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Aromatherapy And Bath & Body Essentials To Update Your “Me” Time

How self care leads to skin care most of the times!

Introduction To Self Care

A self-care routine entails taking care of one's own health, whether it is mental, physical, or spiritual. It also means you're doing well at work and getting along well with everyone around you. Self-care entails unwinding and slowing down! Self-care is essential because it promotes positive health outcomes, boosts confidence, and makes you more capable of dealing with stress. Starting a skincare routine with the right skincare steps results in self care for glowing skin. Even things like spending time in nature, doing a hobby you enjoy, and expressing gratitude are all examples of self-care.

How Can You Practice Self Care?

Humans have a variety of ideas and methods for practising self-care. You can be gentle with yourself and stop worrying about every minor error you make. You can get a good night's sleep and meditate for a while before going to bed. A diet high in fruits and vegetables will undoubtedly be beneficial. Spending time in nature and exercising will also help you relax. When it comes to self-care, most people believe in disconnecting from electronics, living in the present moment, and journaling about their experiences.

Physical Self Care & Its Benefits

Physical self-care entails prioritising sleep, exercising, and developing a routine for a day-to-day work spree, choosing healthy foods over processed foods, and ensuring that your self-care routine includes a proper skincare order which you must follow!

When you exercise, you lower your chances of dying at a younger age. Self-care teaches you that you have a strong sense of purpose in life. A healthy diet will help you avoid heart problems. A good night's sleep will keep you alert and focused. Spending time in nature will also increase your mortality rate. Creating a skincare routine will boost your confidence and fight anti-ageing.

Types Of Self Care

1. Meditative Baths With Essential Oils

Meditation has long been known to be a stress reliever, and when done regularly, it definitely promotes inner peace. A meditative bath is created by combining meditation and a hot bath. Get essential oil benefits by adding lavender, sandalwood, jojoba, and eucalyptus which helps you escape from the stresses of everyday life. It relaxes your body and brings you joy. Consider adding oatmeal to your bath water if you have dry skin. Avoid using products with synthetic fragrances if you have sensitive skin. Use the Clay Pure Lavender Essential Oil when you are having a meditative bath. You will definitely find it calming and relaxing since it is the mother of all essential oils. 

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2. Investing In Good-Quality Skincare Products

Use high-quality skincare products to boost your self-esteem and give your skin the attention it deserves. It is critical that you select skincare from clean beauty brands that naturally brighten your skin and make you look fresh and glowing. Using the Daughter Earth Coffee Nude Lip And Cheek Tint will definitely give your skin a healthy and natural glow; a Vitamin-E infused and intensely pigmented lip and cheek tint which will nurture your skin and nourish it well. Consult a dermatologist if you are experiencing itchy skin, acne, or rashes.

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3. Aromatherapy

This is a healing treatment that believes in using natural plant extracts to promote an individual's health and well-being. It is also referred to as essential oil therapy. Essential oils have been shown to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. Aromatherapy essentials includes diffusers, bath salts like the Soulflower Lavender Bath Salt, facial steamers, clay masks like the Anour Mud Pie Clay Mask, body oils, creams or lotions for massage or topical application. Benefits of Aromatherapy include improved sleep, reduced anxiety and stress, and treatment of migraines, headaches, digestion issues, and sore joints.

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4. Anxiety Relief Oils

Applying a few drops of the Secret Alchemist Calm Anxiety Reliever oil to unscented body lotions or creams and then applying this to your wrists, behind your ears, on your neck, and on your feet will help you fight anxiety. Anxiety relief oils have calming effects on the mind and body, reducing anxiety and headaches. 

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5. Massages

Massaging at a spa or at home with an essential oil or a body lotion has numerous advantages. Benefits of massage are many; it relieves stress and promotes relaxation. It definitely reduces muscle soreness, improves blood circulation, removes blood clots, and boosts the body's immunity. A massage is a body care routine that will undoubtedly result in sound sleep. You can also massage your face by applying a serum and using face rollers like a jade roller or a rose quartz to let that serum get absorbed into your skin. Even a gua sha benefits the skin when it is used consistently in one angle. We would definitely recommend you try this Natural Vibes Glow Getter Gift Set which contains the Rose Quartz Face Roller, Vitamin C Serum, Nirvana Flower Oil and Gold Beauty Elixir Oil. 

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6. Bath & Body Routine

It is essential to apply moisturiser immediately after bathing. Exfoliation should be avoided on a day-to-day basis because the skin requires time to heal between exfoliations. Most people believe that using fragrance-free lotions and creams is preferable because you never know when you will experience an allergic reaction. It is necessary to remove makeup with a good cleanser so that you do not wake up with damaged or acne-infested skin the next morning. It is critical that you take precautions to protect your skin from sun and UV radiation damage with products such as the Deconstruct Lightweight Gel Sunscreen SPF 55+ PA+++. 

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Use products like bath & body washes, serums, lotions, and creams that contain salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamides, peptides, and glycolic acid. These are beneficial in the fight against ageing, for your well-being as well as in the treatment of dry skin, sensitive skin, and oily skin. When a skin condition has lasted more than a few days with no improvement, it is time to see a dermatologist. Maintain a morning skincare routine with the Rustic Art Organic Moisturizing Day Fluid With Vitamin C after bathing. Your nighttime routine should undoubtedly include washing your face, moisturising, toning, and sleeping with an eye mask. Maintain a consistent skincare routine to feel radiant and confident!

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7. Facials

Exfoliation, steam, serums, and masks are commonly used in facials to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. The gentle massaging of the face also allows blood to flow and provides a healing touch. Facials are usually tailored to your skin type in order to serve as a better skin care regimen for you. Even hyaluronic acid masks are beneficial for hydrating your skin once every two weeks. Having your facial hair removed and your hands and legs waxed is another way to care for your skin and its hygiene. Try out our Juicy Chemistry Organic Saffron And Red Raspberry Day Facial Oil which will protect you from environmental aggressors and is super moisturising. 

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Bottom Line

There are numerous ways to practise self-care, but focusing on improving your health and skin is beneficial to both your emotional and mental health. The majority of people agree that there is a link between their mood and their skincare routine. The time they spend unwinding and caring for their skin benefits both their mind and body, boosting their confidence and allowing them to shape their day the way they want it! How do you take care of yourself? Do let us know, we'd love to hear about it! 

- Harshita Shah

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