil, thus controlling the dandruff. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that help keep dandruff at bay. The antioxidants in amla shield our scalp from damage caused by dirt, dust, smoke and styling tools. 

5. Amla for hair loss

Amla strengthens hair follicles thus improving hair growth and strength. This leads to reduction in hair fall as well. Strengthened roots lead to enhanced hair colour and hair shine. This can also make your hair thicker and bouncier. 

6. Controls hair frizz

    Amla is rich in moisture, thus adding moisture to your hair. It also removes dead cells from the scalp, improving scalp health and strength. The fatty acids in amla can add a good hair shine and lustre to your hair. Overtime, it will be able to control and manage hair frizz to a great extent.

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    How to include it in your hair care routine?

    Amla is beneficial in all forms - oil, powder, paste or when directly consumed. It can also be pickled and stored for later use. 

    1. Hair mask

    Add amla juice or powder to your hair mask and leave it on for 15-20 minutes to get maximum benefits. Not only will it cleanse your hair and scalp but will also have long term benefits such as stronger roots and reduced hair fall. 

    You can go with  Prakriti Herbals Hair Rejuvenator Amla Shikakai Brahmi Bhringraj Hair Mask - A nourishing hair mask to reduce hairfall and dandruff and give you silky hair.

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    2. Amla hair oil

    Amla powder can be added to any hair oil or a pre-made amla oil can be used on scalp and hair length. It can be preheated and applied evenly on scalp and hair, use it regularly to see its full benefits. Leave it for at least 20-30 mins to get the maximum benefits.

    Sublime recommends Rustic Art Organic Hair Detangling Fluid With Amala A hydrating hair oil that acts as a barrier to protect your hair from damage and pollution and strengthens hair.

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    3. Amla powder as cleanser

    Amla powder along with a few other herbs can act as a great scalp cleanser. It naturally exfoliates the scalp, helping get rid of dirt, dust and excess oil.

    Sublime recommends SetuVeda Hair Growth Shampoo Seaweed & Amla A blend of 16 Indian herbs to give your hair the care it deserves and can be used by all hair types.

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    4. Hair rinse

    Mix ½ cup amla juice with 100ml of water and once you’re done with your hair wash, rinse your hair with this mix. You can choose to leave this mix or further rinse it with water.

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    Things to keep in mind while using amla? Patch test the ingredient

    You may have allergic reactions to amla, so patch test it for a few minutes before you incorporate amla completely into your hair care routine.

    Amla oil use has been associated with a rare skin condition that causes flat brown or grey patches on the skin, known as lichen planus pigmentosus. To prevent such cases, patch test the ingredient

    Quality of amla oil and its expiry

    Amla oil stays well for 3 years without getting spoiled, if you sense there's a change in the smell and colour, discard the product and get a fresh batch.

    How often should you be using amla?

    Weekly is a good time to start using amla in your hair care routine, but the more you use it the better the results will be. Try keeping a good balance between your hair care goals and the products you’re using.

    Amla oil can be used more frequently, but use amla powder as a hair cleanser in moderation.

    The correct hair care routine and haircare order would be - hair oil > shampoo > mask > conditioner

    Hope you found this useful, we hope you enjoy using amla for your hair! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and drop a comment, we will be happy to help you out!

    - Grisha 

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