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Make Your Sunscreen Your Best Friend This Summer

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The holy grail of making your skin look young and fine is sunscreen. No matter how many products you have in your skincare routine, without sunscreen, all else falls apart. If achieving healthy and young-looking skin is your goal in the long run, you have to religiously swear by wearing a well-formulated sunscreen on a daily basis. Think of it like developing a good habit; it can be challenging to remember to wear it everyday, but once you get used to it, your skin will reap the benefits. A common misconception is that sunscreen should be worn only during summers due to the harsh sun, but do not be fooled; the sun is as glaring during the winter as it is during summers. The UV rays of the sun are detrimental to your skin, ageing it and leading to the destruction of your skin barrier. The main basis of sunscreens is the sun protection factor (SPF) that is a measure of how much UV radiation produces sunburn on protected skin as compared to unprotected skin. Higher the SPF, the better the protection. 

Benefits of sunscreen

1. Protection against UV damage

The Sun emits harmful UV A and UV B rays, which are associated with sunburn, skin cancer, skin ageing, to name a few problems. Wearing a high SPF sunscreen with both, guard against UV A and UV B offers guaranteed protection against these harmful rays, thereby not just protecting your skin health, but shielding you from life-threatening diseases. 

2. Reduces chance of skin cancer

UV B rays have the capability of penetrating into the skin and inducing mutations in our DNA, which can cause skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen is a preventive measure against developing skin cancer. 

3. Limits skin ageing

Continuous exposure to sunlight has shown to cause premature ageing. If you wish to flaunt healthy looking skin even in your 50s and 60s, it is ideal to start using sunscreen as early on as possible, preferably during the teenage years. 

4. Prevents tanning

The one issue most people are concerned about while being exposed to the sun is tanning. And sunscreens can help you combat that as well! It is better to use a sunscreen with a high SPF such as 30 or 50 to get maximum protection against tanning. 

5. Better skin texture

Titanium dioxide is an essential component of sunscreens, and this helps keep the proteins sustained in your skin, protected against damage by the Sun. As a result of the proper working and concentration of the proteins like keratin, collage, and elastin, the elasticity and smoothness of your skin remains maintained. 

Summers demand lightweight and non-greasy sunscreens, and we have compiled just the perfect list to rid you of your summer woes. 

1. Sandiva One & Done Tinted Sunblock

Composed of sandalwood, this sunscreen soothes inflamed skin, provides antibacterial action, and protects skin against environmental damage. It is water-resistant and offers a satin-matte tinted finish that stays on even through excessive perspiration.  

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2. Fixderma Shadow 30+ Gel

This non-oily, non-greasy formulation is perfect for oily and combination skin. It also does not leave behind any white cast, and spreads evenly into your skin, offering effective protection against UVA as well as UVB. 

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3. Put Simply Beat the Sun

This is a great option for those with sensitive skin as it is non-comedogenic, yet has a highly moisturising formula. It not only protects your skin against the Sun, but also gives it a smooth and lightweight feel. 

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4. Lisen soothing Shade SPF 50+

This sweat-proof sunscreen has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that helps in restoring your skin barrier . It also offers a velvety matte finish, making it a good base for light makeup. 

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5. FCL Chemfree SPF 30

This is a very safe broad spectrum formulation that protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays. It is lightweight, has no whitening effect and spreads evenly on your skin for quick action. 

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Summers are all about having the most fun and partying the hardest at the beach, but in doing so, do not forget about your skin health. Remember that if you use sunscreen on a daily basis, your future self will be thanking your current self.


1. How much sunscreen should I use?

Forget about the two-finger rule. You should apply enough sunscreen to cover your entire face and neck, and reapply it every two-three hours if you are constantly exposed to sunlight. 

2. Should I apply sunscreen even when I am indoors?

It is necessary to apply sunscreen even while being indoors as sunlight is always penetrating through our windows, and our skin is also exposed to UV rays from electronic devices. 

3. Can I apply sunscreen without using a moisturiser first?

If your sunscreen is moisturising and hydrating in itself, there is no need to apply a moisturiser prior to it.

Srishti Chakraborty

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