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Prevent havoc during the rainy season with these skincare essentials

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the rainy season. Love because the rainy season symbolises ‘hot pakoda and chai’ and hate it because it can mess up with our skin and hair. Often the skin type changes from dry or combination to oily or normal to oily skin type. To prevent these changes we are listing all the details you need to know for healthy skin. Learn about them here with us!

What can the rainy season do to your skin?

The rainy season can change your skin type due to the presence of excess humidity and dissolved chemicals from the environment in the rainwater. With that being said, here are some common skin concerns you might face during the rainy season-

1. Smelly underarms

It’s just a disastrous combination of sweat, humidity, dirt, and constant friction between the skin, you will end up with smelly armpits. Moisture during the monsoon makes it worse by giving the pathogens a red carpet to thrive in such conditions. 

2. Fungal infection

Fungal growth occurs due to excess moisture that makes the skin oily and damp. While this is treatable, it can clog your pores and lead to fungal acne. To avoid fungal infection, one needs to ensure that their skin is not damp for many hours. Fungal infection and acne need a different treatment than your regular acne which is why you should approach a dermatologist for the right action plan.

    Learn more about fungal acne here.

    3. Acne

    Acne is caused when there is fungal or pathogenic growth on your skin that harps in your pores along with the dirt, dead skin, and excess oil to thrive on. There are various types of acne and it all depends on your skin type. Monsoon leads to humidity which can make the skin moister than you’d want it to be. This disturbs the oil-water balance in the skin and leads to skin concerns like acne or change in skin type, increases pore size, etc.

    Which are the skincare essentials you need to stack on during the rainy season?

    In case, your skin is finicky and catches the weather pretty easily then this rainy season, all you need are these skincare essentials:

    1. Sunscreen

    Don’t let the clouds fool you. UV rays are not visible so even though the day may be cloudy, the rays can penetrate the cloud and reach out to your skin. The weather forecast includes a UV index which is where you can find out how harsh the sun is every day. As long as the sun rises, you will need sunscreen without questioning its harshness.

      Learn more about sunscreen here.

      Sublime recommends Lisen Soothing Shade SPF 50 + PA +++ Sunscreen. It’s a non-comedogenic, physical sunscreen that can also heal and soothe your skin due to the presence of Cica in the formulation.

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      2. Gentle exfoliator

      For all the things stuck to your face due to humidity that monsoon brings in, need to be off. The best way to brighten dull skin is by incorporating a gentle exfoliator that you can use once a week or twice a week depending upon how active your lifestyle is. Keep in mind to pick something with low concentration so that it doesn’t damage the skin barrier when used weekly.

        Learn more about chemical exfoliation for beginners here.

        Sublime recommends Deconstruct Beginners Exfoliating Serum. It has 5% Lactic Acid(AHA) and 1.5% Probiotics that will help you keep a healthy skin barrier.

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        3. Moisturiser

        There is a moisturiser out there for every skin type and weather. Monsoon invites humidity which makes our skin oily and damp most of the time. While this makes you believe you must avoid a moisturiser, it is completely the opposite if you want to keep your skin unharmed. Oftentimes, those with oily skin type tend to avoid moisturiser but that can only aggravate the greasiness. Moisturiser can nourish the skin barrier and also prevent transepidermal water loss(TEWL) which helps you maintain the oil-water balance in your skin.

          Sublime recommends Lacuna Light Niacinamide Daily Gel Moisturizer. This suits all skin types and feels light on the skin. Perfect on a rainy day!

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          4. Toner

          Often the humidity in the air can put your oil-water balance for a toss and hence you need something that soothes your skin, and reduces inflammation. Toner helps to restore the pH of the skin and prepare your skin to be receptive for the next layers of skin care. For Koreans, toner is an important layer to hydrate and soothe their skin before they get into the rest of the steps. 

            Learn about the importance of toner in your routine here.

