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A Healthy Outside Starts From A Healthy Inside

Does your lifestyle affect your body? A guide to holistic beauty and eating clean!

“You are what you eat” you must’ve come across this quote once in your life. And that’s true! We stand by this fact. 

Lifestyle has a direct effect on your health. The food choices you make, your sleeping habits, the extracurricular activities you do - all these things contribute to your health, skin & body. If you think these things won’t make an impact in your life, think again! Even the smallest of lifestyle and dietary changes bring about a lot of positive results. 

Let’s clear up a few things first. What do we mean by holistic beauty?

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It refers to the approach that our beauty is connected to internal factors such as a clean body, health and mind that brings up better and radiant skin. The small things that we do in our daily life is what contributes to the well-being of our skin. Let’s take an example here, breakouts and acne are sure caused by stressful situations but also arise due to certain factors such as poor eating habits, excess oily or junk food, alcohol or extreme fatigue - most of which happens to millennials who are exposed to unhealthy lifestyles. 

In general, it can be said that lifestyle does have a huge impact on your health. The better the lifestyle, the better your health becomes. The major factor is your eating habits. Consuming the right kind of food and making sure you’re eating the right amount benefits your skin a lot. Other than this, ensuring that you’re getting sound sleep, including two - three physical activities in your routine is also mandatory. More to this, you also need to make sure that whatever you’re eating is produced from the right sources. There are a lot of things that go there. It has to be natural or organic, chemical-free and authentic. Consumables made from their native origin have extra health benefits and lead to better body and skin. Clean eating is one of the best ways we can incorporate into our routine for a better and healthy life. What do we mean by clean eating? It refers to the dietary concept where you go for more whole foods and avoid convenient, refined foods or those including preservatives. Foods that are free or have fewer stabilisers are known to be more beneficial in terms of their nutritional value. 

It’s surprising how your gut health can affect your overall body health - starting from kidney, liver, and heart and moving its way to skin and hair health. Even the changes that come with these are gradual, it can’t fix everything in a second and isn’t quick. 

When it comes to the production of products that are organic it’s pretty much difficult too. It’s never an easy task to procure greener ingredients without affecting the environment. In need of everything organic and natural, the ingredients might not be available near and there’s a need to source it from far away. All of these hinder the environment factors. There’s a need to be more aware about the ingredients that are available nearby but also make sure they're of top quality. There’s a lot more that goes behind here. Supporting local farmers here is also needed. Making sure we’re using crops that are provided by them, the only exception is if something is not available due to environmental factors etc. Thus, there are certain products in the market that have the best quality and authentic ingredients delivered from places that are also good for your gut. Businesses have gone to lengths to ensure the material provided by them is of top-notch quality. Looking for quality raw materials but ensuring they’re from the right source has always been a task. Going for ingredients that are available closer to you but also has good quality is something businesses can’t easily find. Consumers are now aware of the variety of organic materials available near them and they always choose the best quality - mainly because health is their first priority. Going for organic, clean materials, having and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eliminating junk from their body are a few things consumers are doing for a “healthy living”. 

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We recommend getting your full nutrition dose with the Cosmix essentials that empower holistic health for all. Their products are plant-based, vegan, natural and have high nutritional value.

Over the past few years, organic products have been diminishing. But to our surprise, people are now moving towards a healthier lifestyle and embracing the “vegan lifestyle”. All of these are for a better body and skin. It’s no surprise the harm caused by meat and dairy products to us and the environment. Now that people are aware of this, they’re switching to a lifestyle that has less or no of these products and more of “greener, cleaner” ones. All these changes are not because of trends but to keep you physically fit. All of these changes are not related to coming out easy on the eyes, but for their own benefit. The positive effects they saw after this switch is what drove them to look out for more organic products. Even on social media, people are mostly talking about the changes and how it has impacted their life all because of the switch to organic.

People are now facing more and more food allergies, and certain body problems such as PCOS, fatty liver, etc. All these things are somewhat related to the food we consume. The diet we choose plays a major role here and helps your gut directly support these issues. Getting to know your body is vital here. Make sure that all foods work the best for you and add those whole foods instead of cutting the junk portion. What also matters is the amount you’re eating. There’s a specific diet that contributes to the body. A mix of good fats, proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals is needed. Making sure you’re eating the right amount doesn't hinder your body functioning. 

Making sure to eat more whole foods that contain less or almost zero preservatives is essential. All these directly shape the way you feel and look. The more healthy and clean items you eat, the more your body stays clean and fit. Eliminating junk, sugar, oil and preservatives has led to good changes in some way or another. If one needs to adopt this lifestyle, they need to study their body and what is their need, the kind of foods that work for them and not follow any routine blindly. A lot of thought goes behind that since everyone is different and will need different nutrients for a healthy & better living lifestyle. 

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- Eshita Sharma

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