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This is what Koreans have been doing right for that glowing skin, are you?

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We’re just far too obsessed with K-beauty, K-drama and whatnot to be not digging into their famous techniques to achieve that glass skin. While global warming has left us high and dry with fluctuating weather all the time, K-beauty hits the sweet spot. It is more of a concept than a regime that has helped us maintain healthy skin. Here’s to us sharing some of the top tips that Koreans follow to achieve that blinding glow-from-within skin!

How do K-beauty techniques help in getting glowing skin?

K-beauty is very much into preventive skincare rather than treatment which is exactly the attitude one needs to achieve clear skin. This clearly demonstrates in the skincare regime that they build. They believe in hydrating multiple times and using everything that can deeply repair and nourish their skin. The ingredients that they use are usually very rich in Antioxidants and moisturisation. So if we have to break down their skincare regimes in simpler terms, then we’d say that they focus on these two factors-

  • Hydration
  • Soothing

Based on this, we’ve made a simple K-beauty skincare regime that you might like to try. Read more about it here.

What are the Korean beauty techniques to achieve glowing skin?

K-beauty has something to add to every step of skincare. They really do add value to the most basic C-T-M(Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise) routine too. So let’s check out some of these techniques to get to the roots:

1. Use a pimple patch for pimples

Koreans knew what the pimple needed to be treated and they gave it- no touching or exposure to more environmental stressors. So when a pimple pops, instead of keeping it open, Koreans prefer to apply a hydrocolloid pimple patch that sucks out the gunk in a few hours. This prevents the growth of the acne and also ensures that there is no mark left behind after the acne is gone. If you’re someone who can’t stop touching your face when a bump rises then this technique is for you. Opt for a pimple patch that is invisible and can be worn in the makeup too so that you don’t have to worry about irritating the pimple area further due to makeup. 

    Sublime picks Priveda Spot Clearing Patch. It’s perfect for every day. It comes in three different sizes. If you have the head surfacing on the skin and you’re tempted to pop it, this is best when you can slap on this invisible patch hero to save your skin from scarring.

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    2. Opt for double cleansing with a 4-2-4 routine

    If you are staying indoors or outdoors, we are pretty sure that you’re smart enough to wear sunscreen every day. Perhaps you may even wear light makeup while outdoors and to get rid of all the pollutants sticking to your face during the day, makeup and sunscreen settled in your pores, you need something more than a weak face wash. Koreans always opt for the double-cleansing method which says that you first apply an oil-based cleanser that melts down all the oil-soluble gunk from your pores. After this, go in with a foam-based cleanser that will take off the remains from your pores and you finally have clean pores. They do this method called the 4-2-4 routine. The oil-based cleanser is massaged for 4 minutes into your skin and then 2 minutes massage with a foam-based cleanser. Follow this with 4 minutes of rinsing with lukewarm water. 

      Learn more about double-cleansing here.

      Sublime picks Sioris Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser as your first cleanser and then follows it with a form cleanser like Sioris Day By Day Cleansing Gel. It’s a perfect pair when you want something that takes off all the gunk and exfoliates to brighten your skin.

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      3. Hydrating and detoxifying sheet masks

      Koreans swear by sheet masks for all their skin concerns. Got a concern? Pull up a sheet mask. It is very common for Koreans to stack up on sheet masks and the reason they do so is they love hydration and detoxification. They pick a hydrating sheet mask at least once a week and keep it on for 15-20 minutes. Massage it in or face it off as directed. This is just a great way to intensely hydrate your skin on off days. This reminds us of the next technique that adds to the sheen of their skin.

      4. Hydrate your skin in layers

      Korean beauty skincare regime has always been about multiple layers and most of the ingredients picked for layering are hydrating and soothing. This is because they believe in providing hydration to the skin in layers. This method will help in deep moisturisation and ensure a healthy skin barrier. Most of the skin trouble shoots up due to inflammation and drying. Hydrating in layers with the correct ingredient also means that it will soothe your skin. Ingredients like Snail Mucin, Aloe Vera, Centella Asiatica, Ginseng roots, Hyaluronic Acid, Honey, Propolis, etc not just hydrate your skin but also soothes the skin which can prevent so many skin concerns. Inflammation is the beast that starts major skin concerns and so no wonder that K-beauty is really after erasing inflammation.

