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Your ultimate guide for beating dry skin

Dry skin has been an issue plaguing people since time immemorial, and little explanation has been found for it over time. However, in recent times, with substantial research in the field of dermatology and skin care sciences, significant light has been shone on the problem of dry skin, what causes it, and how to combat it. 

Wondering how you can control dryness and what factors you should pay heed to more to do so? Find out below.

1. Winters

The onset of winter means a dip in the mercury, and even though this is a season for merriness and festivities, it can prove to be harsh on your skin. The dry winter air and low humidity levels extract moisture from your skin, making it flaky and itchy. This results in a reduction in the radiance of your skin. 

2. Ageing

With age, there is an increase in the percentage of transepidermal water loss from the skin, in addition to an impaired ability of the skin to retain moisture. This can often lead to extremely fragile and thin skin and, in extreme conditions, xerosis, which is the formation of extremely dry skin. 

3. Contact with hot water

Even though it might seem tempting to splash your face with hot water for that extra comfort, it can prove to be detrimental to your skin health. Hot water is known to strip your skin of the natural oils that it possesses and contribute to dryness. It also makes the skin susceptible to inflammation. 

4. Harsh products

A plethora of skincare products are flooding the market today, and it is only natural to want to try your hand at them. But did you know that not all chemicals suit all skin types? Certain chemicals which are deemed to serve one function may, in turn, dry out your skin over time. It is thus advisable to stick to more natural products without negative consequences on your skin. 

5. Exposure to sun

UV rays from the Sun are the leading cause of skin dryness and most skin-related issues. The outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, becomes thickened over time upon constant exposure to UV rays and leads to dehydrated skin. The skin loses moisture and essential oils upon prolonged sun exposure. 

6. Medical conditions

If no external factors are found to affect your skin, your body could be contributing to its dryness. Diseases like diabetes, thyroid and eczema can lead to dry skin. Treating these diseases in their own specific way would lead you to see improvement in your skin texture. 

Other than the aforementioned factors, a person’s genetics could also be a governing factor of their skin type. Read along if you’re tired of finding dead skin flakes on your nose and cheeks every time you see or touch your face.

Follow this skincare routine to mend your dry skin:

1. Cleanse

This is the most crucial skincare routine step, irrespective of your goals. It is essential to use an effective cleanser, like the Put Simply Get Your Greens Cleanser which removes accumulated dirt, residual makeup and sunscreen from your face. This product also contains hyaluronic acid, which provides extra hydration to your skin. Cleansing preps your skin for the upcoming steps of your routine and ensures its full efficacy.

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2. Scrub

A good face scrub helps in removing dead and flaky skin, which an ordinary face wash cannot remove. The Plum Green Tea Gentle Revival Face scrub not only offers gentle exfoliation but also helps in preventing acne. 

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3. Tone

A toner finishes the work of a cleanser. If any remnants of makeup or products are there on your face post-cleansing, using a toner can remove it all. Toning also helps balance the skin tone, removes excess oil, maintains skin pH, and allows better penetration of other products into your skin. The Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner, with purifying botanical ingredients, could be an excellent addition to your skincare routine. 

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4. Hydrate

Layering the correct ingredients is the key to achieving good skin. This necessitates the incorporation of a serum like hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine. The  Hyaluronic Acid from Deconstruct hydrates all layers of your skin and maintains its elasticity and firmness. 

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5. Moisturize

This is an indispensable step towards achieving hydrated skin. Moisturising leaves your skin feeling supple and fresh for long durations and prevents moisture loss. Invest in a good moisturiser like the Detoxie Anti-Stress and Hydrating Youth Preserve Moisturiser, which induces collagen synthesis, works on fine lines, reduces pigmentation, and provides excellent hydration levels. 

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6. Sunscreen 

Last but not least, sunscreen! As mentioned before, exposure to the sun dries out the skin to a large extent, making it important to apply and reapply sunscreen, even indoors. A sunscreen like the Put Simply Beat The Sun, with SPF 50+ and zero white cast, is a good example of an effective sunscreen. This should be the last step of your AM skincare routine. 

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In addition to your skincare routine, these are a few tips that you can follow to prevent dry skin from persisting-

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1. Hydrate yourself

Unless you bring change from the inside, no matter how many steps you include in your skincare routine, you won’t see results. That said, ensure you drink several glasses of water throughout the day. Especially in hotter and drier areas, the water intake should be adjusted so as not to lose out most of it through perspiration. 

2. Shield yourself from the Sun

Apart from using sunscreen, resort to using caps, hats, sunglasses, or umbrellas to protect yourself from the direct light of the Sun. 

3. Take cool showers

Do not take hot showers too often. Try using normal-temperature water to wash your face. 

4. Natural remedies

Household ingredients such as honey, coconut oil and oatmeal are excellent for providing hydration. You could make homemade face masks using these ingredients once in a while, which will leave your skin feeling moist and shiny! 

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