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50 shades of dark circles and how to manage them!

Haven’t we all experienced that one time when we forget to put on some concealer or just roll out of bed without any under eye make up and your friends ask you if you are doing alright and keeping ...
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Including Essential Oils in your life: 8 enriching ways

Yes, we have all heard the buzz around essential oils. They have been a hot favourite in the self-care world for quite some time now and rightfully so. Essential oils have essentially only been use...
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Rolling with the times: Everything you need to know about Derma Rolling

If you have come across the term of derma rolling or micro needling, you might wonder how poking needles into your skin could possibly be a good idea! But, do not let those harmless needles intimid...
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Drop those blackheads dead with these tips and tricks

As annoying as those dark black spots appear to be, blackheads are a common skincare concern we all face. But what are they exactly? Blackheads are just a mix of oil and dirt that are sitting in po...
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Lipcare: The Secret to a Perfect Pout

In times where brands seem intent on making every product seem like a must-have, one does begin to wonder - what all do you really need? Well, while skincare is definitely important, it turns out t...
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Best products for hyperpigmentation treatment by dermats

Sun spots, acne scars, brown patches or freckles - an imbalance in pigmentation comes in many forms and can get annoyingly tricky to do away with. It can sometimes take from a month up to one year ...
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Tooling your way to glowing skin : 8 facial tools for every skin concern

If there is a trend that has made its place in the skincare and beauty world, it is the unique yet highly effective trend of facial tools. We can guarantee that almost everyone has been charmed by ...
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Going back in time: Radiant And Rejuvenated Skin With The Kansa Wand

With skincare making creative technological advances everyday, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and forget our roots. We are always on the lookout for new skincare tools that manage to quench our thirs...
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Hair Oiling 101: Treat your Tresses Right

Let us face it - is one really Indian if one does not oil their hair? Hair oiling has been around for quite some time now and it is a big part of our lives and our hairs’ lives. While our parents’ ...