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Kansa Wand: An Ayurvedic tool for holistic body healing

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Have you always wondered how your grandma still has that rosy glow to her wrinkled skin? I mean if we put two and two together, aged skin means loss of moisture and hence no glow. But we forget that they have always used Ayurveda and ancient techniques to maintain their health. Fortunately, we are going back to our roots, and rediscovering traditional Ayurveda techniques today. Here we will talk about a tool that helps you achieve mindful overall health - Kansa Wand.

What is a Kansa Wand?

Kansa Wand is an Ayurvedic dome-shaped wand that is made up of a wooden stick and Kansa metal at the bottom. Kansa is a Sanskrit word that means bronze. Bronze is a metal alloy that is made up of tin, copper, and zinc. This tool was made to massage your skin and balance all the three doshas- Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. Kansa is considered to have healing power due to which our ancestors used to drink and eat from glasses and plates made up of Kansa.

Make sure the tool is made up of real Kansa metal. All the tools mentioned on our platform can be trusted to be true to their promise. We’d pick Love Organically Kansa Wand Mystical Massager to start with this ancient art of skincare.

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What are its benefits?

So what are the benefits that made our ancestors vouch for this tool:

1. Energise and cleanse your chakras

The metal at the bottom of the wand, if used correctly, has the power to instantly cleanse your wandering thoughts. Ayurveda has always looked at holistic healing which includes body, mind, and soul together. This tool helps just in the same way.

2. Tone your muscles

When this wand is applied with the right pressure and strokes, it can lift your muscles and enhance your structure. This applies to your face too. Yes, this tool can help you achieve that jawline and contoured face.

3. Drain toxins

When Kansa glides on your skin with pressure, its alkalising property leads to neutralising the acid in that area. This helps you detox.

4. Improve gut health and immunity

Our body depends on micronutrients that we achieve from plants. Plants receive these nutrients from metals and minerals present in the soil. So it all boils down to the quality of the soil and you can never really know where your food grows. Kansa metal has micronutrients that help you improve immunity and gut health. Kansa’s composition has tin which helps you in food absorption and digestion to improve your gut health. Yes, it is surprising that metals can penetrate our skin. Turns out, there is a reason why our ancestors wore so many gold and silver ornaments daily.

5. Improves blood circulation and heals pain

The copper in Kansa metal has anti-inflammatory properties and also helps you increase hemoglobin. Yes, you’re right. This is the reason why Kansa Wand will give you a rosy glow if you’re consistent with it. Copper also helps in relieving muscle and joint pain and heal the pain over time. 

How to use a Kansa Wand on your body parts?

You know the best part about the Kansa Wand application? They don’t need to be used in just one particular direction. Yep, they’re pretty simple to handle. Just one big important point before using it on your skin is that you should make sure that that part of your body has any facial oil of choice. There is no rule to sticking to just one type of oil, you can use any. Some of the oils are:

1. Jojoba oil like Skog Jojoba Oil

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2. Rosehip oil like A'kin Natural Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

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3. Hemp Seed oil like Boheco Life Hemp Seed Oil

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4.Argan oil like Skog Argan Oil

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5. Kumkumadi oil like Shankara Kumkumadi Oil

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6. Any organic concoction of oils like Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Beauty Oil With 24k Gold Flakes

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    Pick it as per your skin issue. For example, if you’re looking for a solution to acne and acne marks, use Rosehip and Helichrysum. You can get this concoction by picking Juicy Chemistry Helichrysum & Rosehip-Anti-Scarring & Pigmentation Control Facial Oil Before applying any facial oil, don’t forget to patch test it.

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    Read more about why and how you must patch test here.

    1. Kansa Wand for shiny hair

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    Apply a nourishing hair oil before using Kansa Wand on your head. You can use Juicy Chemistry Hibiscus, Amla & Bhringaraj Organic Hair Oil that offers you deep conditioning. After that, gently move the Kansa Wand on the scalp by partitioning your hair and making sure that the metal is touching your scalp. Remember, we don’t want to put so much pressure that we feel our scalp heat up. Continue this for 10 minutes after oiling your hair. 

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      Frequency- Use it once a week after oiling your hair.

      2. Kansa Wand for foot massage

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      Apply oil on your foot and massage it first with your hands. This will warm your skin and make it more responsive. Later, massage it with your Kansa Wand in circular motions. Focus on the edge of your heels, the bottom of your foot fingers, and the niche that is curved on the center of your foot.

        Frequency- You can massage it once a week and on days when your feet are sore.

        3. Kansa Wand for relaxing neck

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        For relaxing your neck, move your wand from the centre of your chest bone towards the back of your ears. Repeat it for a couple of times before moving towards the back of your neck. Move your wand on the back of your neck in circular motions sliding up towards your hair.

          Frequency- You can massage your neck twice in a week and on occasions when it is sore.


          4. Kansa Wand for shaping shoulders

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          To get those prominent shoulders carved, move your wand in the hollow that your shoulder bones create. To find the hollow, bend your shoulders towards the front and raise them. Massage on top and bottom of your shoulder bones. Repeat it for two to three minutes.

          You can also sculpt your face using a Kansa Wand. Read here to know how!

          Frequency- You can massage it twice a week.

          5. Kansa Wand for soothing eyes

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          You do not need drops of oils for this part since if oil comes in contact with your eyes, they could irritate them. You can moisturise your under eyes and the skin under your brows. That should do the job. Place the Kansa Wand on your closed eyelids with pressure. You can also swoosh your wand under the eyes in an upward direction. Don’t tuck on the skin near your eyes since it is very delicate and rubbing or stretching it will only lead to wrinkles.

            Frequency- Once a week before sleeping.

            6. Kansa Wand for full body massage

            Apply oil on the area of the body you want to massage. Massage it in a circular or zig-zag pattern near the pressure points of your body. While focusing on the points of your body that are sore, massage with the wand in circular motions around those joints. This will help you maintain the pH in that area by draining acidic toxins in that region and helping your muscles perform its activity.

              Frequency- Once or twice a week before taking a bath.

              How to store Kansa Wands?

              Kansa Wand fights acidic toxins under your skin. So when you massage it, the Kansa Wand may turn grey. This will fade on its own. After massaging, make sure you clean the metal. If you see the metal oxidised and changing its colour, you can clean the metal with tamarind water once in two to three months.

              If you stay near the sea, then the air is salty which may have chloride. This will react with the copper in the metal to form copper chloride and can lead to bronze disease. So after using and cleaning it, store it in a dry and dark space where there is no breeze. Keep a sachet of moisture absorber in the box.

              Is the Kansa Wand safe to use for everyone?

              Kansa Wand is completely safe to use for every skin type and skin color. Having said that, if you’re allergic to metals, avoid using Kansa Wand. 

              There are many more face tools that might interest the ones who are allergic to metal. Read more here to find the right face tool for you according to your skin concern!


              Kansa Wand which is also called Healing Wand is made up of Kansa metal and a wooden stick. It comes from Ayurvedic science that talks about the healing benefits of Kansa metal. This wand is super easy to use with multiple health and skin benefits and doesn’t come with a particular guidebook. Use it while some soothing traditional music is playing in the background to calm your soul now!

              - Divya Salvi

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