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Your Complete Guide To Minimalist Living

The contemporary standards of living are liable to overwhelm you at times. As a result, you end up wasting resources. That’s when you perceive the necessity of making everything work with only what is required. This leads to eliminating unnecessary and extra things which in turn brings about a responsible consumer in you. Being able to meet the requirements of a Minimalist Living is not very hard till you possess an ardent and adaptive trait within you. 

If you are clueless about where to start then you’re probably at the right place. This article will help you to start from scratch by taking baby steps towards adopting a Minimalist lifestyle. 

Minimalist Living conceptualises leading a life by taking in the valuable aspects that shape a responsible human personality for society and the earth. The below-mentioned tips will pave your way for Minimalist Living:

1. Stick to a budget

Creating a budget always works in terms of monitoring your expenses. To lead a life of minimalism, one needs to abide by budgets in every different area like clothing, food, grocery, etc. Strictly sticking to a budget will refrain you from making unnecessary purchases here and there. It will also make you survive on the bare minimum essentials that you require. Your budget should accommodate everything that you need without being uneconomical.

2. Shop mindfully

If you tend to shop a lot and hoard items then it’s time to check on your shopping habits. While creating a budget resolves the case to a certain extent, there is always room for improvement. The best way to resist impulsive shopping habits is to completely finish using the products that you already have at hand. For instance, completely use your cosmetics products like compact powder, blush, highlighter, etc. before getting your hands on the new ones. 

3. Buy more reusables

In the world of minimalism, reusing and repurposing items are encouraged. Buy stuff that can be put to use multiple times. This also ascertains a token of contribution from your end in zero waste. Replace your plastic bottles with aluminium or copper bottles, plastic straws with metal straws, plastic bags with cloth bags, etc. You can even swap your plastic toothbrush with bamboo toothbrushes that are readily available in the market. Your skincare products can also be switched to eco-friendly packaging resonating with your preferences.

We would like to recommend these two brands; Bare Necessities and The Switch Fix, from the multiple others out there as they are plastic-free brands and their products come in recyclable packaging.

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4. Believe in basics

The notion of Minimalist Living is to be sufficed by basic necessities. You do not need everything that you see around you to satisfy yourself. Always remember, less is more when it comes to being a minimalist. Getting some extra pairs of shoes and dresses for every event is not a wise decision. There’s no harm in repeating your outfits back and forth on a few occasions. On a similar note, having an elaborate skincare regime is not extremely important. Adhering to a basic daily skincare routine can also do wonders for your skin. 

5. Give space to your belongings

Plan your room decor in such a way that will furnish all of your belongings with space. Before adjusting that one piece of furniture in your room consider its value. If you can do away with it then there probably isn’t a need of stuffing your space. Having said that, the belongings that you already have should find a space somewhere in your room to be utilised rather than lingering anywhere without any purpose. Hence, choosing your possessions plays a vital role in Minimalist Living. Your room can be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes with very few belongings too. 

6. Recognise the worth of time

Giving value to your possessions is one of the salient features of a Minimalist lifestyle. In this context, time surpasses every other valuables as it is irreversible. A minimalist should make use of time at his or her highest probability. Schedule a routine bearing in mind to spend time in each field that requires your surveillance. 

7. Get hold of things that reduce your stress

Stress can get in the way of a happy and balanced life. A minimalist lifestyle calls for a stress-free vibe. Hence, engrossing oneself in activities that help to drain out stress is advisable. Likewise, you can also get your hands on some drinkables that reduce the stress levels in your body. The Cosmix Bring Me Bliss is one such product that helps in lifting your mood by relaxing the stress hormones in your body. Enriched with a calming blend, Brahmi & Spirulina which helps in improving your focus, strengthening the nerves & easing tension. 

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Minimalist living requires a holistic approach, including decluttering, being mindful and responsible towards the environment, being satisfied with basics & much more. Minimalism brings happiness into your life through the elimination of indiscipline. Once you become a minimalist, you will be able to perceive a significant difference in your mental health. However, you should not exert pressure on yourself to adopt minimalist living within a short period. Minimalism doesn’t happen overnight. You need to slowly and steadily take up the steps to make your way into the world of minimalist living.


1. What is Minimalist Living? 

Minimalist Living is a choice of lifestyle by taking up only essential things and eliminating extras.

2. What are the advantages of Minimalist Living?

There are many pros of minimalist living such as freeing yourself from clutter, developing a good personality, protecting the environment through sustainability & more. 

3. How can I become a minimalist? 

The best way to start off with minimalism is to prepare your mindset. Once you affirm the concept of minimalist living in your mind, follow a guide and trust the process.

Sneha Das

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