        Learn how to deal with redness due to inflammation here.

        Sublime picks Dear, Klairs Fundamental Ampule Mist. For those who love hydration in the middle of the day, this can come in perfectly handy!


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        5. Air dry after washing your face

        Air drying your face allows your skin to remain damp and hydrate your upper layer of skin. It also helps to reduce any friction that could occur between your skin and the cloth/tissue. For all, we know that the cloth or tissue could be a carrier of pathogens, dirt, dust, or the material may irritate our skin. This also makes your skin receptive to skincare since your skin is still damp. They do tend to follow the rule of 10 seconds where after washing, without pat drying, they start with the first layer of skin care since this is when the pores are open and ready to take in the goodness.

        6. Patting instead of rubbing in your skincare

        It is traumatising for our skin cells to see us rub them so hard every time we’re applying makeup or skincare. Patting in your skincare allows the cells to absorb just how much they can. Rubbing, on the other hand, can lead to the peeling of skin care products. Our skin can absorb 60-70% of what we put on our skin and for it to absorb it, it needs to rest well on our skin. Putting two and two together makes sense that patting is more effective than rubbing.

        7. Opt for lip oil or mask

        Koreans sure have a way of painting their lips. It’s usually those pinky hues that make them look so fresh. There is a way to get that though. You can also opt for tinted lip oils instead of lip balm and lipstick. This gives the most natural-looking lips and also the nutrient-rich mix of oils nourishes the lips to keep them plump. Plant-derived butters like Cacao, Shea, etc can nourish your skin without making it greasy on your lips.

          Sublime picks Unpa Bubi Bubi Lip Mask. It is an overnight mask that melts right into your skin to give soft, moisturised, and firm lips. It is lightweight and adds a bit of sheen to your lips to give a very juicy appearance to your skin.

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          8. Have an antioxidants-rich diet

          They know that what you eat is what shows on your skin and hence you will find them sipping on healthy teas and taking their collagen supplements seriously. This is how they use their sheet masking time. One of their common teas to consume is barley tea which is given to kids and adults too. This tea is rich in nutrients and Antioxidants which promote well-being and healthy skin. If not barley, one can always resort to modern means like nutrient supplements to achieve healthy skin.

            Learn more about supplements here.

            Sublime picks Nyumi Radiant Skin Gummies. Apart from the fact that they taste like Mandarin, they are also rich in Vitamin C & E, Hyaluronic Acid and Curcumin extract (Haldi). Healthy skin is easy with them!


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            9. Ampoules for all skin concerns

            These are targeted therapies that allow them to treat specific skin concerns. Ampoules are cute little vials that contain active ingredients to treat your skin within a shorter duration. These are concentrated and the formulation is not oxidised since they are packed in glass vials. To repair and rejuvenate your skin cells, ampoules work well for Koreans and from what we hear, it is worth a shot if you have a persistent skin concern that you want to address in a shorter period.

              Learn more about Ampoules and their benefits here.

              Sublime picks SNP Prep Cicaronic SOS Ampoule which has the patented CICA-TRIO Complex engineered by SNP and also three different types of Hyaluronic acid. If you have dry, irritated, and sensitive skin then this is the one for you!

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              K-beauty skin care regime has aced every test when it comes to getting that glistening glow. While skincare can do wonders, some of their techniques are quite brilliant to make a huge difference to your skin. The rule of this game is simple: hydrate and soothe your skin at all times. Also, while you’re at K-beauty skincare, focus on getting a nutritious meal or supplements to get that glow from within like Koreans. Implement a few of these techniques and let us know what worked best for you!

              - Divya Salvi

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