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Why Sun Protection Is Crucial For Your Hair?

A legitimate step your hair care routine deserves!

People think that only our skin needs protection from the sun. But this is a myth. The truth is that your hair needs equal protection from the sun too. Sun damage to hair is something which is rarely discussed; therefore people aren't aware about it. Prolonged sun exposure is known to cause cuticle damage & loss of pigment which are signs of damaged hair. Apart from dryness, breakage and hairfall, there are many other ways in which our hair is damaged or dehydrated. 

The moisture in the hair shaft may be robbed by the sun's harsh rays, resulting in frizzy, dry ends. If you already have grey hair, you shouldn't assume that it is sun-resistant and no extra harm can be done to it. UV deterioration can make the grey turn yellow and entirely ruin the hair. Here is a helpful guide to choosing one of the most fundamental products that will shield your hair from sun damage.

Is Hair Sunscreen A Thing?

It definitely is a thing! Leave-in sun protectors are full of antioxidants which prevent your hair from free-radical damage and function as a barrier when it comes to overexposure to the sun. Grey hair which is devoid of melanin needs this the most. Grey hair is more prone to sun damage and starts leading towards a yellow shade after a point. A sun-protectant like the Fixderma Shadow 30 Spray Lotion is an antioxidant which will act as a shield against environmental stressors and results in more healthy and radiant looking hair. Following a few haircare steps after you have had a hair bath, will definitely make all the difference. Using hair care products such as a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair mask (once a week) like the True Frog Deep Conditioning Mask, followed by a hair serum such as the Detoxie Dry & Damage Repair, Sun Block Hair Serum is all you need to take care of your hair. 

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How Does Hair Sunscreen Work?

Sunscreen for your hair functions similarly to SPF creams or lotions. To neutralise UV light, they either absorb it or reflect it. Products with hair SPF are available as sprays, serums, and powders, and they typically penetrate the hair shaft and scalp.

In order to preserve your hair from the harmful elements, a serum will function as a light, non-greasy composition. Additionally, serums are nutrient-rich, nourishing the hair and preventing frizz.


The application of hair sunscreens is actually extremely simple and painless. It is simply an addition to your regular shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask and is very good for both your scalp and the hair shaft.

Other Forms Of Sun Protection For Your Hair

Hair conditioners are also known to be protectants from the sun. One should always look for formulas that are hydrating, repairing and deposit silicone or silicone replacements into your hair. If you have used the right hair care conditioner such as the Tvam Henna Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner, it will definitely protect you against the hair villain dimethicone - which sits on the hair shaft and leads to a build up if it is not properly cleansed. 

Non-Comedogenic haircare is very good for your hair. Products such as a shampoo and conditioner take out the dirt from the hair and even the oiliness without triggering any infection or irritation. Try out the iluvia intensive haircare serum and see magic unfold when it comes to your hair.

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Other Factors That Damage Your Mane

As it is correctly pointed out, hair that is subjected to a lot of chemicals becomes damaged. Your hair regimen surely needs an upgrade if you enjoy experimenting with hair colours and are a frequent swimmer. To ensure that your hair sustains the least amount of damage possible, utilise protection sprays before entering the pool. Use post-swim products to remove the chemicals from coloured hair before going outside.

Damage cannot be done to a head covered in thick hair that has a beautiful, lustrous texture from the natural oils. However, one must exercise caution in areas with scant or fine hair. Because of how readily it can be damaged, overwashing is strongly discouraged. Use dry shampoo in between washes, shampoo twice a week, or only wash your hair with water once a week.

If you're not a fan of scarves or hats, our advice to you is to start wearing them. Frizzy hair won't develop if you keep it covered and protected from harm. To shield your hair from the sun, slip a silk or satin scarf behind it. It's advantageous since these materials don't cause needless friction and allow the scalp to breathe.

How To Apply Hair Sunscreen?

If you choose a SPF-based powder for your scalp, you have to follow the instructions given on the package. Most of the instructions will include:

1. To dry hair, apply the powder on the part line. 

2. Gently massage the powder into the skin

For lotions and creams which include SPF, you simply have to rub them onto your hair and you're ready to go! 

When it comes to a sunscreen spray for the hair, it is fairly simple. 

1. Wait until your hair is dry (in case you are to apply it on damp hair, apply it when your hair is semi-dry)

2. Spray the product from your root to the tips, spreading out the spray evenly across the hair

3. Comb or brush the hair after application to ensure that the product has covered the entire hair shaft

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Many people refuse to use sunscreen on their hair because they view it as a skincare product. However, it is well recognised to provide a wealth of advantages for the scalp and shaft of your hair. Use sunscreen, a hat, or a scarf to protect your scalp and hair if you plan to spend time outside in the sun.

- Harshita Shah

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