            Sublime recommends Dear, Klairs Daily Skin Hydrating Water. With a great botanical mix, this toner sure hydrates your skin and yet feels like nothing on your skin.

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            5. Foot and hand cream

            When you step out in rain, the first thing to be damp are your hands and feet given how functional they are while walking. Damp skin can invite fungal and bacterial growth. This is also because your skin barrier was weak. The best thing to achieve clean hands and feet is to moisture and keep them dry. 

              Sublime recommends Juicy Chemistry Kokum, Myrrh & Hazelnut Hand & Foot Cream. It’s a blend of essential oils and plant-based butters that helps you nourish and hydrate your skin.

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              6. Lip balm

              Lip skin is thinner than the rest of your body, which is why we use lip balm to moisturise our lips instead of face cream. Since the skin is thinner, it can lose moisture easily. So if you want humidity to work in the favour of your lips and seal all that juice in your lips then you need a lip balm that nourishes and prevents TEWL.

                Sublime recommends Arata Natural Lip Balm if you have an issue with dry and chapped lips then this should be your go-to every day. 

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                What are the dos and don’ts of taking care of your skin during the rainy season?

                You cannot get through the rainy season with healthy skin if you’re still stuck on the things you used to do during the summer season. Here are some dos’ and don’ts to follow during the rainy season for your skin:


                1. Using a soothing face mask

                Rainwater contains many chemicals that were present in the air. When they stay on your skin, they can irritate your skin and even damage the skin barrier which leads to further concerns. After cleansing, using a soothing face mask containing Niacinamide, Cica, Aloe Vera, Honey, Propolis, Snail Mucin, etc can moisturise and bring back the pH of your skin which will be disturbed by rainwater.

                Sublime recommends Lisen Sweet Dream Overnight Recharging Mask. It’s an overnight face mask that can recharge your skin overnight due to the presence of Vitamins, humectants, and other soothing ingredients to give you glowing skin.

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                2. Take lukewarm baths

                Monsoon is quite chilly so it tempts us to take a hot shower and follow it with a hot cup of ‘chai’. But here’s the thing about hot showers, they can lead to dryness or oiliness. Let’s understand how. Hot showers will leave you with soft skin that can take up moisture pretty easily. Once you step out of the shower, the weather will make the skin damp so it sends signals to amp up the oil production to maintain the oil-water in the skin.

                3. Opt for a healthy and hydrating diet

                Your diet makes a whole lot of difference to the skin. A perfect intake of nutrients and vitamins allows your skin to remain healthy. As we age, our skin needs more maintenance since our body cannot produce all the amino acids and nutrients as it used to before. So for all those who have reached their mid-twenties, supplements may play a role in avoiding quarter-life crisis by keeping your bodily functions stable and also maintaining your skin health to keep glowing as if you’re still in your teen years.

                Sublime recommends Nyumi Radiant Skin Gummies. It has all that your body needs to build collagen, nourish your skin and improve firmness.

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                1. Ignoring foot and hand hygiene

                With the skin starting to peel off due to soaking in water, you might want to specifically look out for hands and feet since they’re more vulnerable to soaking in rain. It is necessary to scrub off the dead skin and moisturise it well followed by a message. It’s simply maintenance that will help you avoid any fungal growth.

                2. Skipping sunscreen

                As we said, just because it is not sunny, doesn’t mean that the UV rays are blocked. They can very much penetrate the clouds. Especially in those regions where the ozone layer has been damaged, you need application and reapplication of sunscreen after every few hours. Just like a cleanser and moisturiser, sunscreen is also an essential.


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                  Monsoon means humidity and a hot cup of ‘chai’. While enjoying the monsoon, we must keep some basic skin necessities handy. Focusing on moisturising your body well and keeping it dry will help to avoid any skin infection. To fight humidity, all you need is to stick to basic hygiene, C-T-M, and sunscreen to never let the weather pull down your skin!

                  -Divya Salvi

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